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10 February 2022
  • LUDD PÚCA - Fantôme dansant

    10 February 2022  12:00 am - 1:00 am

    Fantôme dansant by LUDD PÚCA from Crois-tu en des spectres concrets?, produced by LUDD PÚCA.

    Fantome Dansant percolates through the dank ether that connects the clamour of Derrida's spectral Paris with mid-century EVP experiments in Croydon and the fractured noise of Living with the Archive. Time slips in and out of phenomena.
  • Stephen Germana - Space Dolphin Meets Peyote Lizard

    10 February 2022  1:00 am - 4:00 am

    A ridiculous name that conjures a variety of landscapes, soundscapes, characters, and narratives, Space Dolphin Meets Peyote Lizard is the title of recent solo improvisations by Stephen Germana for pirate radio/internet radio transmission in and from Florida. Done with no overdubs, utilizing algorithmic programming, field recordings, guitars and hardware synthesizers, Germana is the only performer. This project is continuing, generating enough material for a permanent durational radio installation. Space Dolphin Meets Peyote Lizard is/was/will be a numberless number station . . . the repeated misunderstandings between a performer and instruments for whatever audience stumbles upon the transmission. Stephen Germana is an artist that primarily performs experimental music - an improvisational performance practice that balances between noise, drone, free jazz and his background as a classically trained performer of stringed instruments. His artistic practice includes algorithmic sound/video, radio transmission, painting, sculpture, and lens based media. With degrees from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA), University of Miami (MMus), and University of Minnesota (BMus), he teaches Fine Arts and Art History in South Florida, living in West Palm Beach with his partner Sarah Knudtson and their cats, Roland and Boonmee (Meep).
  • Konrad Behr and Markus Westphal - Sleeping Refrigerators

    10 February 2022  4:00 am - 7:00 am

    In times of domestic quarantine, our refrigerators were fuller than ever. What do you think they were dreaming about? The Show was a broadcast series during the "Corona" special program SHIFT FM of the experimental radio at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. For the night broadcasts during the project week, media artist Konrad Behr invited artist friends to make audio recordings of various refrigerators at night time. At the end of the broadcast week, media artists Markus Westphal and Konrad Behr played the present collaborative sound improvisation based on the submitted recordings and other sounds. Participating artists: Anne Wahl & Marc Schmidt (Liebherr CNel 4213 Indes 21E / 001, Dresden), echofreak (Refrigerator with kitchen cuckoo clock, fan wheel wet wood preservation of the State Office for Archaeology Dresden), Konrad Behr (Freezer exquisit, Weimar), Laura-Dang (Techwood-KS9121, Weimar), Rajko Aust (unknown device, Dresden), Grit Ruhland (2 x unknown devices, Dresden & Berlin), Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka (unknown device, Graz), Marco Schröder (unknown device, Berlin), Markus Westphal (unknown device, Weimar), Aanna Schimkat (Liebherr, Leipzig), Annalena Stabauer (unknown device, Vienna), Ina Weise (Accordeon, Weimar)
  • Francis Heery - Moon Phases

    10 February 2022  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    Moon Phases is a 60 minute ‘sonic apparition’, that transforms the radio into a spiritualist medium. It is inspired by WB Yeats’ esoteric work A Vision, the raw material for which came from Yeats’ wife Georgina, who acted as a medium, channelling voices from the beyond. Moon Phases is structured around the 28 lunar phases as they appear in A Vision, with each phase assigned to a specific combination of modulated harmonics. It will be an occult presence emanating from the airwaves— a ‘haunting’ of the inner and outer spaces into which the music emanates. Francis Heery (b.1980) is a composer and sound artist. His music is inspired by science-fiction, occultism and animal aesthetics. He is an accomplished improvisor and specializes in long-form, site-specific performances in public spaces.His instrumental works have been performed by the RTE Symphony Orchestra, the Crash Ensemble, the Quiet Music Ensemble, the Talujon Percussion Ensemble and by soloists including Carin Levine, Pascal Galois, Izumi Kimura and James Aylward. He also produces ‘Fortean’ electronic music under the name The Cube of Unknowing.
  • Shorts 4

