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7 February 2022
  • Helena Celle's Midnight Channel - 9th April 2021

    7 February 2022  12:00 am - 12:30 am

    Helena Celle is a Glaswegian artist and audio engineer. She is concerned with the participatory representation of the imaginal through the organisation of sound, image and language, and currently produces an hour (or more) of original work for patrons every month. She plays guitar in the band Herbert Powell (Lost Map Records), and previously played bass guitar in the band Anxiety (La Vida Es Un Mus Records).
  • Dosimat - Cast A Circle

    7 February 2022  12:30 am - 1:00 am

    Slide out of winter and into spring. A Collaborative ensemble of Dosimat is a polyglot depot for municipal events.
  • Konrad Behr & Markus Westphal - Sleeping Refrigerators Sound Improvisation

    7 February 2022  1:00 am - 2:00 am

    In times of domestic quarantine, our refrigerators were fuller than ever. What do you think they were dreaming about? The Show was a broadcast series during the "Corona" special program SHIFT FM of the experimental radio at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. For the night broadcasts during the project week, media artist Konrad Behr invited artist friends to make audio recordings of various refrigerators at night time. At the end of the broadcast week, media artists Markus Westphal and Konrad Behr played the present collaborative sound improvisation based on the submitted recordings and other sounds. Participating artists: Anne Wahl & Marc Schmidt (Liebherr CNel 4213 Indes 21E / 001, Dresden), echofreak (Refrigerator with kitchen cuckoo clock, fan wheel wet wood preservation of the State Office for Archaeology Dresden), Konrad Behr (Freezer exquisit, Weimar), Laura-Dang (Techwood-KS9121, Weimar), Rajko Aust (unknown device, Dresden), Grit Ruhland (2 x unknown devices, Dresden & Berlin), Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (unknown device, Graz), Marco Schröder (unknown device, Berlin), Markus Westphal (unknown device, Weimar), Aanna Schimkat (Liebherr, Leipzig), Annalena Stabauer (unknown device, Vienna), Ina Weise (Accordeon, Weimar)
  • Shaun Robert - a 60 minute programme

    7 February 2022  2:00 am - 3:00 am

    Featuring 9 works ; yurbrinwllflllinthsebinks from Distance Music, convos Pourquoi pas from AuToDeFé, Perish from psycho acoustic divination, Conflagration from Spont, poignant springs from nonmajestic˜˜˜existential∞theism, Kijk from unbecoming, Namaste from Wild Planet, primordialimmersion from radio the artof, screamo from Spont.

  • Neo Gibson & Charles Stobbs - Image Broadcast

    7 February 2022  3:00 am - 3:30 am

    For Radiophrenia, Neo and Charles will present an Image Broadcast. Focusing on radio’s material potential, the broadcast will suspend a single image via audio transmission, allowing it to interface with the sonic and visual landscape of its reception (and disintegration.) The image was produced during a previous Image Broadcast, documenting not the audio itself but the space in which it was heard. Here a prior broadcast finds its way into the current, processed once again through a series of material translations.

    Neo Gibson is a musician, releasing music under the alias 7038634357.  Charles Stobbs is a part-time lecturer.  Together they have produced radio broadcasts and installations under their own names, and as Maitre D'. Previously they have been hosted by Wave Farm, the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Veronica, and Montez Press Radio.

  • Northfield Lenox - Back Lane

    7 February 2022  3:30 am - 4:00 am

    Back Lane is a radio play constructed with re-purposed audio from the 1932 film “Back Street”. The 90-year-old samples are surrounded by original music, new foley, field recordings and various media. The dialog is presented in the original sequence, but with the visuals and many key details and cues removed, more possibilities are opened. The central theme from the original story remains, a chain of events is set in motion by a simple decision that alters the lives of the characters completely, forever, and ends in a classic, ‘what if’… Northfield Lenox is a one-person audio initiative producing electronic music and soundscapes that combine the use of computer based electronic instruments with samples from media archives, radio, and other field & audio recordings. Virtual instruments are used exclusively for all original musical content.
  • J Franklin - dogsbody

    7 February 2022  4:00 am - 4:30 am

    those corners see it all
    every event
    every life and existence
    they see it all
    white wash plaster observer
    plastic switch
    cupboard corner
    put out, take in
    every event within walls
    we all know stones, watch
    we all know trees, watch
    a surface built
    a relationship already established
    erected then left
    left to soak up actions
    or left to soak up none
    catching more than light
    should the opportunity arise
    numerous corners
    a stellar view
    of events within walls.

    Dogsbody is a long form audio composition consisting of various recording
    techniques, formats and experimentations.

  • Astrid Björklund - Notes from a Subterranean Landscape

    7 February 2022  4:30 am - 5:00 am

    The stories of soil, rotting wood, blood and bone is uncomfortable, it crawls beneath us and within us, oozing out of soil and skin. The subterranean landscape is in this narrative a place of grief, anger, and fear caused by the uncertainties of our era, but it is also a place of comfort and refuge. This piece is a mix of found, recorded, and created noise and ambience, layered and merged into a speculative journey through underground caverns, a narrative set outside time. Astrid Björklund is an artist based in Glasgow who explores how speculative fictions can transform and merge with the mythical elements of our realities to create new mythologies. It is a chthonic speculative feminism: something dark, strange, and curious that operates from both wonder and grief, melancholy and comfort. The interest in working with sound to delve into these themes has grown through SUBTERRA, a collaborative project navigating speculative narratives of the chthonic (of relating to or inhabiting the underworld) through text, poetry and music.
  • Kristina Warren - Skatebirds

    7 February 2022  5:00 am - 5:30 am

    Skatebirds is an experimental soundscape that traverses various sonic terrains both musical and abstract. It weaves together a wide variety of sounds, including analog synthesized sounds from ARP 2500 and Joranalogue Filter-8, as well as recorded foley-type sounds from pistachio shells, PVC pipe, metal mixing bowl and bench scraper, and more. Some of the natural sounds and birdsong were recorded at the Barrington Skate Park in Rhode Island, USA, hence the title Skatebirds. For the artist, Kristina Warren, uniting all the sounds in this piece represented creative freedom and exploration.

    Kristina Warren is a sound artist based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Warren unites acoustic, analog, and digital sounds and techniques to explore human-instrument relationships, noise, and rest. She runs a Patreon channel focused on sound art and listening, where she releases completed work, process documentation, and prompts and jam sessions for followers to make sound. Recently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electronic Music at Brown University, Warren holds a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies from the University of Virginia.
  • Samaan Fieck - FAMILY TAPE 4.12.78 SUB MASTER / I Am No Lung; No,

    7 February 2022  5:30 am - 6:00 am

    An exploration and subversion of the Anthroposophical notion of Right Speech. Eschewing the use of Elevated language as a path to higher development, in favour of the vernacular, misheard, mimicked, muddled, profane and poorly translated. Composed of archival tape recordings, documenting meetings held by members of my mother's Homeland nature community (1978). As well as a collection of readings, anthropop speech exercises, travel diary entries and generative speech-to text experiments spanning the last 8 years. Originally commissioned by Sally Ann McIntire for the Radia network. 

