commissioned radio productions

MME dUO – “I all go rythmus”

TX: Friday, 11th Feb, 3pm – 4pm + Saturday, 12th Feb, 12pm – 1pm

I all go rythmus
describes a series of laconic islands
with the most diverse vegetation
of dense voice fragments
and clearings,
which we follow along a Hummingway,
fringed by
repetitive blurred and unfiltered
reflections and recordings

In “I all go rythmus”, MME dUO challenges and explores above all the crazy wilderness of gaps, over and through which to stumble, to explore what is in between, above, below and beside.

Since 2016 Cologne based Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz make use of a variety of instruments and devices: DIY electroacoustics, small synths, loopers, tuning forks, e-bass, percussion and voice are thrown into the game and shape a sound in the tradition of Musique concrete, Post Punk and factual Dada that is as diverse as it is striking in it’s interplay between dissonant sounds and harmonic sequences, breaks between a-tactical accents and continuous rhythms, the supposed familiarity of spoken language, which is nevertheless alienated by fragmentation, give rise to unusual sound collages in the overall work that explores the potential for ambiguity that arises from the interweaving of a variety of disciplines, including video, sound, collage, sculpture, fashion and photography.