    10 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Isabelle Stragliati - Aarti (7:48)
    2. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 4 (6:21)
    3. Chin Ting Chan - Elements for fixed media (6:19)
    4. Yaz Lancaster - Alter (3:48)
    5. E.U.E.R.P.I. - Forgotten (12:02)
    6. Aoife Allen - Siren Song (6:58)
    7. Julia Calver - Accidence (5:36)
    8. Toni Dimitrov - All Borders are Imaginary (7:17)

    1. Isabelle Stragliati - Aarti 
    Varanasi, a morning of March 2019. At sunrise facing the Ganges I attended an offering ceremony: Ganga Aarti. An offering of fire to the river goddess. It is this chant that we hear in Aarti.
I composed from the recording of this ritual, sound materials created by sage pbbbt,
    Carol Robinson, Laryssa Kim, Zineb Soulaimani and other field recordings from India. 

    Aartiis is part the compilation "Inclusives", a collaborative project of the Fair_Play network and the TsukuBoshi label
    Isa Stragliatiis a sound artist, radio producer, composer and dj living in Grenoble (France). Her productions and live performances, involving field recording as much as documentary, concrete music or techno, are broadcasted on international networks and national radios, during international festivals and events and in contemporary art centres. Her radio piece “Le feu qui ne s’arrêtejamais” (The fire that never stops) won first prize in the international competition 60 Seconds Radio in 2019. 

    2. CinziaNistico  - One Dimension and a Half Episode 4
    Cinzia Nistico: voice/music/script/field recording Igor Iofe: trumpet

    In this podcast I merge both the principle of storytelling and songs, marking a counterpoint between sounds/music and the narration, a sort of unsung songs. A journalist’s semi-dada journal about an expedition aimed at reaching Earth’s fluid strata. The story alludes to the Nordic myth of Jörmungandr the World Serpent which marks Ragnarök, a serie of natural disasters leading to the submersion of the Earth in water. The first season focuses on events preceding the expedition, the second focuses on the mission itself. CinziaNistico is a composer and multimedia artist. She’s interested in the psychological impact of sound and the emotional load it carries. In her projects she explores themes of identity and reality and the disruption and distortion of both. In her music she creates structures that are static and evolving at the same time. In her electronic/electroacoustic music she uses instruments or/and voice as a source. She graduated in composition in London (Trinity College of Music) and Milan (Conservatorio di Musica). Her music is performed in Europe and worldwide. Visit cinzia-nistico for a full resume.

    3. Chin Ting Chan  - Elements for fixed media 

    Elements represents the composer’s quest to create virtual space and to manipulate the listeners’ perception of time using natural sounding materials. It represents how COVID-19 has permanently changed the global soundscape as well as our collective idea of time passing. The piece is entirely processed with a Eurorack modular system, with additional post-processing and editing on the computer.

    Hong Kong-American composer Chin Ting CHAN has been a fellow and guest composer at festivals such as IRCAM's ManiFeste, the ISCM World Music Days Festival, and UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble intercontemporain, Ensemble Metamorphosis, Ensemble Signal, eighth blackbird, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hypercube, and Mivos Quartet, with performances in more than twenty countries.

    4. Yaz Lancaster - Alter
    This piece is a short meditation on "change." It includes excerpts and manipulations of interviews with other artists on how their lives have changed due to the pandemic.

    Yaz Lancaster (they/them) is a Black transdisciplinary artist most interested in practices aligned with relational aesthetics and the everyday; fragments and collage; and anti-oppressive, liberatory politics. Yaz performs as a violinist, vocalist, and steel pannist in a wide variety of settings from DIY and popular music to orchestras; and their work is presented in many different mediums and collaborative projects. It often reckons with specific influences ranging from politics of identity and liberation, to natural phenomena and poetics. Yaz works with Peach Mag and ETHEL String Quartet; and they hold degrees in violin and poetry from New York University.