    Samaan Fieck lives on Gadubanud land, surrounded by the Otway Ranges. He is the host of More Than the Ear Can Hold, a weekly broadcast on Apollo Bay Radio. He has exhibited / performed throughout Australia, Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand at; CCP, ACMI, Lacking Sound Festival (Taipei), Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei), Liquid Architecture and Avantwhatever Festival among others. Since moving to the Otways he has provided the composition and sound design for The Sublime and Remain In Light, in collaboration with These Are The Projects We Do Together. He is a member of Red Wine and Sugar, with Mark Groves.
  • Antonia Beeskow - Sighing from the sound booth: Wunderkammer of sound

    7 February 2022  6:00 am - 7:00 am

    In the Wunderkammer of sound, you encounter processed field recordings and disembodied voices. Sighs from the Sound Booth is conceived as an acousmatic performance, in which the audience is invited to stroll through bucolic landscapes, lost places and after-hour sets. In the crackling of a record you hear a low whisper that wants to excite you to buy a new tablet, the loudspeaker whimpers in unison, a 24-bit phantom groans. CUT TO: An immortal Marlboro Cowboy strolls through the Waste Lands of Ancient Caucasia. He inhales the smog of his cigarette ©, thinking of Strawberry Fields. Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow Born in 1992 in Düsseldorf. Initially studied archeology at the University of Cologne, then from 2013 studied applied theater studies at the Justus Liebig University in Gießen. This summer she won 3rd place at the Berlin radio play festival and the Hörspielwiese in Cologne with the radio piece NOISE. Since April 2021 she has started studying the Master’s programme sound and reality at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf. She works in the theatre scene, radio, on art installations and writes for the fanzine grapefruits on female* composers and sound artists.
  • Helna Celle - Radiophonic Music (August)

    7 February 2022  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    Helena Celle is a Glaswegian artist and audio engineer. She is concerned with the participatory representation of the imaginal through the organisation of sound, image and language, and currently produces an hour (or more) of original work for patrons every month. She plays guitar in the band Herbert Powell (Lost Map Records), and previously played bass guitar in the band Anxiety (La Vida Es Un Mus Records).
  • Shorts 1

    7 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Adam Knight - The (—) Tower (warming-up) (9:00)
    2. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 1(4:21)
    3. Sam Sernavski - It is like another door opening! (6:56)
    4. Nika Son - Zwischen U und Nix (9:40)
    5. Will Davies & Heather Rodenhurst - Tracks (13:34)
    6. Dushume - Boo Su (5:10)
    7. Luke Fowler - Even the Serge (Friday) (5:23)
    8. Bengisu Uykusu - JAPAN - 大丈夫 (Daijoubu) (3:59)

    1.  Adam Knight - The (—) Tower (warming-up)

    In summer 2019 I was artist-in-residence inside the former East German watchtower at Schlesischer Busch park in Berlin: a 3-floor command tower that was part of a system of 300 structures guarding the Berlin Wall. I conducted weeks of field recordings involving contact, coil, binaural, shotgun and omni microphones. The work developed in response to an intense relationship with the Tower: by looking outwards and inwards and to explore equivalences of listenability and visibility. The sound-work consists of a number of warming-up exercises in an attempt to synchronise my voice and cadence with the Tower and to activate dormant sonic potentials.

    Adam Knight is an artist and tutor based in London working across text, sound and video. He studied at the Royal College of Art and completed his MA in 2007 and MPhil in 2019. Taking apart the formats of artistic production, Adam Knight addresses complexities inherent in art-making. He is interested in pursuing and interrogating moments of a-synchronicity, doubt and self-critique.
    2. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 1

    In this podcast I merge both the principle of storytelling and songs, marking a counterpoint between sounds/music and the narration, a sort of unsung songs. A journalist’s semi-dada journal about an expedition aimed at reaching Earth’s fluid strata. The story alludes to the Nordic myth of Jörmungandr the World Serpent which marks Ragnarök, a serie of natural disasters leading to the submersion of the Earth in water. The first season focuses on events preceding the expedition, the second focuses on the mission itself.
    CinziaNistico: voice/music/script/field recording        Igor Iofe: trumpet

    Cinzia Nistico is a composer and multimedia artist. She’s interested in the psychological impact of sound and the emotional load it carries. In her projects she explores themes of identity and reality and the disruption and distortion of both. In her music she creates structures that are static and evolving at the same time. In her electronic/electroacoustic music she uses instruments or/and voice as a source. She graduated in composition in London (Trinity College of Music) and Milan (Conservatorio di Musica). Her music is performed in Europe and worldwide.

    3. Sam Sernavski – It is like another door opening!

    Pina Bausch, the choreographer, conveyed a monologue/dance in Walzer (1980). She asked the audience to relate to her consciousness through post-modern eyes “It is like another door opening!”. I started from a mix of sound clips of the performance in a narrative sense stressing the context of the monologue in WALZER and added the interviews as a layer of Pina’s consciousness. The music is a pseudo-Baroque fashioned Piano adagio that runs hand in hand with the climax of the monologue.  Together with the electronics capturing the rhythmic portion in the music and a texture resonating with the monologue correspondingly.

    Sam Sernavski is a composer and multidisciplinary artist based in Athens, Ohio US. Majored in music and sound technology, his influences are from 20th century musique concrete and visual arts, the psychoacoustical and physical aspects in music. Worked as a supervisor at the Art and Technology department at Aalborg University Denmark, dealing with interactive audio- visual installations and performance. Engaged in solo projects or collaborative acts that include interactive improvised music, interpretative dance, 3D sound, and augmented reality.
    At the present, he is a PhD candidate at the Interdisciplinary Arts program at Ohio University, and instructor of modern music ensemble.

    4. Nika Son - Zwischen U und dem Nix [Mein Gehirn ist mein Magengrab]

    A soundwalk throughthe Dieter Roth Foundation in Hamburg, while recompiling and garbling the poem Mein Mund ist ein Auge by Dieter Roth. This soundwork was originally commissionedby International Summer Festival Kampnagel, Hamburg 2021. Voices: Sanna, Dora, Eliska, Zuzana, Tatyana, Alice, Vitoria, Dieter, Nika. Translation: google-translate. Thanks to: Dieter Roth, Kathrin Haaßengier, Marcel Bisevic, Kris Jakob. 
    5. Will Davies & Heather Rodenhurst - Tracks

    Join Heather Rodenhurst and Will Davies as they explore Heather’s corner of the British countryside; revelling in the history of the land and their connections to it. What started off as a simple day walking soon evolved and spread into a meditation on memory, song and nature. At a time when so many of us have been stuck inside or away from our usual walking companions, ‘Tracks’ invites you out of your usual trudge and into the hills.

