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8 February 2022
  • NRRF Radio Collective - We Interrupt This Broadcast…

    8 February 2022  12:00 am - 2:00 am

    We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of disasters as usual blasting from skyscraping antennae. We interrupt the daily panic of breaking news, pundits and howling heads, pre-programmed song grids, weather catastrophe, traffic alerts, incessant advertising. Step off the grid and fall into clandestine frequencies between stations on our hyper-local transmitters, where reception is interception. This is radio made of the elements: earth, air, fire, flood and fog. Five sources summed and scattered from no regulated radio frequency.

    NRRF is an ongoing series of radio art programs created and performed by the current NRRF Radio Collective composed of Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Stephen Germana, Jeff Kolar and Peter Speer. The group assembled in Chicago in 2012 at the Experimental Sound Studio for a summer residency, making long-form, improvised radio art based on B-movie and sci-fi themes, deconstructing the genre for its tropes and stereotypes. The NRRF collective emphasizes abstract improvisation and takes as many tangents as possible. This results in an unpredictable mix of open sound fields, drones, occasional narratives, spaceships that fail to launch, and even singing.


    Anna Friz

    Jeff Kolar

    Stephen Germana

    Peter Speer

    Jonny Farrow
  • factor x - sixty minutes of factor x: Radio DAda

    8 February 2022  2:00 am - 3:00 am

    factor X started as a conceptual idea, ended as an obtuse synth pop band. Radio DAda #1 happened somewhere in between.This recording is an overview of the project, a gathering of materials from live performances, kitchen jams, spoken word, noise improv, and adverts. Parts of a fantasy radio show; both as a recording prepared on tape to be played on the radio and also the fragmented parts that a listener at home records off the radio; these meet and fluctuate. The piece moves between style and context, making paradigm shifts. It is raw, personal, and unpredictable, like tuning a radio
  • Conor Walsh - Generative Works

    8 February 2022  3:00 am - 7:00 am

    Conor is an artist from Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland often releasing music under the pseudonym "Wilfred". He began experimenting with generative techniques during the spring of 2021 after becoming increasingly interested in the music and theories of Brian Eno which led Conor to further his own experiments within the realm of generative art. The act of leaving the machine go where it needs to is something that appeals to the artist and is explored within the longform pieces created for Radiophrenia Glasgow.

  • Hali Palombo - Radio Utah

    8 February 2022  7:00 am - 7:30 am

    Hali Palombo is a composer and visual artist working in Illinois. Crafting most of her music from a large personal library of CB and amateur radio recordings, her compositions also include Morse code, wax cylinder samples and field recordings she has taken at various Midwestern points of interest.http://www.halipalombo.com
  • Mark Vernon - Power Dynamics

    8 February 2022  7:30 am - 8:00 am

    A meditation on power and power relations that draws upon voices and sounds from the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden and the surrounding areas. Originally produced for SSW’s radio station Lumsden Live in 2021.

    Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice focuses upon 
field recording, the manipulation of environmental sounds and acousmatic presence.
Operating on the fringes of sound art, music and broadcasting, his work explores ideas
of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and the reappropriation of found sounds. A
 keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station,
 Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.




  • Shorts 2

    8 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Krasnye Zori - No one is stronger than earthworms (8:14)
    2. Ilaria Boffa & Mark Vernon - Annotation (1:00)
    3. Anette Gellein - We won’t take it anymore, 5, 6, 7, 8 (6:31)
    4. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 2 (4:20)
    5. Adriana Knouf - Constructed Amateur Warblings: SSTV (21:24)
    6. Harbour Me - I Go Swimming (2:58)
    7. Daria Baiocchi - 1916 (4:42)
    8. Vincent Eoppolo - Eleusinian Mysteries (4:20)
    9. Yati Durrant - Quiet Cities 1: Edinburgh Leith Water of Leith 4pm 07.05.2020 (4:40)

    1. Krasnye Zori - No one is stronger than earthworms - Krasnye Zori (Red Dawns) is a fem-trip-punk band from St.Petersburg, Russia. We play electronic music with poetry. For us it is a field for experiments with synths, live instruments, field recordings, spoken word and vocals, noises. Helga Zinzyver: composition, field recordings, mixing and Anna Tereshkina: text, vocal.

    Helga: This song contains a clock ticking and it makes a rhythm. Tick's recording is imposed to each other with a half-tick shift so as to create an effect of time goes mad. There's also a radio, rustling of footsteps on forest moss, a summer house door squeaking during a thunderstorm, old wooden abacus, and a train engine. Anna’s voice here sounds like on the old vinyl disk. When I mixed this track and listened to it I was scared a few times because the door squeaked like a living being.
    Anna: It is the first song where I don’t recite but sing and I went to a vocal class for that. The text was written as a nursery rhyme but when I sang it I realised that it has an emancipatory sence. When you feel like a smal worm you still can be strong.

    2. Ilaria Boffa & Mark Vernon - Annotation* -tries to capture ‘Tristitia’, an affect and a state of the soul. An embodied experience blending sorrow and pain. “Foam. The space between the white and the noise. Embodying the foam and the space between the white and the noise.” 

    3 Anette Gellein - We won’t take it anymore, 5, 6, 7, 8.  - Guitar, synth, field recordings and electronic sounds. I started making experimental sound works when I was around 17 years old, quite quickly after I quit doing my guitar lessons. At this point I liberated myself from a form that did not really fit me and my interests. I did not know that there existed a world of experimental music and sound art, but approached it on my own rather unknowingly about the bigger context and history. Which I of course later learned to love, and it made me feel less weird and lonely! Many of my earlier works have been more influenced by my guitar playing, mixing it with field recordings and other digital electronic sounds and filters. Which you can also hear from the works I have submitted, in addition to this the new piece. https://anette.gellein.com/

    4. Cinzia Nistico  - One Dimension and a Half Episode 2
    For full details see listing for Shorts 1 Monday 7th February 8am. http://www.cinzia-nistico.com

    5. Adriana Knouf  - Constructed Amateur Warblings: SSTV -Digital amateur radio transmissions are primarily designed for efficiency. Even so, their sonic qualities are striking, such as the 1970s synthesizer-like sounds of RTTY, the atonal warblings of JT65 or FT8, or the techno beat of slow-scan television (SSTV). As part of a residency before STWST 48x7 (2021) in Linz, Austria, I worked with a form of SSTV that has a nice beat of around 140bpm. For a live performance during the MAKE ME A SIGNAL event I transmitted custom SSTV images on the 20m amateur radio band that resulted in danceable melodies and rhythms, thus making hardcore techno in the process. 