    5.  E.U.E.R.P.I. - Forgotten

    My album 'Ghost Villages' contains field recordings from abandoned villages in the region of Tryavna, part of Central Balkan Mountain. In this region there are more than 100 villages with the total population of around 1000 people. In some of them there are 2-3 inhabitants and some are totally abandoned for years and they are gradually swallowed up by the forest. For us humans it can be said that this is a pandemic of extinction, but for nature it is a completely natural process and part of its cycle.

    E.U.E.R.P.I. is a guitar drone ambient project of Miryan Kolev, who lives in Stara Planina and performs in various geographical zones in Europe and Asia, where since the project is active he has about 200 concerts and participations in multidisciplinary projects, collaborations with visual artists, performers and other musicians. His music is minimalist, atmospheric and discreetly psychedelic, and improvisation is an essential part of each of his live performances, turning it into an expressive soundtrack of time and space. At times his music is gloomy, at times cosmic, and melancholy is often present in it, as is the world around him. 

    6. Aoife Allen - Siren Song

    Piece synopsis: Siren Song features musings on the impact sirens have on those who hear them, and the thoughts they evoke. It is designed to expose the emotions their seemingly ubiquitous presence in cities conjure up, and provide a musical articulation of those feelings. Siren Song was made during lockdown over Christmas and New Year 2020/ 2021. It was originally created as an entry to the HearSay Audio Prize 2021, and went on to be shortlisted for the prize in the Create stream.

    Aoife Allen is an Irish audio producer currently based in London. She enjoys swimming, chess and audio in all its forms.

    Twitter: @beriberry

    7. Julia Calver – Accidence

    ‘Accidence’ is a linguistic term, describing how the structures of tense, person and number change the shape of words. This piece for voice, and accompanying cracks and claps, works on accidence as a grammatical encoding of its homophone ‘accidents’ and on accidents’ connoted violence. Accidence finds radio is a site where homophonic resemblance holds a particular attention, unresolved by the disambiguation spelling provides in written works.
    Accidence was commissioned by Book Works, for The Happy Hypocrite – Without Reduction, issue 12, 2021, edited by Maria Fusco and originally broadcast 25 September 2021 by Book Works and Resonance Extra.

    Julia Calver is an artist and writer working with experimental linguistic morphologies. She is undertaking a practice-based PhD at Sheffield Hallam University. Recent publications include works in The Happy Hypocrite, issue 12;On Care and Setting a Bell Ringing published by MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE; and Inscription: The Journal of Material Text (with The Roland Barthes Reading Group). In 2021 she co-organised oHPo radio, a space for the art school at Sheffield Hallam University.

    8. Toni Dimitrov  - All Borders are Imaginary

    Concept, field recordings, editing and directed by Toni Dimitrov
    File under: field recordings, soundscape, sound documentary

    All borders are imaginary. But borders are equally there to be crossed. From the moment they are established, there are always groups/individuals who have an interest in finding ways to move beyond the b
  • Virginia Hutchison - Stories of radical landownership in north Lewis - Chapter 4: Eoropaidh / Eoropie

    10 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:15 am

    Stories of radical land ownership in North Lewis is a project produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison, that brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Developed in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie, the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership.

    Bringing together archive interviews produced by Fiona Rennie in 2017, Chapter 4 presents conversations with Carola Bell, Sally Reynolds and Murdanie Macleod - recounting individual experiences of living and working in North Lewis and the future of community landownership. Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define Eoropie, in collaboration with Fiona Rennie, and Seismic Sounds, produced by Stephen Hurrel.

    Stories of radical landownership in North Lewis – full project info

    Produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison this project brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Created during the COVID pandemic in 2020/2021 the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership. With access and social distancing measures in mind the project has taken the form of a series of cast bronze artefacts temporarily sited in the landscape of North Lewis. Embedded with digital QR codes the artefacts link visitors directly to the audio works via mobile phone.

    Each of the six objects – a series of cast bronze artworks moulded from cut peat – contain conversations recorded with members of the local community. Two out of six of the artworks remain open as audio project spaces for future conversations.

    “If you didn’t know the names of these places you couldn’t talk about them..”

    Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define North Lewis. A gentle call and response between Gaelic and English - though not a direct translation - through the landscape, geography and history of the area.

    Looking out onto the Barvas moor visitors can be mistaken for thinking that it is an empty landscape. But listening closely to the Gaelic expressions used to describe the environment of North Lewis gives a sense of the intimate and complex relationship between people and place. A language embedded within local culture and knowledge and not always translatable.

    “Space doesn’t become a place until you interact with it. It doesn’t become a place until you name it…and it becomes a place in relation to somewhere or something it’s always changing.”

    Permeating the voices within the audio works are recordings made from the constant movements and tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s surface. Produced by artist Stephen Hurrel, the seismic sounds provide layers to the stories and issues that surround engagement with the landscape. Hurrel’s work with Seismic Sounds and with Gaelic speaking communities in Barra, weaves closely into the stories of radical landownership in North Lewis.  Where these conversations meet and overlap presents opportunities for wider discussions around land reform in Scotland.

    Many thanks to the Galson Estate staff and community. Special thanks to Agnes and Frank Rennie, Lisa Maclean, Annie MacSween, Iain Gordon Macdonald, Richard Collins (Edinburgh University), Edinburgh College of Art and Blackbay Recording Studios.

    This project was produced in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie.

    Virginia Hutchison is an artist based in Glasgow and the Isle of Lewis. Working within a predominantly social context her practice draws on the processes involved in collaborative creative production to explore how different forms of artistic engagement influence the interaction we have with our environments. Virginia currently runs the bronze casting facilities at Edinburgh College of Art and is one part of the duo ’In the Shadow of the Hand’ with artist and film-maker Sarah Forrest.

    Produced with support from Community Land Scotland and the Stove Network.

    [1]Annie Macsween, Faclan 2020, A History with Heart and Soul – The Place-names of North Lewis, Ness Historical Society

    [2]Frank Rennie, Dùthcas 2020, The Changing Outer Hebrides – Galson and the meaning of Place


  • James Chrzan - Swimmer pt4 (August 24, midday)

    10 February 2022  9:15 am - 9:30 am

    Synopsis: Swimmer is a suite of four field recordings. Recorded in Palm Desert, California in late-summer, the work explores the sonic relationship between an individual and a place. The focal point of the recordings is the sound of a person swimming in a backyard pool. This performance is accompanied by the ambient sounds of a suburban California neighborhood: mockingbirds, cicadas, lawnmowers, pickup trucks, the wind through the trees. The disembodied sound of the swimmer in this place breaks down the hierarchy between human and nature, offering a post-human, decentered perspective. Swimmer was released on cassette in September 2021. Bio: James Chrzan is an artist and musician working in New York City. His work engages in the long history of the dematerialized art object. Narcissus pseudonarcissus—an opera in two acts written in collaboration with Rachel Hillery—debuted in June 2021. He releases music as one half of Former New York Mayor and alone as My Life as a Kinetic Sculpture. He has exhibited work in New York, Chicago and elsewhere. He received his MFA from Hunter College in 2019.
  • Siôn Parkinson - Song Work

    10 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    Siôn Parkinson presents thirty minutes of uninterrupted workplace noise. The mix is made up of field recordings all taken from Song Work, an online audio library created in partnership with National Library Scotland Sounds with the aim of capturing the sound of everyday work environments. Recordings feature the ghostly sounds of a former tyre factory, the whirs and clicks of ancient jute processing machinery in Dundee, and the decompressing hisses of a pneumatic printing press. All sounds featured in the programme can be downloaded and used for free from

    Produced by Siôn Parkinson and Song Work for Radiophrenia, (c) 2022. Find out more at