    Heather Rodenhurst is a happy librarian living in beautiful Shropshire. She is a hedgerow poet and wild singer - a balladeer of the landscape she loves and collector of its stories. Will Davies is a Sound Designer and Musician from Leeds in the United Kingdom. He can now be found wandering the Pennine Hills in all weathers - microphone in hand and headphones clamped on tight.

    6. Dushume – Boo Su

    Boo Su is a fictional cog as part of a system that lives in a futuristic subterranean world of stuttered magnetic rhythms coalescing in a tapestry of harsh brutal noise and architecture. It is where dark cold machines conjure up resistance to bass and unwanted sounds. The DIY glitch compass faces towards a place where aesthetics and operations of failure are embraced - North.
    Amit D Patel, aka Dushume, is an experimental noise and sound artist, influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture. His work focuses on performing and improvising with purpose built do-it-yourself instruments, and recording these instruments incorporating looping, re-mixing and re-editing techniques. Lack and loss of control are central to his work. He has a PhD in Music, “Studio Bench: the DIY nomad and Noise Selector” (2019), from the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. He is a member of the Sound/Image Research group at the University of Greenwich, London, and Principal Investigator for the AHRC Research Grant “Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound” (2021-22)  

    7. Luke Fowler - Even The Serge (Friday) 

    8. Bengisu Uykusu - JAPAN - 大丈夫 (Daijoubu)

    An experimental sonic travelogue. This sound experiment is based around electronics, samples, and the field recordings I made with my handy recorder while visiting Japan,
  • Virginia Hutchison - Stories of radical landownership in north Lewis - Chapter 1: Gabhsann/Galson

    7 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:15 am

    Stories of radical land ownership in North Lewis is a project produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison, that brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Developed in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie, the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership.

    Agnes Rennie recounts the events that lead up to the buyout and the establishment of the Urras – the Galson EstateTrust. Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define Galson, in collaboration with Fiona Rennie, and Seismic Sounds, produced by Stephen Hurrel.

    Agnes Rennie is the chair of the Galson Estate Trust and Vice Chair of Community Land Scotland.

    Stories of radical landownership in North Lewis – full project info

    Produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison this project brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007.Created during the COVID pandemic in 2020/2021 the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership. With access and social distancing measures in mind the project has taken the form of a series of cast bronze artefacts temporarily sited in the landscape of North Lewis. Embedded with digital QR codes the artefacts link visitors directly to the audio works via mobile phone.

    Each of the six objects – a series of cast bronze artworks moulded from cut peat – contain conversations recorded with members of the local community. Two out of six of the artworks remain open as audio project spaces for future conversations.

    “If you didn’t know the names of these places you couldn’t talk about them..”[1]

    Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define North Lewis. A gentle call and response between Gaelic and English - though not a direct translation - through the landscape, geography and history of the area.

    Looking out onto the Barvas moor visitors can be mistaken for thinking that it is an empty landscape. But listening closely to the Gaelic expressions used to describe the environment of North Lewis gives a sense of the intimate and complex relationship between people and place. A language embedded within local culture and knowledge and not always translatable.

    “Space doesn’t become a place until you interact with it. It doesn’t become a place until you name it…and it becomes a place in relation to somewhere or something it’s always changing.”[2]

    Permeating the voices within the audio works are recordings made from the constant movements and tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s surface. Produced by artist Stephen Hurrel, the seismic sounds provide layers to the stories and issues that surround engagement with the landscape. Hurrel’s work with Seismic Sounds and with Gaelic speaking communities in Barra, weaves closely into the stories of radical landownership in North Lewis. Where these conversations meet and overlap presents opportunities for wider discussions around land reform in Scotland.

    Many thanks to the Galson Estate staff and community. Special thanks to Agnes and Frank Rennie, Lisa Maclean, Annie MacSween, Iain Gordon Macdonald, Richard Collins (Edinburgh University), Edinburgh College of Art and Blackbay Recording Studios.

    This project was produced in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie.

    Virginia Hutchison is an artist based in Glasgow and the Isle of Lewis. Working within a predominantly social context her practice draws on the processes involved in collaborative creative production to explore how different forms of artistic engagement influence the interaction we have with our environments. Virginia currently runs the bronze casting facilities at Edinburgh College of Art and is one part of the duo ’In the Shadow of the Hand’ with artist and film-maker Sarah Forrest.

    Produced with support from Community Land Scotland and the Stove Network.

    [1]Annie Macsween, Faclan 2020, A History with Heart and Soul – The Place-names of North Lewis, Ness Historical Society

    [2]Frank Rennie, Dùthcas 2020, The Changing Outer Hebrides – Galson and the meaning of Place


  • James Chrzan - Swimmer pt1 (August 22, morning)

    7 February 2022  9:15 am - 9:30 am

    Swimmer is a suite of four field recordings. Recorded in Palm Desert, California in late-summer, the work explores the sonic relationship between an individual and a place. The focal point of the recordings is the sound of a person swimming in a backyard pool. This performance is accompanied by the ambient sounds of a suburban California neighborhood: mockingbirds, cicadas, lawnmowers, pickup trucks, the wind through the trees. The disembodied sound of the swimmer in this place breaks down the hierarchy between human and nature, offering a post-human, decentered perspective. Swimmer was released on cassette in September 2021. James Chrzan is an artist and musician working in New York City. His work engages in the long history of the dematerialized art object. Narcissus pseudonarcissus—an opera in two acts written in collaboration with Rachel Hillery—debuted in June 2021. He releases music as one half of Former New York Mayor and alone as My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture. He has exhibited work in New York, Chicago and elsewhere. He received his MFA from Hunter College in 2019.
  • Anna Martí-Subirana and Jimmy Peggie - A Vantage Point

    7 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    Through sound and narration, this piece attempts to convey the main societal repercussions of large scale mining in the state of Arizona, USA. The history of Arizona is intimately associated with mining activities, since the early days of Native American miners and the greedy, rugged Spanish and American prospectors to the big mining companies that currently operate throughout the state. As rich as its underground treasures, Arizona offers an above ground of cultures, languages, traditions and communities that more often than not, whether they want it or not, intersect at a common ground: the impact that mining has on their lives. 1. A Separate Everything The piece chronicles social hierarchies in mines. Hierarchies are constructed on prevalent ethnic and racial prejudices of the Southwest diverse populations: Native American, white Anglo Saxon, Mexican and Mexican-American 2. Convenient Stereotypes The piece chronicles stereotypes commonly associated with miners and how they can be used to justify exploitation, insufficient safety measures and, in some occasions, to dilute, if not erase altogether, the consequences of fatal mine accidents 3. Supay’s Wrath The piece chronicles the cultural roots of gender hierarchies, superstition, and stereotyping that rule the mining world 4. Preparation The piece chronicles labor strikes in Arizona, how they have been neutralized, and how they have shaped mining communities and gender relations. 5. That Yellow River Mining activities are largely responsible for water pollution. In Arizona, rural and Native American lands are rich in natural resources. This piece chronicles the impact of mining in the daily lives of such communities Anna Martí-Subirana was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain) and pursued studies in Molecular Biology and English & American Literature. She currently lives in Phoenix (Arizona), where she has been teaching Molecular Biology and Engineered and Bioengineered solutions to environmental pollution for the last twenty years. Anna is interested in experimenting, along with her students, with the power of storytelling and the audio-visual arts in creating awareness of environmental and societal issues that affect Arizona communities. Jimmy Peggie is a sound artist based in Arizona – whose output is centered around the re-contextualization of organic sounds (location recordings, radio frequencies, decaying textures) and integrating them using electronic processing methods. His work is focused on a sense of place, natural processes, transience and imperfection.
  • Katy Bentham - Radio Discord White Noise Receiver

    7 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    Radio Discord White Noise Receiver is a fictional radio show that plays on themes of mindfulness, mental health and queer and non-binary identity. Created under lockdown in early 2021, it adopts the form of radio as an enduring technology that has always collapsed distances between artist and audience - a mediator of performative interactions across space and time. Simultaneously intimate and aloof, the personable voice of the DJ takes us through a half hour of 'listening' that keeps losing sense of itself.