    6. Harbour Me 
- I Go Swimming. Harbour Me is a project of solo and collaborative works conceived by sound artist Jilliene Sellner. The name Harbour Me intends to suggest a safe haven, a sheltering and a collective support system and is a nod to where she lives, by the sea. The Future City No Kissing EP came as a visceral response to isolation, trauma and longing during the pause and chaos of 2020.  All of the tracks on ‘Future City No Kissing’ began as open ideas initiated by Sellner and shared with collaborators whose contributions have been woven into sonic storytelling environments. None of these tracks are possible without a spirit of sharing and empathy between Sellner and her extraordinarily talented collaborators. Headphones are recommended. Voice and text (German and English) - Ines Marita Schärer
 Voice, clarinet, field recordings, concept and editing - Jilliene Sellner

    http://www.jillienesellner.com  heyasounds.wordpress.com  https://harbourme.bandcamp.com

    7. Daria Baiocchi - 1916 -This work is dedicated to the memory of First World War (1914-1918). In particular this project takes its cue from the 1916 abolition of Dublin Mean Time and introduction of GMT, at that time strongly opposed by Countess Markievicz. The main element of this composition is the sound of a flute that “gives voice” to Markievicz. I recorded 25 flute sound-fragments and 12 flute rhythmic-fragments (DMT) : the sound fragments refer to the C, G, M notes that are the initials of the name of the Countess while the rhythmic sounds recall the sound of a clock. The contest of this historic event has been created with flute sounds that has became, with an electronic interpolation, sea and ship landscapes. Time as a clock to measure our life in a temporal distinction of past, present and future, as an abstract intellectual concept that humans use to sequence and compare events: information about time tells us the durations of events, and when they occur, and which events happen before which others. Time as a real or unreal, as objective or relative, as tensed or tenseless. A special thanks to the flautist Mauro Baiocchi.


    8. Vincent Eoppolo - Eleusinian Mysteries -A work inspired by the initiations held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone.https://soundcloud.com/vincent_eoppolo  

    9  - Yati Durant - Quiet Cities 1: Edinburgh Leith Water of Leith 4pm 07.05.2020 - 
    Quiet Cities are live improvised sound art visualised field recordings from Edinburgh Leith/Water of Leith, UK at 4pm on May 5th 2020. The field recordings have been electronically altered slightly and each of them are different. “I walked around during a lockdown afternoon in May 2020 with my stereo field microphone. The city sounded strange to me…so quiet and subdued. These are free improvisations on the impressions I had at the time…” 
  • Virginia Hutchison - Stories of radical landownership in north Lewis - Chapter 2: Borgh/Borve

    8 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:15 am

    Stories of radical land ownership in North Lewis is a project produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison, that brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Developed in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie, the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership.

    Agnes Rennie talks about the history of crofting in North Lewis and the role of community owned estates today. Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define Borve, in collaboration with Fiona Rennie, and Seismic Sounds, produced by Stephen Hurrel.

    Agnes Rennie is the chair of the Galson Estate Trust and Vice Chair of Community Land Scotland.

    Full project info:

    Produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison this project brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Created during the COVID pandemic in 2020/2021 the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership. With access and social distancing measures in mind the project has taken the form of a series of cast bronze artefacts temporarily sited in the landscape of North Lewis. Embedded with digital QR codes the artefacts link visitors directly to the audio works via mobile phone.

    Each of the six objects – a series of cast bronze artworks moulded from cut peat – contain conversations recorded with members of the local community. Two out of six of the artworks remain open as audio project spaces for future conversations.

    “If you didn’t know the names of these places you couldn’t talk about them..”

    Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define North Lewis. A gentle call and response between Gaelic and English - though not a direct translation - through the landscape, geography and history of the area.

    Looking out onto the Barvas moor visitors can be mistaken for thinking that it is an empty landscape. But listening closely to the Gaelic expressions used to describe the environment of North Lewis gives a sense of the intimate and complex relationship between people and place. A language embedded within local culture and knowledge and not always translatable.

    “Space doesn’t become a place until you interact with it. It doesn’t become a place until you name it…and it becomes a place in relation to somewhere or something else..ie. it’s always changing.”

    Permeating the voices within the audio works are recordings made from the constant movements and tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s surface. Produced by artist Stephen Hurrel, the seismic sounds provide layers to the stories and issues that surround engagement with the landscape. Hurrel’s work with Seismic Sounds and with Gaelic speaking communities in Barra, weaves closely into the stories of radical landownership in North Lewis.  Where these conversations meet and overlap presents opportunities for wider discussions around land reform in Scotland.

    Many thanks to the Galson Estate staff and community. Special thanks to Agnes and Frank Rennie, Lisa Maclean, Annie MacSween, Iain Gordon Macdonald, Richard Collins (Edinburgh University), Edinburgh College of Art and Blackbay Recording Studios.

    This project was produced in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie.

    Virginia Hutchison is an artist based in Glasgow and the Isle of Lewis. Working within a predominantly social context her practice draws on the processes involved in collaborative creative production to explore how different forms of artistic engagement influence the interaction we have with our environments. Virginia currently runs the bronze casting facilities at Edinburgh College of Art and is one part of the duo ’In the Shadow of the Hand’ with artist and film-maker Sarah Forrest.

    Produced with support from Community Land Scotland and the Stove Network.


    [1]Annie Macsween, Faclan 2020, A History with Heart and Soul – The Place-names of North Lewis, Ness Historical Society

    [2]Frank Rennie, Dùthcas 2020, The Changing Outer Hebrides – Galson and the meaning of Place

  • James Chrzan - Swimmer pt2 (August 22, evening)

    8 February 2022  9:15 am - 9:30 am

    Synopsis: Swimmer is a suite of four field recordings. Recorded in Palm Desert, California in late-summer, the work explores the sonic relationship between an individual and a place. The focal point of the recordings is the sound of a person swimming in a backyard pool. This performance is accompanied by the ambient sounds of a suburban California neighborhood: mockingbirds, cicadas, lawnmowers, pickup trucks, the wind through the trees. The disembodied sound of the swimmer in this place breaks down the hierarchy between human and nature, offering a post-human, decentered perspective. Swimmer was released on cassette in September 2021. Bio: James Chrzan is an artist and musician working in New York City. His work engages in the long history of the dematerialized art object. Narcissus pseudonarcissus—an opera in two acts written in collaboration with Rachel Hillery—debuted in June 2021. He releases music as one half of Former New York Mayor and alone as My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture. He has exhibited work in New York, Chicago and elsewhere. He received his MFA from Hunter College in 2019.
  • Julia Drouhin, Ocean Viva Silver and DinahBird - Put.Use.When.Can

    8 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    It is a cold and rainy December evening in Paris and we’re sitting in the studio at Radio Campus, just round the corner from the Place des Vosges.The French radio artist Julia Drouhin is over from Tasmania. We have just finished recording our monthly F-Air Play session, where the artist and composer Ocean Viva Silver set us some sticky questions and we replied as best we could with a selection of field recordings, a thumb piano, voices, a small record player and a melodica. We have 45 minutes left in the studio before the next programme, so we decide to leave the microphones open and to play along to the creaks and squeaks of the studio chair and the friendly buzz of the mixing desk. Never waste a good opportunity we say to ourselves, Put.Use.When.Can.