  • Hannah Kemp-Welch - The Right to Record

    10 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    Residents of Barking & Dagenham with long term health conditions and disabilities are campaigning for the right to record their benefits assessments on a medium other than cassette tape, as is the current Government ruling. This audio work contains their personal testimonies about the corruption of the Personal Independence Payments, and documents activists’ efforts to hold the Government to account for breaches of the Equality Act. This work resulted in a rule change by the Government in February 2021. The project was supported by Studio 3 Arts. Thanks to the funders Arts Council England and London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.
    Hannah Kemp-Welch is a sound artist with a socially-engaged practice. She produces audio installations, radio broadcasts and online artworks, often with community groups, using voices, field recordings and found sounds. She also produces zines and builds basic radios, aiming to open out sonic practices and technologies for all. Hannah has worked with communities across the UK, and shown works in arts spaces including Art Gene, John Hansard Gallery, Tate Modern, Barbican and Flat Time House.
    Twitter: @SoundArtHannah
  • Fragile X - Dwaal

    10 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:00 am

    The word "Dwaal" represents a dreamy, dazed and absent minded state. This 30 minute piece was conceived whilst sitting on a bench on Glasgow city centre, daydreaming and watching the people of the city pass by and go about their lives. The music is presented as a mixture of disorientated piano beginning, field recordings of the city, followed by alternating melodic drone motifs on loop with, sometimes whispered and sometimes clearer, vocals intertwined. The vocal elements placements are intended to create the dreamlike and hazy atmosphere of the "Dwaal". My name is John and I'm a music producer and sound design artist from Glasgow. I make music under the Fragile X alias and also own and operate the Bricolage label out of the city. I've did various audio and visual commissions over the years and have been interested in submitting to Radiophrenia for quite some time. Now seemed like the right moment.
  • Hilary Mullaney - Enough

    10 February 2022  11:00 am - 11:30 am

    This work was made using fields recordings, DIY instruments, voice and instrumentation. Personal moments captured, mistakes latched onto, manipulated and edited into a series of sound images.

    Composed during summer 2021, during a time of personal change and new beginnings. The work uses various field recordings made over the past 20 years that had meaning, memories and connection for me, both personally and in my sound explorations, representing reflections on the past, and changes to come.

    Hilary Mullaney is an Irish composer and sound artist based in the North West of Ireland. Active in this field for over 20 years, her works are widely performed and broadcast, most recently for Audiosphere. Sound Experimentation 1980-2020, the first large-scale contemporary art exhibition of sound works, with no images or objects, at Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid. Place informs her practice, using field recordings, improvisation and everyday experiences to explore memories and associations through sound. Psychogeography merges with an interest in psychoanalysis, and from there the work unfolds and reveals itself through sound and listening.

  • Buffer Zone

    10 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1) Mike Minarcek - convenient words / exactly lost (2:49)
    2) Alexandra Spence - Water bugs (3:11)
    3) Kiera Mulhern - Signs in the memory (5:43)
    4) Susannah Stark - Relentless (5:16)

    1) Mike Minarcek - convenient words / exactly lost  

    Credits: Performed by Mike Minarcek (voice,percussion), Poem Written by Bradley Njus, Music Composed by Ralph Lewis

    “convenient words/exactly lost” pokes at thedifference between intention and reception in radio transmission. BradleyNjus’s text is already lost somewhat to us listeners–he has put the originalpoem through a series of processes rendering it fractured and filtered. Thisnew facsimile is set by Ralph Lewis for Mike Minarcek. As rain pours outside ofhis car on Philo Road in Urbana, Illinois, Minarcek delivers the somewhatcryptic text with his voice and hands, puzzling  through its notions andfilling in what is missing with his steering wheel. What else could be lostthroughout this broadcast?

    Mike Minarcek is a percussionist and drummer whorecently received his doctorate from the University of Illinois. Previously, aninstructor at Illinois Wesleyan University, he has been selected as a finalistin the Krannert Debut Artist Competition and has commissioned and performedworks from Emma O’Halloran and Joe Meland. Bradley Njus is a writer based in Los Angeles. His earliestradio memories are of hours spent crouched next to the tape deck, ready to hitrecord when his favorite songs came on. Ralph Lewis is a composer who loves the collaborative, public, andexperimental qualities of radio art.

    2) Alexandra Spence - Water bugs

    Waterbugs, to be released shortly by Room40 as part offorthcoming solo EP ‘Blue Waves, Green Waves’, mastered by Lawrence English.