    I am an artist and writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne working across moving image, photography, installation and live performance.My work often takes the starting point of drawing together seemingly disparate subject matter – from pop culture, history or wider society – as a means of illuminating ideas around socio-economic structures and the personal. A Donna Summer record may collide with a BBC art documentary, Mackintosh furniture provide the backdrop to an ABBA karaoke session. I currently contribute a monthly show to Slacks Radio – Tyne and Wear’s independent artist run station.     Slacks Radio show archive)
  • Kate Donovan - Transmission Ecologies

    7 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    This mix is a compilation of snippets from (mostly) live radio experiments, working with site- and time-specific transmissions of microFM, walkie-talkie, short wave and/or ‘natural’ radio, together with speculative histories/futures and situatedness. An underlying thread tying these works together is the expanded (ecological) perspective of radio as an inextricably intertwined medium of more-than-human transmissions. Included in this mix are moments from: - “..and there were frequencies of light”, a live radio piece made with David Corbett, broadcast on CoLaboRadio in Berlin. - “Navigating Twilight Radio”, which is a durational radio work that was broadcast live through the three phases of twilight - civil, nautical, astronomical - in May 2021 for the Reveil project. - “Radio Ecologies,” which was made for the Museum for Communication in Berlin for their ‘100 Jahre Radio’ exhibition. The German text in English: “Some say that there was a quickening, And that the Earth’s core bubbled and burped to release the egg, And that the soft, brittle egg cracked to release the worm - The double worm of two entwined in one - To let it slither out and go underground, To disperse through all elements and up through the aether, Burrowing down and emerging up at the same time. But the sun and rocks and stars know that there was radio even before that, And nuclear waste (among other things) will go on to tell our more-than-human successors of the future, That there will still be radio, even then.” - “Tuning to the Bird Body,” which was commissioned by Soundart Radio and was made in collaboration with Jan Verberkmoes. Jan’s poem project ‘Cliff if Felsen’ centres around the birds that zoologist Ernst Schäfer and American naturalist Brooke Dolan II collected during their expedition to Tibet, Sikkim, and adjoining provinces in China in 1934/35. In this radio piece, poems are interlaced with sounds of shortwave radio, referring to multiple mottled histories of colonial acts of claiming and taking. The bird body and the radio body interweave to reveal complex relationships of movement through space and time. - “Nightcall Radio” is a durational work transmitted live during the lockdown of May 2020, which was also the nightingale season in Berlin. It was created for Soundcamp’s annual Reveil event. Kate Donovan is a radio artist and researcher based in Berlin. Her work deals with radio in an elemental sense, in terms of transmission and interconnectedness, but also disruption and interference. She is actively involved in Archipel Stations Community Radio, CoLaboRadio/Free Radios Berlin Brandenburg, Datscha Radio Berlin and the Shortwave Collective. She is part of the research group ‘SENSING. The Knowledge of Sensitive Media’, at ZeM/Potsdam University with a project titled ‘More-than-human Radio Ecologies.’ Together with Monaí de Paula Antunes, she formed the ongoing artistic research project ‘Radio Otherwise’. Guest links:
  • Buffer Zone

    7 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1. Babu Eshwar Prasad - Notes from Underground (10:00)
    2. claire rousay - I'm not a bad person, but... (6:47)

    1. Babu Eshwar Prasad - Notes from Underground
    The sound was inspired by my visits to the Kolar goldfields, in the state of Karnataka, India. I have been intrigued by this denuded mine site, subject to so much ecological exploitation. Walking around the chemically treated cyanide mountains, one encounters a landscape with each layer of soil clearly visible. Aside from a digital collage that examined this surface up close, its textures and hues, a sound work also scanned the many underlayers,. The aural and visual representations were locked in a loop of mirroring each other and producing variations.

    Babu Eshwar Prasad is an artist and filmmaker based in India. In the two decades since he has exhibited widely holding exhibitions in India and abroad. The genre of landscape has remained a central point of enquiry in practice. Since 2015 films and sound works have taken centrestage.Babu’s debut film Gaalibeeja (Windseed) was released in 2015 and shown at film festivals, museums and biennale including Mumbai Film Festival, FilmColumbia, Chatham, New York, , Kochi Muziris Biennale and Museum K21, Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf. His second film The Running River is all Legs is now awaiting release.
     2. claire rousay - I'm not a bad person, but...

  • claire rousay - from home to lowcountry

    7 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    from home to lowcountry documents a solo journey from my home in San Antonio to one of my favorite local bars, Lowcountry. This journey was originally documented as an unaltered field recording. Later, I decided to record an accompaniment to this field recording that included piano, organ, vocal samples, and various other electronics. The accompaniment acts as an emotional compass that guides the listener through my 36 minute journey from home's front door to the patio bar.
     claire rousay is based in San Antonio, Texas. Her music zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life -- voicemails, haptics, environmental recordings, stopwatches, whispers and conversations -- exploding their significance. rousay has released music on a range of labels, most notably Astral Spirits, Second Editions, Longform Editions and American Dreams, who in 2021 released a softer focus, a collaboration with visual artist Dani Toral. rousay’s music has received acclaim from NPR, which writes that rousay “enchants the ordinary,” and Pitchfork, which calls her music “quietly devastating.” rousay has presented music at Audiograft Festival, Casa Del Lago (CDMX), Issue Project Room, Rewire Festival, and Salon De Normandy (Paris), among many others, held residencies at Rhizome DC and Elastic Arts Exposure Series, and performed with musicians such as Ken Vandermark, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Jacob Wick and Theodore Cale Schafer.
  • Julien Sarti - A Durian in the Ear Ep1: Saigon the noise factory

    7 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    A Durian in the Ear is a sound series that crosses Vietnam. It takes the form of a hybrid object between immersive experimentation and a postcard, where the sounds of the environment support the narrative by providing a stationary journey for the listener.