    A live radio improvisation by Julia Drouhin, Ocean Viva Silver and DinahBird.

    Produced by DinahBird
  • Annie May Demozay - 21 Ardbeg Street

    8 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    21 Ardbeg Street is a twenty-eight minute monologue: a voice inside a Glasgow flat describes a bleak and pleasureless early home.

    I used to live in Govanhill. Every day I would walk past the building where R. D. Laing was born and raised, and think: if these walls could talk. I read and listened and gathered together everything I could find, that R. D. Laing had said, about 21 Ardbeg Street. I changed the tense from past to present. I cut up his words and moved them around, turning them into something new.

    Annie May Demozay is an artist and writer who lives in Glasgow. She has an MA from the Royal College of Art, an MFA from the University of the Arts Helsinki and a BFA from the University of Tasmania School of Art.
  • Jessa Mockridge - SWIM

    8 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    I am an artist and writer (Cape Town) living in London. I work with diy publishing, performance and sound. I’m interested in the power dynamics of media in relation to bodies and a politics of listening; a feminist ear that can also be an eye, skin or fist. I co-edited PaperWork: iilwimilipsing, an art writing publication and event series about not-translating. I have performed at: David Dale Gallery (Glasgow), The Whitworth (Manchester), PEER (London), Tate Modern (London), Cubitt (London) and Whitechapel Gallery (London). My writing is published by The Happy Hypocrite, SALT., TACO!, HOAX, Feminist Review and Performance Research.

    SWIM maps out routes by water using: canals, basins, rivers, creeks, bathwater, modern wastewater systems, bodies; as sloppy containers for sobriety. These bodies of water are not discreet; they spill into each other. Rainwater gullies surge underground. Combined sewer outfalls spew into the Thames. Canal water is rushed to the North Sea by the tide. The narrative is delivered through a series of site performances: on an Uber boat from Canary Wharf to Greenwich, in a public toilet cubicle at Lewisham Shopping Centre, from the concrete culvert of the river Ravensbourne under the A20 motorway.


  • Buffer Zone

    8 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1) Hali Palombo -  Truckers (2:23)

    2) Elina Bry - Spit and Fever - Live in the studio (5 mins aprox)

    3) Anne Marie Deacy & Lesego Rampolokeng - Recalibrating Reason (5:45)

    4) Feronia Wennborg - Blomma (2:17)


    1) Hali Palombo - Truckers

    From the album 'Cherry Ripe'.

    2) Elina Bry - Spit and Fever 

    Live Performance: With a Cheek Retractor, makingmy way through Fever from Peggy Lee. Singing until the last lyrics withoutcleaning my face of my spit. Fever.

    3) Anne Marie Deacy & Lesego Rampolokeng - Recalibrating Reason

    A collaboration between sound artist Anne MarieDeacy and the acclaimed South African spoken word/poet Lesego Rampolokeng.Their exchange began after both were curated by Brent Meistre into a groupexhibition ‘Broken Vessels’ for Galway International Arts Festival in 2021 andrealising they both had a penchant for radio.

    Lesego’s powerful poetry had a huge effect on Anne Marie and led to this transmission piece.

    In the powerful spoken word piece ‘Riddim, Rime Reason’,  Lesego, under a satirical eye, tells of truth and lies, displacement, pain, oppression and destruction in hishomeland. Underneath and interwoven into his words, low frequency celestialtuning forks vibrate, creating dissonance and responding in resonance. This work is an attempt at exploring the healing and transformative aspect of soundand sounding.

    Anne Marie Deacy is a sound artist and fieldrecordist, based in Co.Galway, Ireland. Field recording is the foundation of her practice and using various devices she explores the heard and discreet sounds of the urban and rural landscape. She found a home for all her lost and found ideas in the medium of radio transmission and it is a platform from which she has been exploring themes around nostalgia, lost formats, sound as activism, community grieving and the inherent need we have to connect.

    Lesego Rampolokeng is a prolific South African performance poet and playwright. He was born into a Catholic, working-class family in Soweto, then a Johannesburg township. His mother raised him alone after the early death of his father, who worked in a platinum mine. Rampolokeng briefly studied law at the University of the North. The violence and Catholicism of his childhood inform his poetry’s blunt, unflinching examination of degradation and oppression. Oral folk traditions and contemporary rap music echo throughout his work.

    https://www.annemariedeacy.com     https://www.instagram.com/forasnafuaime/?hl=en

    4) Feronia Wennborg - Blomma (2:17)

    Blomma is anexcerpt from a sound installation exhibited together with sculptures by Jack OFlynn, at the Pipe Factory in 2018.The exhibition presented a curious landscape of strange growths and visceralsounds. The original piece is 29 minutes long and produced for 6 audiochannels.


  • Hali Palombo - Call-Book

    8 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    Often, amateur broadcasts on shortwave radio tend to go undocumented, resulting in hundreds of broadcasts a day vanishing into the ether - never to be heard again. “CALL-BOOK” highlights and emphasizes several conversations, interactions and unusual instances collected over the course of 48 hours of shortwave listening. This will preserve the throwaway broadcasts in relative immortality while framing them in naturally evolving and alien aural environments.

    Hali Palombo is a composer and visual artist working in Illinois. Crafting most of her music from a large personal library of CB and amateur radio recordings, her compositions also include Morse code, wax cylinder samples and field recordings she has taken at various Midwestern points of interest.

  • Julien Sarti - A Durian in the Ear Ep2: at the end of the world, next to the Chinese border

    8 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    A Durian in the Ear is a sound series that crosses Vietnam. It takes the form of a hybrid object between immersive experimentation and a postcard, where the sounds of the environment support the narrative by providing a stationary journey for the listener.

