Marco Paltrinieri

commissioned radio productions

Marco Paltrinieri – “Untitled (an anecdote)”

TX: Saturday, 12th Feb, 6pm – 6.20pm + Sunday, 13th Feb, 12pm – 12.20pm

Untitled (an anecdote) is a composition that tells the story of a journey away from reality and towards what could be a newfound awareness for some or perhaps madness for others. But there is no moral to be drawn here. Instead, what matters is the experience of listening itself, to be understood as an act of openness to the possible. In a world largely dominated by the immediacy of vision, I do believe in the role of other senses in bringing a renewed depth to the experience of the world itself and to our role in it.

Starting from these assumptions, Untitled (an anecdote) has a twofold nature: on the one hand it is an homage to the ability of sound to help reconsidering reality and to foster imagination and on the other, it relies on such qualities to accentuate the nuances of the story while experimenting with narrative possibilities.  

Written, recorded and mixed by Marco Paltrinieri 
Words by Marco Paltrinieri
Voice by Lucie Page
Mastered by Renato Grieco
Artwork by Mirko Smerdel

Marco Paltrinieri is based in Milan, Italy. He is a multidisciplinary artist, educator and founding member of the artistic research collective Discipula. Working mainly with sound and writing, his practice is concerned with the tension between humanity’s aspirations and our inescapable condition of fragility, decay and mortality. His first solo album, “The Weaver”, was released by Canti Magnetici in 2020. He is currently teaching Visual Culture at Cfp Bauer in Milan, Italy.