    Julien Sarti is a sound designer, producer of radio shows, documentaries and unidentified sound objects. He likes to make images with sound. In 2018, from his collection of rare records, he created “Sommeil paradoxal” with which he won the Phonurgia prize in the sound art category. For 1 year, he has worked in Vietnam and took the opportunity to produce a sound series "a durian in the ear".
  • Shorts 15

    7 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 14 (7:38)
    2. Anette Gellein - City Sounds Like Car Noise (3:54)
    3. Expose Your Eyes - Savage Buckets Gone Ignition
    4. Diana Duta & Paul Haworth - Squeeeeak! (11:56)
    5. Aline Clair - From Pasila (6:28)
    6. Toni Dimitrov - Non-Verbal Communication (04:59)   
    7. Christina Shelagh Mongelli - Signal to Noise (10:44)
    8. Anna Marshall & Ralph Lewis - Hear There (5:45)

    1. Cinzia Nistico  - One Dimension and a Half Episode 14 
    For full details see Shorts 1 Monday 7th 8am.

    2 Anette Gellein - City Sounds Like Car Noise. 
    Field recordings, guitar and electronic sounds. I started making experimental sound works when I was around 17 years old, quite quickly after I quit doing my guitar lessons. At this point I liberated myself from a form that did not really fit me and my interests. I did not know that there existed a world of experimental music and sound art, but approached it on my own rather unknowingly about the bigger context and history. Which I of course later learned to love, and it made me feel less weird and lonely! Many of my earlier works have been more influenced by my guitar playing, mixing it with field recordings and other digital electronic sounds and filters. 
    Anette Gellein multimedia artist currently based in Stavanger, Norway.

    3. Expose Your Eyes - Savage Buckets Gone Ignition

    Utilizing source sounds provided by Chandor Glöomy.
    Paul Harrison (currently releasing under lots of different project names on many small labels and my own bandcamp
    4. Diana Duta & Paul Haworth - Squeeeeak!
    Squeeeeak! is a collaboration between Diana Duta and Paul Haworth. The writing process began around the theme of dreams. Fascinating as they can be, dreams are also banal and tedious to describe. The writing developed to encompass the language of advertising and therapy (specifically the bland contemporary iterations often spouted through social media in lieu of access to professional mental health services). In both the writing and sound, it is a collaged and tonal work. Recorded live in Jambes, from London and Brussels in August 2021. Voices: Diana Duta and Paul Haworth. Live sound mixing: Diana Duta.

    Diana Duta is an artist based in Brussels since 2016. Her project Jambes is a recording studio commissioning new work by artists experimenting with sound and voice. Paul Haworth is active in painting, hip hop and writing. He is the author of Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere, Silk Handkerchiefs, Andy de Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross (written with Sam de Groot) and the music fanzine Homelovin'.

    5. Aline Clair - From Pasila

    In January 2020, I left France to live in Helsinki for several months. I went to study Music & Technology at the Sibelius Academy. From this experiment, I made a sound trip diary.From the sound recorded in the city or in Lapland to the sound produced with new electronic tools, this is a translation of my trip. From Pasila is one of the soundwork of Helsinki Sound Trip diary.

    Master's degree in Sound Design and Bachelor’s  egree in Design from ESAD Le Mans, I navigate between multiple forms of art and design. I am interested in sound creation for radio art, performance, live, sound installations ... My practice currently includes electronic tools such as modular synthesizers, field recording, sampling , the cello ( Music Diploma in Cello at the Conservatoire, Le Mans, 2017), the clarinet or any sound source that I meet on my way. It is at the crossroads of these artistic practices and these sound materials that i wish to continue my journey.

    6 Toni Dimitrov - Non-Verbal Communication

    Concept, field recordings, editing and directed by Toni Dimitrov
    File under: field recordings, soundscape, sound documentary

    The starting point of Eco's semiotics is the fact that, in both industrialized and nature-based civilizations, human beings are evolving in a "systems of signs". A distinguishing feature of Eco's theory is that in addition to words and language, it also addresses non-linguistic and even natural signs, which do signify, based on a code, or previous learning. The sender and receiver must share a common code, that according to Eco is, "a series of rules that will allow one to attribute a signification to the sign". In the soundpiece, you can hear a discussion between frogs, bees, rain, goats, cat, firework... No humans were involved in this discussion, and as you can hear the communication still works.

    7. Christina Shelagh Mongelli - Signal to Noise
    Signal to Noise is a re-orientated acoustic ecology of interwoven and competing natural and artificial sounds.The sounds of birds in London -that started singing at night in order to be heard due to background traffic noise- are woven with whistled conversations from the Canary Islands and disrupted by wind turbines and fireworks. These fireworks dominate wildlife and force birds into flight. It’s various dialogues between clarinet and violin, machine and organism, and ‘signal’ and ‘noise’ echo an allegory of hierarchy and domination relating to politics and sound. ‘New Creatives’ is supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.

    Christina Shelagh Mongelli- Writer, Sound Design, Clarinet/Joseph Evans- Collaborator & Recording Engineer/Chris Loupis- Mixing & Mastering/Dima Mabsout- Violin/José Luis Hernández Martín- Canary Island Whistler/David Diaz Reyes- Canary Island Whistler       

    8. Anna Marshall & Ralph Lewis  - Hear There

    Personnel: Anna Marshall, horn    Ralph Lewis, composition. “Hear There” is as much a process for hornist Anna Marshall to examine, inhabit, and record spaces as it is a piece written for her to play. Before setting up to record, Marshall locates an ongoing audible event outside or inside a space. Marshall slowly aligns with it, playing with and around these sounds. As we listen to the broadcast on Radiophrenia, we hear moments of soundscape, melody, and a blend between the nuances of horn and the rattles and hums of the space. How do they blend on your speakers and in your space?

    Anna Marshall is the professor of horn at University of Illinois Springfield and Illinois Wesleyan University and has performed professionally with the Champaign Urbana Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia da Camera. Anna is currently pursuing her doctorate in horn performance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and studies under Prof. Bernhard Scully. Ralph Lewis is a composer who loves the collaborative, public, and experimental qualities of radio art. He recently graduated with his doctorate in music composition from the University of Illinois. His live-to-Zoom commissioned work “Straight Into Tangles” was premiered in August by the Oberlin Arts and Sciences Orchestra
  • Jack Wansbrough and Alex Turner - The Many Forked Tongue

    7 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    The Many Forked Tongue includes voices, memories and ideas from Ellen Broadhurst, Elina Bry, Jonny Burrows, David Excoffier, Rose KB, Melissa McGrath, Taylor Reudavey, Andrew Sutherland, Alex Turner, Ailsa Waddell, Jack Wansbrough. Alex Turner and Jack Wansbrough are artists living in Boorloo/Perth Australia. Alex's background is in music and psychoacoustics and Jack's background is in visual art. They both usually work collaboratively.
  • Buffer Zone

    7 February 2022  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    1) Gabi Schaffner - 10 (S)cent Poems (12:00)
    2) Lucy Duncombe - DIATOMIC COMBAT (5:28)


    1) Gabi Schaffner - 10 (S)cent Poems
    The concept is based on the tradition of street poetry, where poets improvise their poems on cues or even directly to the person. The reward is a dollar, five francs, ten cents, 300 lire.... whatever people are willing to give.