    Julien Sarti is a sound designer, producer of radio shows, documentaries and unidentified sound objects. He likes to make images with sound. In 2018, from his collection of rare records, he created in 2018 “Sommeil paradoxal” with which he won the Phonurgia prize in the sound art category. For 1 year, he has worked in Vietnam and took the opportunity to produce a sound series "a durian in the ear".

  • Shorts 16

    8 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Mónica Rivas - This is why the shadow idea is useful (7:12)
    2. Canaan Balsam - A passive Apocalypse (5:08)
    3. Trevor Black - Radioscape No.2, on a theme of JL Stern (9:40)
    4. Timo Kahlen - Residue Sounds (6:40)
    5. Jeff Gburek - Sky Burial (13:21)
    6. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 15 (3:56)
    7. Yulia Stepanova - Eulogy to Sound (10:14)
    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces No 5 (0:53)

    1. Mónica Rivas Velásquez (with John Hughes) - This is why the shadow idea is useful

    This sound work comes from a drawing of a diagram that is a text and then became a sound work. In the text I explore my relationship to a place in the Andean mountains of Colombia while reflecting simultaneously on what language is even useful to do so. Thinking of soil, grass, war and personal history mediated via memory, time and physical distance. In the sound piece I add layers to those intentions to create a soundscape through the words that is not descriptive of place and try to bring in the experience of reading, re-reading, highlighting, drawing and colour.

    I am a Colombian artist living in London. My practice traces ideas of care, encounter and relation through expanded notions of drawing, embodied narratives and the coming together of image, text and voice. My most recent project, currently developed in my AHRC funded PhD, interrogates notions of learning through an auto-ethnographic narrative of encounters with a set of Colombian plants. Manifesting iteratively as publications, performative readings and lectures, the project’s latest strand ‘More than an Object, its Shadow’ has been staged at ICA, Stanley Picker Gallery, Art Licks, South London Botanical Institute, AWL Radio, Theatrum Mundi and Clouds and Tracks.

    2. Canaan Balsam - A passive Apocalypse

    Featuring narration from Alexander Johnston.

    Canaan Balsam is a an electronic artist based in Edinburgh. His work explores the liminal zone between the harshness of industrial and the beatific serenity of devotional music. His first record 'Cruise Utopia' was released last year on Passat Continu Records.

    3. Trevor Black - Radioscape No.2, on a theme of JL Stern

    A short piece on radio station classification as defined by JL Stern in his essay for McGraw Hill’s Electronics Engineers Handbook 2nd edition, circa 1982.

    Trevor Black grew up on industrial Tyneside, the son of a professional musician and a nurse, and trained in electrical engineering. Making sounds as Malady of Knots.


    4 Timo Kahlen - Residue Sounds

    2021 audio miniature, binaural sound

    Timo Kahlen’s audio miniature „Residue Sounds“ (2021) is an exploration into the aesthetics of the acoustically abject, into the dirty, dissonant, interfering buzz and noise recorded and (often unintentionally) documented as part of the artist’s field recordings in search of new sonic experiences. The binaural sound and spacial width of this audio miniature is best experienced on headphones.

    Timo Kahlen is a sound sculptor and media artist based in Berlin. For the past 35 years, and in more than 200 exhibitions, he has chosen to work with the ephemeral: with wind and steam, with pixels and dust, with sound, noise and vibration.

    5. Jeff Gburek. - Sky Burial.

    Based upon a poem from dictated by dream, written & re-voiced.
    Instrumentation: Voice, Field Recordings, Horsehoes, Radio, Bird Whistle, Synthesizer.

    6. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 15

    CinziaNistico: voice/music/script/field recording Igor Iofe: trumpet

    In this podcast I merge both the principle of storytelling and songs, marking a counterpoint between sounds/music and the narration, a sort of unsung songs.
    A journalist’s semi-dada journal about an expedition aimed at reaching Earth’s fluid strata. The story alludes to the Nordic myth of Jörmungandr the World Serpent which marks Ragnarök, a serie of natural disasters leading to the submersion of the Earth in water.
    The first season focuses on events preceding the expedition, the second focuses on the mission itself.

    Cinzia Nistico is a composer and multimedia artist. She’s interested in the psychological impact of sound and the emotional load it carries. In her projects she explores themes of identity and reality and the disruption and distortion of both. In her music she creates structures that are static and evolving at the same time. In her electronic/electroacoustic music she uses instruments or/and voice as a source. She graduated in composition in London (Trinity College of Music) and Milan (Conservatorio di Musica). Her music is performed in Europe and worldwide.
    Visit cinzia-nistico for a full resume.

    7. Yulia Stepanova - Eulogy to Sound

    Researchers say that the first thing that a human “hears” inside the womb is their heartbeat and their mother’s heartbeat. This project is an attempt of having a dialogue with AI about this “human” phenomenon. It has two rhythmic lines: one symbolizes baby's heartbeat (panned right) and the other symbolizes mother’s heartbeat (panned left). The melody has one part that is played by a human (more “natural” piano sound); and the other that is played by AI, Google Magenta (synthesized sound). These fragments follow each other, repeat several times, and combine in the end.

    Yulia Stepanova is a musician and a young media artist. After collaborating with music producers as a vocalist for years, in 2019, she launched her own electronic music project – Night Editor – focused on melodic bass music genres like future garage and downtempo. She later moved on to exploring interactive and digital art and participated in creating multimedia artworks. She performed live sets and dj sets at major electronic music events in Russia, like Signal, where a multimedia installation that she worked on in a group of artists and musicians was showcased.

    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces No 5
  • Alessandro Bosetti - The River

    8 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    « The river » is a story where the characters are chords (harmonic ratios). They do not have a name or a gender and the only way to evoke them is by recalling and hearing the corresponding relation between frequencies. The story is about a nightly trip on a barge along a mysterious river. The river is also the frontier between two opposite kingdoms and it’s populated by memories, fog and allegoric dreams.

    The story is repeated two times, in the first iteration is a very simple enunciation of the story where chords punctuate the narration each time one of such sonorous beings is evoked. In the second iteration chords extend their duration, they are not only the characters of the story but also become the landscape, the emotional canvas and the harmonic geography where the story takes place.

    « The river » It’s a study on harmony. The the protagonist is a just intoned minor seventh chord ( 1/1 3/3 7/4, seventh harmonic). Travelling with him are two weirder 13th limit triads ( 1/1 16/13 3/2 and 19/16 3/2 27/16 ) while an other mysterious character ( a just intoned major third, 1/1 5/4 3/2 -, somehow an alter ego of the protagonist ) has missed the appointment and is often thought about. The complete cast of the story includes 26 characters all belonging to different tuning systems.

