Kiera Mulhern

commissioned radio productions

Kiera Mulhern

TX: Thursday, 10th Feb, 6pm – 6.30pm + Friday, 11th Feb, 12pm – 12.30pm

Sequelae (pft sequela
of black hole in the kitchen,
glass. A kitchen. Utensil utili
ssociated after the cow licks
her clean. Or we are born with
sin & undergo. a cleaning
process. . X consider the
reverse the viscera  lost But
of course the newborn is
already altered by the world.
It’ss created by it ,

Sadism of helplessness. Winnow  
the edible. Wasn’t it just what  
people do to each other   !    
take      Or could you be angry

Kiera Mulhern (b. 1992) is a poet and musician based in New York. Mulhern works with field recordings, various electroacoustic material, and voiced text, incubating words and verbal fragments within thick environments of sound. She is most interested in memory and where it may be situated, fragility of meaning, and basal feelings of aliveness and death.