    All the poems were written spontaneously while smelling a flower or in a certain scent situation and were noted down on the spot. These notes were revised and offered as poems to the singer and artist Hans Kellett. In a joint session, he sang, spoke, or whispered these texts, which were then revised by Gabi Schaffner and partly supplemented with further sounds and ‘scents’.

    Fragrant is the Night (1:02), Lavender (1:08), Fake Jasmin (1:05), The Pink Peony (1:14), Snapdragon (1:11), Iris (1:10), Rhubarb (0:41), Nicotiana (1:19), Papaver Somniferum (1:31), Polarstar (0:59)

    Poems, recordings and composition: Gabi Schaffner 2019/2021 - Singer: Hans Kellett (NZ/Germany) - Addtional Sounds: Felix Schroed’Air, Field Recordings

    Gabi Schaffner works as a trans-disciplinary artist within the realms of radio art, composition and performance. Her artistic practice is determined by the methods of poetic ethnography in connection with fluxus-like mise-en-scènes, radio-making and sound art performances.

    Hans Kellett was born in 1977 in New Zealand, where they are best known for their writing for theatre. In 2001 they moved to Berlin and became a core member of the literary cabaret troupe O-Ton Ute. From 2003 - 2017 they were artistic director and frontperson of the experimental chanson project Princessin Hans. Both live in Berlin.
    Current work: Duftgesänge (Fragrant Songs). Vinyl. Artist‘s edition 20 copies, silkscreen printed cover, 2021
    2) Lucy Duncombe - DIATOMIC COMBAT
    From the album 'The Rapture of Cellular Accretion'  - a tape, fiction text and artwork completed during the convalescence of lockdown.  
  • Alias Domaines - Being On This Boat Is Not Revenge

    7 February 2022  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    ALIAS DOMAINES Alias Domaines is a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Sukaina Kubba and Craig Mulholland. Alias Domaines is a semi-fictional space where exchange occurs by proxy. Alias Domaines is theoretically and virtually located on a cruise ship that travels between the ports of New York City and Southampton, UK. Our ship is part of the Cunard Transatlantic Fleet, a real cruise ship company. CUNARD The Cunard brand is a nostalgia for art-deco design and lifestyle aspirations. From a post-colonial perspective, art-deco functions as sugar-coating or white-washing of harsh modernist and colonialist power relations driving international capitalism. While it inhabits a space outside national lands and laws, the Cunard is an allegory for British class relations and British colonialism. A cross-section of the ship reveals a microcosm and floating representation of the hierarchy of class and racial structures. SETTING First Class Lounge, Deck, Cabins, Storage Unit and Connecting Spaces CHARACTERS Beverly Valenzuela: Concierge and Aspiring Fashion Designer John Templeton: Entertainments Manager and Pianist “Being on this boat, it’s not revenge” Edouard Glissant, filmed aboard the Cunard from Martinique to France, reflecting on the terrible journey his ancestors took in the opposite direction across the Atlantic. From “Edouard Glissant: One World in Relation” directed by Manthia Diawara, 2009 ALIAS DOMAINES (2021-22) is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts
  • Isaac Phillips and Althea Young

    7 February 2022  3:30 pm - 3:45 pm

    JustScream.babyis a live audio-acoustic performance piece for radio, harvesting sound and text material from the call-in art project JUST SCREAM! by American Pedagogue and Artist Chris Gollmar. JUST SCREAM!, a collated archive of 250,000 recordings, amongst them screams, messages of hope and several renditions of ‘The Circle of Life’, left on an answering machine whose sole purpose was to exist as a place for people to scream, was a public project created in response to the mass isolation and frustration caused by the global pandemic. By overlapping these recordings into a cacophony of sonic material and poetic text, attempts to expose the collective grief, hope and humor formed in the constellations between individual expressions of loneliness. 
    Althea Young is a multi-disciplinary artist and performance writer. Althea layers vast, imaginative texts and music on top of stark, contained spaces as a means of expanding the audience’s awareness of place, and bringing attention to their experience of their bodies as spiritually fluid objects capable of feeling beyond themselves and into the world. 

    Isaac Phillips is a composer andmulti-media artist. Working from sonic and visual material found in the realworld as well as digital spaces, Isaac filters and deconstructs sound and imagevia musical and conceptual processes. Their work makes particular use ofcontemporaneous technologies such as AI to form new and radical approaches to composition.

  • Timothea Armour - East Lothian Gothic Episode 1

    7 February 2022  3:45 pm - 4:00 pm

    East Lothian Gothic is a radio play, haunted by a TV series, in six parts.

    As in, it is a radio play, about the making of a TV series, a supernatural, art-world crime drama set in East Lothian, that doesn't exist.

    The three main characters – Pitch, Story and Memoir - with their different modes of storytelling, and the kind of backdrop or scenery that's provided by the other voices (including a local newspaper, a local amateur historian and a TripAdvisor reviewer) embody a process of navigating different ways of telling the same story, describing the same place or landscape, or recounting the same events.

    Field recordings were made on location in East Lothian from 2015-20 and all the characters' parts were recorded remotely during lockdown in November 2020. The scripts are based on a series of real events that took place from 2015-20.

    Timothea Armour is an artist, writer (and bartender) living in Leith. She is interested in the ways in which social lives and networks of support can be documented in art, through writing and informal or amateur forms of knowledge and networks of distribution – anecdote, music fandom, field recording.
  • Henry McPherson - Colagens//Collages

    7 February 2022  4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

    A set of sonic collages based on field recordings of LGBTQ(+)/Queer locations in Rio de Janeiro. "The audio samples used in the project were taken from locations of contemporary and historical importance to the Queer/LGBTQ(+) community of Rio de Janeiro's Zona Sul. Locations included: nightlife venues, places of support and shelter, public spaces, places of celebration, and the streets at day and night. Recordings were taken in the neighbourhoods of: Glória, Centro, Copacabana, Ipanema, Lapa, Urca, Botafogo, Catete, Flamengo, Jardim Botânico, Laranjeiras, and Santa Teresa." Further info on this project can be found at, and in a short article for the MASS Collection in Feb 2020 - Henry McPherson is an artist, composer, improviser, performer, and researcher from the UK. His creative practice draws widely across the visual, sonic, and kinetic, and his work has been shown internationally across diverse settings – from concert halls to galleries, from bathrooms to dance studios, from parks and warehouses to cafes, virtual spaces and radio. Creating across a variety of media and disciplinary settings, Henry holds improvisation as the centre of his artistic work; as both a richly expressive performance practice, and as a generative mode of being-awareness, and a source of creativity and presence. His recent works explore aspects of free association, spontaneous collage, and transmedia interactivity across paint, instruments, body, text, notation, voice, and sound.
  • Helen Anna Flanagan - Sunday