    The inspiration comes from the observation of allegorical universes and mnemonic architectures as described by Giordano Bruno or Giulio Camillo Delmino and its matched with the idea that purely sonorous beings – like harmonic ratios – could live a life of their own in such universes.

    It’s inscribed into a larger research on what I like to call “a sentimental history of intervals” and reflects my fascination for musical harmony as a force capable of moving deep emotions. Even if chords live their life into a sonorous and mathematical world of their own they are capable of profoundly moving human emotions and behaviors even if chords and humans do not inhabit the same dimension.

    The fascination for renaissance and post renaissance alchemical, combinatory and mnemonic arts comes with the frustrating sensation of them “not working anymore”. A part of that tradition slowly metamorphosed into experimental science and gave birth to modern technology. The words science and magic parted from each other and magic was somehow archived as ineffective. Still, a certain porosity between the two realms — as it is the case with the two realms evoked in « The river » — never ceased existing.
  • Buffer Zone

    8 February 2022  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    1) Lucas Norer - Eduard Wallnoefer Platz (4:00)

    2) Lucy Duncombe - THIS PERFECT BALANCE OF BLISS ANON (8:24)
    3) Hali Palombo - Echo Pleasantries (16:00)

    1) Lucas Norer - Eduard Wallnoefer Plat
    A sound collage that focuses on everyday life and special events around the Liberation Monument at Eduard Wallnöfer Platz in Innsbruck/Austria. Built in 1948 by the French military government, the Liberation Monument is one of the very few monuments that honor the resistance against National Socialism and is dedicated to all those who died for the freedom of Austria. The significance of the monument is unfortunately completely negated by officials and citizens alike. Inappropriate activities and insensitive events such as the celebrations of the Austrian National Day, Zapfenstreich (military tattoo) or the use as a place for leisure activities testify to the lack of respect.

    Lucas Norer's works are characterised by an interdisciplinary approach and refer to auditory contents such as production and consumption of music, sound, noise, silence and its relation to social, political, architectural and artistic issues. As part of an extended research and manufacturing process he creates audio-visual installations, objects and projects in the public realm.  In 2011 Norer graduated from The University of Art & Design Linz. Since then he has shown his work in gallery spaces, contemporary art museums and festivals.

    From the album 'The Rapture of Cellular Accretion'  - a tape, fiction text and artwork completed during the convalescence of lockdown.  

    3) Hali Palombo - Echo Pleasantries

    From the album 'Radio Utah'
  • claire rousay - from home to lowcountry

    8 February 2022  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    from home to lowcountry documents a solo journey from my home in San Antonio to one of my favorite local bars, Lowcountry. This journey was originally documented as an unaltered field recording. Later, I decided to record an accompaniment to this field recording that included piano, organ, vocal samples, and various other electronics. The accompaniment acts as an emotional compass that guides the listener through my 36 minute journey from home's front door to the patio bar.
     claire rousay is based in San Antonio, Texas. Her music zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life -- voicemails, haptics, environmental recordings, stopwatches, whispers and conversations -- exploding their significance. rousay has released music on a range of labels, most notably Astral Spirits, Second Editions, Longform Editions and American Dreams, who in 2021 released a softer focus, a collaboration with visual artist Dani Toral. rousay’s music has received acclaim from NPR, which writes that rousay “enchants the ordinary,” and Pitchfork, which calls her music “quietly devastating.” rousay has presented music at Audiograft Festival, Casa Del Lago (CDMX), Issue Project Room, Rewire Festival, and Salon De Normandy (Paris), among many others, held residencies at Rhizome DC and Elastic Arts Exposure Series, and performed with musicians such as Ken Vandermark, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Jacob Wick and Theodore Cale Schafer.

  • Matthieu Robin - Today is Tomorrow

    8 February 2022  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    Today is Tomorrow is a personal sonic reflection of Glasgow during the first lockdown of the pandemic. It assembles a wide selection of manipulated and layered field recordings taken in Glasgow during this time and explores musical, rhythmic and atmospheric qualities of the acoustic environments. Matthieu Robin is a musician, sound designer and music producer living and working in Glasgow. https://soundcloud.com/mattamrobin
  • Clarry M - Radio Play live from the Creative Lab

    8 February 2022  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    A live performance using only sounds emitting from FM radios. A number of radios will be played simultaneously as ‘instruments’, dialling back and forth through white noise and found snippets of various FM and AM radio broadcast content. Some tracks will be pre-recorded, playing content from locations around the UK which are significant to the performer, and which offer a diverse range of content. The live element will consist of one radio being played live at the time of the performance, from Glasgow’s CCA. The performance will be unreplicable, as the final sound depends on what is being broadcast across Glasgow at the time of the performance. The resulting piece will experiment with the blending of local and national sound profiles and include different languages, accents, musical genres, adverts and talk, as well as different types of static noise. It will use FM and LW radio as a sound source from which to draw out interesting overlapping soundscapes, and aims to overstimulate the listener with nostalgia sparked from old songs, fragments of conversation removed from their context, droll commercial adverts and a cacophony of abrasive white noises. The action of dialling through radio frequencies can be likened to ‘scrolling’ through social media channels, and speaks of the limits of the modern attention span, whereby the mind rarely stays on content for more than a few seconds, but scrolls on relentlessly, continually seeking something better. Fragments of information are collected, without ever stopping for the whole picture. The performance aims to echo this and evoke the uneasy feeling of relentless change and inability to settle, tinged with the occasional comforts of nostalgia. Clarry M is a DJ and sound artist based in Glasgow, hosting regular radio shows on Subcity radio (Glasgow) and Melodic Distraction (Liverpool), as well as more occasional appearances on Clydebuilt radio and Radio Beuna Vida (Glasgow), ehfm (Edinburgh) and Domes FM (Wirral). She is an avid field recorder and enjoys making drones and experimental sound pieces using field recordings as a sole source material. She especially enjoys the unpredictability and scope of radio as an antithesis to the algorithms of streaming platforms. https://soundcloud.com/clarrym http://bidstonobservatory.org/radio https://remembrancespecies.bandcamp.com/album/remembrance-species-2020
  • Keith de Mendonca - London Punch

