Siobhain Ma & Rhiannon Walsh

commissioned radio productions

Siobhain Ma & Rhiannon Walsh – “Journey Through the Auricle”

TX: Friday, 11th Feb, 6pm – 6.30pm + Saturday, 12th Feb, 3pm – 3.30pm

“Journey Through the Auricle” is a voyage through an elevator centring on exploration and internal and external discovery. Stop one consists of a commission from your ears. They have enlisted our help to clear out the clutter and clatter of what is going on upstairs. Stop two takes you to an unknown land, rich in colour and restorative light beams. While stop three nourishes your roots and provides a sound bath for the senses. Throughout this collaborative piece Siobhain channels the imagined environments through dreamlike synths, while Rhiannon uses metallic and machine-like sound and voices that are not her own.

Siobhain Ma is a sound artist who explores themes of identity, environment and (sometimes) the supernatural in her work.

Rhiannon Walsh is a sometimes audio maker, writer and Reiki practitioner. She enjoys producing content centred around the body, nature, rest and meditation – including ASMR.