    7 February 2022  4:45 pm - 5:00 pm

    Sunday (2020) involves the figure of the radio agony aunt, a disembodied voice that offers ano-nymous callers advice. A lady, known as Sandra, calls up talking about how numbers, rhythmic machines and voices are slowly taking over her fatigued body and obsessive mind, working much like the beat of an infectious song. Note: the self-composed audio track was made for the radio sequence in the short experimental film Sunday. Helen Anna Flanagan (1988, Birmingham) is an artist working in video, performance, sound and installation. Her work has been shown internationally, including most recently IKOB Museum of Contemporary Art, Eupen (BE), Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (UK), WIELS, Brussels (BE), SMAK & Citadel Park Gent (BE), Sonsbeek Quadriennial & HISK, Arnhem (NL), Big Screen Southend (UK), TENT, Rotterdam (NL), Kunsthal Gent (BE), Projektraum 145, Berlin, Netwerk Aalst (BE), IMAI, Düsseldorf (DE), CAMPO Victoria, Gent (BE), MHKA, Antwerp (BE), MOMA, Odessa (UA), among others. She is currently the recipient of an artists fellowship with Needcompany in Brussels.
  • John Hall - SOFT DRIVE

    7 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    Soft Drive  is based on an expanded version of the essay “The Coronascene; The Evolution Of Human into Coronacreature”, written by John Hall and Dr Jamie McPhie for the Artspace  Cumbria project on the Mediators Of Communal Memory.   

    Assembled from samples and clips, found tapes, promotional flexidiscs, original production music and field recording the piece includes the voices of Henry and Emma James, and Alex Blackmore.

    Soft Drive was made in Ulverston, Cumbria  in 2021.
    John Hall's recent solo and collaborative projects include soundworks, video, performances and other visual art work. These have involved traditional musicians, oral histories, schools, DJs, broadcasters, actors and national and regional archives in examinations of  arcane forms of expression and ritual  and their place within (rather than alongside) popular culture.
    John is Artist / Director of Artspace, delivering residencies, community and education projects in Cumbria. John has released two Vinyl EPs on the Bifocals Library Label and edits / publishes Flypaper, a quarterly zine on vernacular creativity and ritual.
  • Buffer Zone

    7 February 2022  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Christian de Mouilpied Sancto - Feel So Close (radio edit) (6:31)

    2) Danny Pagarani & Jens Masimov - All days hence 3 (11:00)

    3) Hali Palombo - Fisherman (2:15)


    1) Christian de Mouilpied Sancto - Feel So Close - Radio Edit


    "Feel So Close - Radio Edit" is a short work of AI radio theatre. Adapting the lyrics of Calvin Harris's eponymous EDM hit, Samuel Beckett's radio play All That Fall, and my text messages, the piece probes the strangely similar ways in which both radio and the pandemic have made the home into unhomely setting. The artificial poignancy of the neural-net voices' recitation—underscored by lines about manipulating texts and moods—echoes the irony of the Calvin Harris track: a dancefloor banger about the ecstasy of closeness repackaged for socially distant radio audiences.


    Christian de Mouilpied Sancto isan artist, musician, and researcher. At present he is a PhD student in Visual and Cultural Studies at the University of Rochester, New York. Previously, he studied composition at Goldsmiths, University of London.

    2) Danny Pagarani & Jens Masimov - All days hence 3

    3) Hali Palombo - Fisherman 

    From the album 'Cherry Ripe'.

  • Alëna Korolëva - Random City

    7 February 2022  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

    What a relief to arrive at last in this new city. Your feet are restless, they take you across bridges and underneath construction sites, under the river even, where you embrace views that make you feel like you have ears all over your new body. This hour-long travelogue grazes across sonic neighborhoods that might resemble Tbilisi, Batumi, Toronto, Havana, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk, Strasbourg, Marseille, Naples, Reggio Calabria, Lisbon and Barcelona. Or at least, the sound sources, the original copies, were first heard there. recordings, mix and photo by Alëna Korolëva text, voice and additional recordings by Mike Hoolboom Alëna Korolëva is a multidisciplinary Russian-Canadian artist who makes sound collages with field recordings. She also works in photo and video art and curates programs for film festivals. She has a degree in documentary filmmaking and has made a few short films, but since 2018 she's reinvented her practice with sound art. I'm fascinated by the potential of accidental or routine sounds made by people, machines and animals to create music, by the ability of sound to change its power and meaning when put in concert with others. I find inspiration in exploring the soundscapes of big cities, finding rhythms in chance encounters, using incompatible fragments to create a tune.
  • Melissa McCarthy - The Slipping Forecast

    7 February 2022  7:00 pm - 7:20 pm

    Slipping. Sliding. Circling. Skating. Falling. Gripping. Holding on. This is a general synopsis. Join writer Melissa McCarthy as she brings the storm warnings, the weather reports, the circumspection and the outlook. Variable becoming northwest, 2 to 4, becoming cyclonic later. Taking in the Norse voyages to Greenland; Hitchcock’s Vertigo; the physics of friction; the footballer Zidane and his vertigo, The Slipping Forecast is a three-part investigation into writing, listening, and literature. Rockall, Malin, Hebrides. Melissa McCarthy is a writer whose last book, Sharks, Death, Surfers: An Illustrated Companion, was published by Sternberg Press in 2019. She lives in Edinburgh and writes about art, literature, and sharks. See her website for links to recent work, including Epidermal Epistemology in The Yellow Paper; An Archaeology of Surf on Public Domain Review; Sharks, Circling in Full Stop magazine. Her next book will be about flowers, photography, and explosions.
  • Blanc Sceol - Spiritbox

    7 February 2022  7:20 pm - 8:00 pm

    In collaboration with Charlotte Wendy Law and James Worse. Pareidolic phenomena whispers in from the airwaves; messages, dreams, memories, sonic ephemera. Sound, breath, static, down the wire, a web of fragments and sparks, a ghostly electromagnetic exchange. The piece emerged from an interest in radio auto-tune devices that search for Electronic Voice Phenomena, searching for connection, within and without, exploring the things that can’t be explained and the stories we weave to make them explainable. The collaboration with artists CWL and James Worse was a beautiful effort of communication and sonic dowsing across spacial and temporal boundaries, sounds and words dropping in from four corners creating an otherworldly journey. Blanc Sceol work with sound and Deep Listening in a performance and participatory practice. Their works are anchored in landscape but re-imagined into new territory, attentive to the vibrational nature of materials and surroundings. They investigate extra-sensory communication and understanding, working with hydrophones, VLF receivers and seismic recorders. Collaborators:
  • Radio Concrete featuring Yiftah Kadan

    7 February 2022  8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    Radio Concrete is an ongoing experimental radio art project which combines field recordings and radio re-sampling together with electro-acoustic instruments.

    This episode was recorded live with Yiftah Kadan (ISR) and HagaiIzenberg (ISR) in Schocken studio, Tel Aviv. It features Yiftah Kadan on guitar and tape and Hagai Izenberg on objects, electronics and various media sources.