    8 February 2022  4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

    “Punch & Judy” is a traditional English puppet show that celebrates its birth date on May 9 1662, when Samuel Pepys noted in his diary that he watched puppets perform in Covent garden. Over time, Punch & Judy incorporated many famous living characters into the plot – people who lived and died within my local area in London: Samuel Pepys the diarist, Joseph Grimaldi the clown, Jack Ketch the executioner. Let Mr Punch lead you on a sound journey around an imaginary London, its church bells and its ghosts. “Oranges & Lemons say the bells of St. Clements”. From Samuel Pepys’ birthplace off Fleet Street – along Birdcage walk, and across the river Thames to stare into the Great fire. Climb Pentonville hill and dance on the musical grave of “Joey” Grimaldi the clown. We start with my execution bell at Newgate jail: death by the rope, bullet or sharpened axe. “When will you pay me say the bells of Old Bailey?”. “Here we are again!” Keith de Mendonca sound artist who lives and works in London. In the past, he has created interactive installations that utilized fax machines, telephones and answering machines. He is a regular contributor of sound experiments to “Framework” – a field recording radio show that broadcasts worldwide. https://frameworkradio.net/tag/keith-de-mendonca/ https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/clear-spot-core-7-may-2020-howard-dodd-and-keith-de-mendonca/ https://soundcloud.com/keith-de-mendonca http://anarchy.translocal.jp/kinesonus/index.html https://disembodiedart.tumblr.com/
  • Buffer Zone

    8 February 2022  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Babu Eshwar Prasad On the Road (10:00)
    2) Danny Pagarani & Jens Masimov - All days hence 1 (4:27)

    3) Feronia Wennborg & Lucy Duncombe - TRIAL 4 (3:34)

    1) Babu Eshwar Prasad On the Road 
    In this sound piece we inhabit an aural landscape. The honking and sounds of cars, the drilling and construction activities on the roads all seem to reverberate and slowly turn into a dream-like space. They are accompanied by pockets of silence that make us aware of other sounds of the natural landscape and the wind. The artist wants to build on this experience of being in that no man zone of the highway, at times awake and at others asleep. What is this place which one hears? What is that experience of immersion and equally alienation that it builds within?
    Babu Eshwar Prasad is an artist and filmmaker based in India. In the two decades since he has exhibited widely holding exhibitions in India and abroad. The genre of landscape has remained a central point of enquiry in practice. Since 2015 films and sound works have taken centrestage.Babu’s debut film Gaalibeeja (Windseed) was released in 2015 and shown at film festivals, museums and biennale including Mumbai Film Festival, FilmColumbia, Chatham, New York, , Kochi Muziris Biennale and Museum K21, Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf. His second film The Running River is all Legs is now awaiting release.

    2) Danny Pagarani & Jens Masimov - All days hence 1

    3) Feronia Wennborg & Lucy Duncombe - TRIAL 4
  • Alias Domaines - Being On This Boat Is Not Revenge

    8 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    ALIAS DOMAINES Alias Domaines is a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Sukaina Kubba and Craig Mulholland. Alias Domaines is a semi-fictional space where exchange occurs by proxy. Alias Domaines is theoretically and virtually located on a cruise ship that travels between the ports of New York City and Southampton, UK. Our ship is part of the Cunard Transatlantic Fleet, a real cruise ship company. CUNARD The Cunard brand is a nostalgia for art-deco design and lifestyle aspirations. From a post-colonial perspective, art-deco functions as sugar-coating or white-washing of harsh modernist and colonialist power relations driving international capitalism. While it inhabits a space outside national lands and laws, the Cunard is an allegory for British class relations and British colonialism. A cross-section of the ship reveals a microcosm and floating representation of the hierarchy of class and racial structures. SETTING First Class Lounge, Deck, Cabins, Storage Unit and Connecting Spaces CHARACTERS Beverly Valenzuela: Concierge and Aspiring Fashion Designer John Templeton: Entertainments Manager and Pianist “Being on this boat, it’s not revenge” Edouard Glissant, filmed aboard the Cunard from Martinique to France, reflecting on the terrible journey his ancestors took in the opposite direction across the Atlantic. From “Edouard Glissant: One World in Relation” directed by Manthia Diawara, 2009 ALIAS DOMAINES (2021-22) is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts
  • Kristina Warren - Skatebirds

    8 February 2022  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Skatebirds is an experimental soundscape that traverses various sonic terrains both musical and abstract. It weaves together a wide variety of sounds, including analog synthesized sounds from ARP 2500 and Joranalogue Filter-8, as well as recorded foley-type sounds from pistachio shells, PVC pipe, metal mixing bowl and bench scraper, and more. Some of the natural sounds and birdsong were recorded at the Barrington Skate Park in Rhode Island, USA, hence the title Skatebirds. For the artist, Kristina Warren, uniting all the sounds in this piece represented creative freedom and exploration. Kristina Warren is a sound artist based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Warren unites acoustic, analog, and digital sounds and techniques to explore human-instrument relationships, noise, and rest. She runs a Patreon channel focused on sound art and listening, where she releases completed work, process documentation, and prompts and jam sessions for followers to make sound. Recently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electronic Music at Brown University, Warren holds a PhD in Composition & Computer Technologies from the University of Virginia. kmwarren.org patreon.com/kmwarren
  • Live-to-Air -Danny Pagarani & Jens Masimov/Lucy Duncombe & Feronia Wennborg

    8 February 2022  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Live from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

    Jens Masimov and Danny Pagarani - All Days Hence/Lucy Duncombe & Feronia Wennborg – “3rd Remove from the Real_ ”
    Jens Masimov and Danny Pagarani - All Days Hence 

    All Days Hence was created especially for this year's iteration of Radiophrenia. Combining sound - found and pre-recorded - with improvised music, the piece is an attempt to articulate a disorientating contemporary experience which oscillates between disintegration and a fierce commitment to shared joy, love, and life. Through the power of close friendship and an ever-expanding exploration of soundscape the stage is set for real time collaboration.
    Jens Masimov (b. 1993 in Hedemora, Sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist creating ritualistic distortion through an installation and sound based practice. Stemming from a background of rurality, Masimov's work is an exploration of contextual identities, combined realities, and collective joy.
    Jens Masimov (b. 1993 in Hedemora, Sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist creating ritualistic distortion through an installation and sound based practice. Stemming from a background of rurality, Masimov's work is an exploration of contextual identities, combined realities, and collective joy.

    Danny Pagarani (b.1988 London, UK) is an artist and musician based in Glasgow. His practice is an ongoing investigation into subjectivity and the gaps that constitute it. 
    Lucy Duncombe & Feronia Wennborg – “3rd Remove from the Real_ ”

    3rd Remove From The Real_ is a collaborative work by Lucy Duncombe and Feronia Wennborg exploring contemporary and historical iterations of voice-based technologies in the form of a radio performance narrated by hybrid voice clones and vocal avatars. The piece quietly explores how acts of transposition, translation and analysis of the voice disrupt its relationship to individuals, and alter the interpersonal dimensionality of the voice in conversation.

    The project is kindly supported by The Hope Scott Trust and Creative Scotland.

    Lucy Duncombe is an artist, vocalist and musician, using text and sound to explore the emergence of voice based technologies within the field of synthetic biology.  She has previously performed at; QO2 Brussels, Celine Gallery, The National Opera of Belgium and La Monnaie, Radiophrenia, Celine Gallery, Tectonics Festival, Counterflows, & Market Gallery. In 2021, she released music with 12th Isle, Warm Winters Ltd, and a self-released tape, The Rapture of Cellular Accretion.

    Feronia Wennborg is an artist, musician and arts programmer based in Glasgow, working interdisciplinary with a focus on sound. Her work collects traces of intimacy and friendship through processes of recording, transcription and digital transformation. She often works in close collaboration with others and is part of the music duo soft tissue together with Simon Weins. In 2019-2021 she was a programme committee member at the artist-run space Market Gallery. Her work has been presented and commissioned by institutions, festivals and artist-run initiatives in the UK and internationally, including: Wysing Arts Centre, West den Haag, ArtVerona, CCA Glasgow, The Pipe Factory, Counterflows & Radiophrenia. 
  • Jordan Dykstra and Jessie Marino - Sunrunning in Reverse

    8 February 2022  9:00 pm - 9:45 pm

    A new piece  for two voices with electronic sound design playback. The new work explores the world of poker-- both historically and contemporarily -- through the juxtaposition of a guided meditation, text from a Bertolt Brecht short story called "Four Men and a Poker Game," as well as a microtonal sonification of a number of different poker hands.

    Jordan Dykstra is a Brooklyn-based violist and composer exploring the performer-composer-listener relationship through the incorporation of conceptual, graphic, and text-based elements. His film music has been heard at numerous film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Rotterdam, TriBeCa, Toronto, etc.) and his chamber music has been programmed in venues around the world (Tokyo, Reykjavík, Zürich, Portland, Brussels, Berlin, etc.). Dykstra's 2020 album The Arrow of Time was listed as one of the best Modern Composition albums byThe Wire and included in Best Contemporary Classical Albums of 2020 by Bandcamp.In 2015 Dykstra founded Editions Verde, a small-run cottage industry label exploring the connection between sound and object.
  • Dante Tanzi - Gezi Park

    8 February 2022  9:45 pm - 10:00 pm

    Inspired by events after the occupation of Gezi Park (May 2013, Istanbul, Turkey) the composition includes the sounds of clashes, spread through a social network. Taksim Gezi Park is one of the few central Istanbul of green areas that should disappear within project from pedestrianization Taksim Square. The construction project involves the reconstruction of the barracks Taksim, historic building demolished in 1940 to accommodate a shopping center. Protests intensify as a result of the violence of thepolice charge to dislodge a group occupying the park. May 31, 2013, police represses the demonstrators with tear gas and hundreds were injured. Dante Tanzi is a composer and performer of acousmatic music. His compositions have been performed in Italy (Musica Nel Nostro Tempo, Colloquium of Music Informatics, Festival 5 Giornate, Festival Musica e Suoni, AUDIOR concerts), in Switzerland (Euromicro, Computer Music Concert), in Canada (EuCue Series), in the United Kingdom (ICMC, Sonorities), in Spain (Flix Festival, Festival Bernaola), in France (Festival Licences, Festival Futura, SIME, En Chair et En Son, Klang!), in Colombia (BunB), in the United States (NYCEMF), in Portugal (DME) in Austria (Ars Electronica) in Argentina (Atemporànea) and in Japan (OUA-EMF). He is a founder of the 'Audior' association (www.audior.eu).
  • Shorts 29

    8 February 2022  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1. Gabi Schaffner - Mond4Aurach (12:52)/ 2. Jorge Martínez Valderrama - Exsilium (7:07)/ 3. Mathias Müller & Sebastian Six - Irlichs Weh (4:41)/ 4. Richard McReynolds - Hemlock (05:53)/ 5. David Jason Snow - Adventures in necromusicology, episodes 1-2 (11:37)/ 6. Lidia Zielińska - Insektarion (08:18)/ 7. Martha Riva Palacio - Persephone VII (6:29)

    1. Gabi Schaffner - Mond4Aurach -In this patched-up universe under a patched-up sky, owls fly with typewriters, satellites and fallen star’s vomit. Seeds drop into glasses and bees are chased with smoke. Honey drips from staircase railings. Pianos may help but must not. Field recordings and sounds by: Sarah Washington (Analogue Birds, 2014); Smoke Box, Gueterbahnhof Bremen; diverse satellites (NASA)

    2. Jorge Martínez Valderrama- Exsilium - Deterritorialized, incorporeal voices, confined in a chimerical exile, warning us by means of sound stamps about upcoming events. "Exsilium" is an acousmatic work that uses recordings of different female vocal expressions that are digitally manipulated, synthesized and processed. Although the work travels through murky and insane paths, it simultaneously poses an introspective listening in the midst of the daily bustle. An exile implies the disintegration of thought, re-articulates and re-constructs the word in order to emit it and produce resonances. Seclusion is perhaps a territory where we do not exist but we can be.

    Sound artist and composer.He has presented his work in diverse festivals, venues and forums in Mexico and abroad. His work reflects on various concepts and elements of contemporary, electroacoustic, electronic and acousmatic music. He has been an artist-in-residence in Perú (Tejido Vivo, 2018) and Portugal (Buinho, 2019) where he created work based on field recordings. MartínezValderrama is also the inaugural digital artist-in-residence at the British Museum’s SDCELAR (2020-2021). He has worked as a composer, musical supervisor, sounds designer for film, dance, theatre and multimedia projects.
    3. Mathias Müller & Sebastian Six - Irlichs Weh - All sentences have always been anagrams. Incessantly they break open and are constantly capable of new constellations. What really happened? (Was wirklichgeschah?) In retrospect, no one can say. Three people speak to each other. They form ever new syllables and words from the letters. They repeat themselves, but also answer each other, until they begin to sing together. Anagrams by Mathias Müller. Sounds and arrangement by Sebastian Six. Voice by Laurien Bachmann, Sam Bunn and Sebastian Six

    Mathias Müller lives and works in Vienna. Participates with Versatorium in translations of Rosmarie Waldrop, Charles Bernstein and Roberta Dapunt, organizes events together with the IlseAichinger House and has published literary texts in magazines. In 2021 the book "Birnengasse" will be published by SonderzahlVerlag in Vienna. Sebastian Six lives and works as in Linz. Acoustic experiments, sculptural assemblages, procedural interventions and the physical component of sound are the central elements of his musical and visual compositions.