    Other sources used in this recording include an amplified old clock, recordings of bees, a vinyl called Israel’s Quest for Peace and samples from Greta Gerwig speeches.

    Kadan is an Israeli guitarist, sound artist and composer who plays experimental music,  jazz and free improvisation.

    Hagai Izenberg is a sound artist, composer and musician and a founder member of the electronic duo Rendezvous. His work focuses on collecting and reconstructing field recordings together with live radio sampling, using sounds we’re exposed to every day in the public and domestic spheres.

  • Carlo Patrão - The Pursuit

    7 February 2022  8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    The Pursuit is a collection of radiophonic pamphlets on professional development, career anxiety, and mindsets for excellence. Learn how to navigate brand new advertising opportunities, implement story-telling that really works, and build a business identity that merges the real YOU with the latest land-scape of corporate expectations and client satisfaction. This system works pretty well. The Pursuit was created for the show Radio Row on WFMU and aired on January 2021. Carlo Patrão is a Portuguese radio artist and researcher based in NY.
  • KeDiMouRa - Generative Radio Cut-Ups

    7 February 2022  9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Generative Radio is crawling in and between internet’s fiber-optic cables. A bug that escaped the algorithm now seeks lost or found sounds, spitting back sonic absurdities.

    Generative Radio is a system that sorts through the large and growing archives of audio content found on the web, generating an algorithmic online radio stream.

    It was conceived by KeDiMouRa and realised by Dimitri Aatos Ellinas in 2017.

    Generative Radio Cut-Ups is a fixed and edited version of the stream marking the official release of where it will go live.

    Active since 2013, the Center for Research and Propagation of Musical Turmoil (KeDiMouRa) avidly explores sound and play, in real-time formations and archival contexts.It was formed in Corfu, Greece as an answer to the common need of its members for a flexible group structure where they could explore collaborative and playful ways of musical interaction, performance and composition.
 KeDiMouRa has initiated numerous concerts, workshops and large-scale events related to improvisation, inviting and collaborating with various musicians and artists.

    Their latest project is the experimental online radio Loskop (

  • Andreas Monopolis - MoCM and Manthos Karras - BIZ15

    7 February 2022  10:00 pm - 10:30 pm

    Andreas Monopolis - MoCM and Manthos Karras transformed an old vacant space into a music room for a day and set up a long-lasting event.

    d.i.y. electronic instruments, rare vinyl records, old cassettes, samples, contact microphones, found objects, a telecaster, radios, video projector, and open mic ware some of the tools for a Live performing "Sound collage". 16 des. 2017 Corfu - Greece
  • Hunter Charlton - Separation Zone

    7 February 2022  10:30 pm - 11:00 pm

    A docu-drama which takes place in the English Channel over the course of a single night and day. The story is about a Channel swimmer seeking to understand and reconcile the relationship with his mother following the breakdown of her mental health. The span between England and France becomes a metaphor for the emotional vacuum which forms through mental illness. Separation Zone explores familial guilt and trauma but ultimately is an exposition on the unceasing endurance of a mother's love. Hunter Charlton is the co-founder of Burning Bright Audio, a new audio production company based in London. In 2021 he won the Charles Parker Prize and also became a British Podcast Awards finalist for his independent podcast SwimOut. He recently completed a Radio MA at Goldsmiths and currently hosts an LGBT music show called Sequins at Noon on NOODS radio. In 2019 he swam the English Channel.
  • Radioart106 - Ep1: Pour en finer avec le judgement de dieu. A radio creation by Antonin Artaud

    7 February 2022  11:00 pm - 8 February 2022  12:00 am

    Radioart106 #121 Antonin Artaud - Pour en finer avec le judgement de dieu

    A Radio creation by Antonin Artaud (1947)

    Translated to Hebrew by Aviva Barak / Meira Asher ‪-‬ Voice, Electronics, Objects / Haggai Fershtman - Drums, Voice, Objects / Amir Bolzman - Electronics, Turntables, Bass / Eran Sachs - No input mixer, Voice /
    Boris Martzinovsky - Accordion.

    'Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu ' is the last work by Artaud, recorded in several sessions in the broadcasting studios of the Radiodiffusion Française (RDF) in Paris in November 22-29, 1947. The general manager of the radio immediately banned it from the air on the planned evening of the broadcast February 2,1948. Artaud passed away about a month later.

    In his letter of protest to Wladimir Porché, director of the Radiodiffusion, Artaud wrote:
    "I wanted a new work that catches certain organic points in life,
    a work in which we feel the whole nervous system burning like an incandescent lamp with vibrations, consonance which invite man TO GO OUT WITH his body in pursuit of this new, strange and radiant Epiphany in the sky.
    Anybody, down to the coal merchant, must understand being fed up with the filth- physical, as well as physiological -, and DESIRES an in-depth
    CORPORAL change."
                        (Paule Thévenin, Artaud, op. cit., pp. 130-132, Gallimard)

    Adapted by Meira Asher and Haggai Fershtman / Produced by Meira Asher
    Recorded by Ronald Boersen at Hateva, Yaffa / “La question se pose de” recorded by Ronen Hajaj / Mixed by Daniel Meir / Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin / Artwork by David Opp
8 February 2022
  • Radioart106 - Ep1: Pour en finer avec le judgement de dieu. A radio creation by Antonin Artaud

    7 February 2022  11:00 pm - 8 February 2022  12:00 am

    Radioart106 #121 Antonin Artaud - Pour en finer avec le judgement de dieu

    A Radio creation by Antonin Artaud (1947)

    Translated to Hebrew by Aviva Barak / Meira Asher ‪-‬ Voice, Electronics, Objects / Haggai Fershtman - Drums, Voice, Objects / Amir Bolzman - Electronics, Turntables, Bass / Eran Sachs - No input mixer, Voice /
    Boris Martzinovsky - Accordion.

    'Pour en finir avec le jugement de Dieu ' is the last work by Artaud, recorded in several sessions in the broadcasting studios of the Radiodiffusion Française (RDF) in Paris in November 22-29, 1947. The general manager of the radio immediately banned it from the air on the planned evening of the broadcast February 2,1948. Artaud passed away about a month later.

    In his letter of protest to Wladimir Porché, director of the Radiodiffusion, Artaud wrote:
    "I wanted a new work that catches certain organic points in life,
    a work in which we feel the whole nervous system burning like an incandescent lamp with vibrations, consonance which invite man TO GO OUT WITH his body in pursuit of this new, strange and radiant Epiphany in the sky.
    Anybody, down to the coal merchant, must understand being fed up with the filth- physical, as well as physiological -, and DESIRES an in-depth
    CORPORAL change."
                        (Paule Thévenin, Artaud, op. cit., pp. 130-132, Gallimard)

    Adapted by Meira Asher and Haggai Fershtman / Produced by Meira Asher
    Recorded by Ronald Boersen at Hateva, Yaffa / “La question se pose de” recorded by Ronen Hajaj / Mixed by Daniel Meir / Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin / Artwork by David Opp