    4. Richard McReynolds – Hemlock - Hemlock is a spoken word text set to acousmatic media. The text is an extract from the end of Plato's Apology. It is an account of the speech that Socrates gave when defending himself on trial against the people of Athens. Charged with corrupting the minds of Athens’ youth and not believing in the gods of the state, Socrates stood defiant in the stands before being found guilty and sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. The acousmatic piece creates a soundscape for the spoken word to sit.

    Richard McReynolds is a Belfast born composer and sound-artist based in Cardiff. He designs independent processes that generate sounds that he organises to present the way that they interact. In this way, he creates a reflection of the nature of the world. The aim is not to represent life but to mimic its chaotic patterns of action. This has the potential to create beauty or ugliness, with each result being equally desirable. He enthusiastically experiments with different approaches, such as graphic and text scoring, as well as computer interaction and generative soundscapes.

    5. David Jason Snow - Adventures in necromusicology, episodes 1-2

    The keyboard compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Frédéric Chopin, Claude Debussy, Edvard Grieg, Franz Liszt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, and Igor Stravinsky that were posthumously dictated to spirit medium Rosemary Isabel Brown during the 1960s and 70s are familiar to everyone in the necromusicology community. After her death in 2001, it appeared that the world would no longer be privileged to receive musical transmissions from the hereafter. Then in 2017, I received an email from the deceased Mrs. Brown informing me that she wished to transmit a new work…

    The compositions of David Jason Snow have been performed in concert by the Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Banda Municipal de Bilbao at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, The New Juilliard Ensemble at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many other artists and ensembles internationally. His fixed media audio and visual works have been performed at the MusinfoJournées Art & Science Festival in Bourges, the Festival Exhibitronic in Strasbourg, the Festival Internacional de Video Arte y Música Visual in Mexico City, the Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow, and Echofluxx in Prague.

    6. Lidia Zielińska - Insektarion

    Insektarion is a piece about Wroclaw - one of the biggest cities in Poland. "My" Wroclaw is not so much the city’s audiosphere, but rather a mental sketch of memory. The work established anew the atmosphere, sound logos, symbols and sonic emblems recalling different situations and people in Wroclaw. I used a field recordings made by myself and from the archive of the Soundscape Research Studio of the University of Wroclaw.

    Lidia Zielińska – Polish composer, professor of composition and director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio at the Academy of Music in Poznan; numerous awards for orchestral music, multimedia, electroacoustic works; books, articles, papers, guest lectures (topics: sound and music, acoustic ecology, Polish experimental music, traditional Japan music), summer courses, workshops in Europe, both Americas, China, Japan, New Zealand; electroacoustic compositions realized at the EMS Stockholm, SE PR Warsaw, IPEM/BRT Gent, ZKM Karlsruhe, Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg; vice-president of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music, former vice-president of the Polish Composers’ Union, programming committee member of the “Warsaw Autumn” Festival.

    7. Martha Riva Palacio - Persephone VII

    This piece is the seventh iteration of a sound essay built from the digital mix of human voice and crickets chirping in different frequencies. Compost: subtle variations of the same chaos. Fluid, nomadic entities fuze into one single sonic body. Symbiosis. Paraphrasing Salomé Voegelin, a multiplicity of possible worlds emerge from these dis/harmonies that from a vertical perspective, are considered monstrous. Woman-goddess-insect stirs the earth, brings us spring.
    Mexican author and sound artist. She studied psychology and visual arts, and is part of the art and science collective Cúmulo de Tesla. Her sound essays have been transmited in spaces such as Tsonami and Sur Aural Festivals, the WFAE World Conferences, the Study Center of Complex Sciences (UNAM) and the past edition of Radiophrenia among others. In 2020 her project Followingcricketsaroundthehousewas granted the Otherwise Award. She is the human responsible for Sono-bot, a bot that generates an infinite inventory of probable and improbable sounds on Twitter.

  • Radioart106 - Ep2: Prison Without Trial

    8 February 2022  11:00 pm - 9 February 2022  12:00 am

    Radioart106_#124_Prison Without Trial Special broadcast for International Women’s day 2020 This is a reading of “Prison Without Trial”, a conference from January 2nd 2020, about the struggle against Administrative Detention of Palestinians by the Israeli state. The conference was organised by The Ad-hoc Committee to Abolish the Israeli Use of Administrative Detention. It took place at the Khashabi theatre in the city of Haifa. The speakers and readers of this conference and broadcast are all female activists. Featuring: Dareen Tatour (poet, photographer) - Read by Elham (actress, singer). Abeer Baker (lawyer) - Read by Meira Asher (sound/radio artist). Dr. Anat Matar (philosopher) - Read by Smadar Yaaron (actress, interdisciplinary artist). Chaired by Dr. Yali Hashash (social historian) - Read by Orna Akad (author, playwright). Music by Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler playlist: Yaday, Aux enfants, Nafad Al-Ahwal 3, Asra (fragment). Produced by Meira Asher, radioart106 Lexical assistance: Liam Evans Image: Reut Gat More information: @StopAdministrativeDetention http://www.addameer.org @radioart106 http://www.mixcloud.com/radioart106
9 February 2022
  • Radioart106 - Ep2: Prison Without Trial

    8 February 2022  11:00 pm - 9 February 2022  12:00 am

    Radioart106_#124_Prison Without Trial Special broadcast for International Women’s day 2020 This is a reading of “Prison Without Trial”, a conference from January 2nd 2020, about the struggle against Administrative Detention of Palestinians by the Israeli state. The conference was organised by The Ad-hoc Committee to Abolish the Israeli Use of Administrative Detention. It took place at the Khashabi theatre in the city of Haifa. The speakers and readers of this conference and broadcast are all female activists. Featuring: Dareen Tatour (poet, photographer) - Read by Elham (actress, singer). Abeer Baker (lawyer) - Read by Meira Asher (sound/radio artist). Dr. Anat Matar (philosopher) - Read by Smadar Yaaron (actress, interdisciplinary artist). Chaired by Dr. Yali Hashash (social historian) - Read by Orna Akad (author, playwright). Music by Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler playlist: Yaday, Aux enfants, Nafad Al-Ahwal 3, Asra (fragment). Produced by Meira Asher, radioart106 Lexical assistance: Liam Evans Image: Reut Gat More information: @StopAdministrativeDetention http://www.addameer.org @radioart106 http://www.mixcloud.com/radioart106