    3) Kiera Mulhern - Signs in the memory 

    From the album 'De ossibus 20'.

    4) Susannah Stark - Relentless

  • Alexandra Spence - Do Jellyfish Breathe

    10 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    During Sydney’s most recent lockdown I submerged* a 15 minute-long piece of cassette tape in seawater collected from a local beach. The cassette tape contained a field recording of waves, and a recording of my voice offering a (non-definitive, and non-hierarchical) list of things found in the Pacific Ocean.

    I’ve been thinking about connection with bodies of water, as well as connections between bodies and water, and how we might reimagine our bodily limitations to examine the things that connect us to each other and to our surroundings. The sea has always felt like home, and having lived on both the east and west edges of the Pacific Ocean it has become a place of connection for me.

    I’ve been thinking about the Pacific Ocean as a home – not only to marine creatures and sea currents – but to the obscure movements of global trade, offshore data barges, and sunken satellites deactivated and dumped from space. Vast bodies may seem infinite, but nothing is – the depths hold mysterious, beautiful, and troubling things.

    …Bottlenose dolphins, ancient artefacts, Lego pieces, approximately 36 species of shark, underwater mines…

    Imagining an infinite ocean has led to overfishing, floating plastic-particle gyres, lost whales (as a result of the underwater din of shipping and naval industries), and an international sense of unaccountability.

    “… Do jellyfish breathe?” is a kind of sonic traversing of oceanic layers, exploring imaginary landscapes, entwining and encountering unequal forms, such as breath with wave, fish with fishing line, along the way.

    *Submerging the tape in salt water is an expansion of an ongoing project in which I bury tape loops 7-second field recordings on tape loops before burying them in the earth at the location in which they were recorded. I imagine this as a collaboration of sorts — I make a recording and the physical variables of each place and location alter it. While the magnetic coating of the tape retains sonic remnants of the recorded sounds of the place, the physicality of the tape ribbon retains material remnants of the place: sand, salt, other, which, in turn, impart audibly on the recording in the form of crackles, scratches, tape-warp, and hiss.
    Alexandra Spence is a sound artist and musician living on unceded Wangal land in Sydney, Australia. Through her practice Alex attempts to reimagine the intricate relationships between the listener, the object, and the surrounding environment as a kind of communion or conversation. Her aesthetic favours field recordings, analogue technologies and object interventions.

    Alex has presented her art and music in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America including Vancouver Art Gallery; BBC Radio 3 & 4; Ausland, Berlin; Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; Sound Forms Festival, HK; MCA ARTBAR, Firstdraft Gallery, and Liveworks Festival, with Liquid Architecture, Sydney. She has released her work with labels Room40, Longform editions, More Mars (w. MP Hopkins) and Canti Magnetici.
  • Julien Sarti - A Durian in the Ear Ep4: High lands

    10 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    A Durian in the Ear is a sound series that crosses Vietnam. It takes the form of a hybrid object between immersive experimentation and a postcard, where the sounds of the environment support the narrative by providing a stationary journey for the listener.

    Julien Sarti is a sound designer, producer of radio shows, documentaries and unidentified sound objects. He likes to make images with sound. In 2018, from his collection of rare records, he created in 2018 “Sommeil paradoxal” with which he won the Phonurgia prize in the sound art category. For 1 year, he has worked in Vietnam and took the opportunity to produce a sound series "a durian in the ear".
  • Shorts 18

    10 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Bláithín Mac Donnell - a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material (7:39)
    2. Yati Durant - Quiet Cities 6:  Edinburgh Leith/ Water of Leith 4pm 07.05.2020 (4:14)
    3. Rui Almeida and Nuno Miranda Ribeiro (RA/NMR) - You are listening to morse code    8:31
    4. Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 2: Spring from Discord (4:05)
    5. Chin Ting Chan - Moment Studies (for fixed media) (23:38)
    6. Gregory Kramer - Emission (8:35)

    1. Bláithín Mac Donnell - a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material

    "a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material" situates the listener in multiple landscapes and timeframes each linked by a natural or synthetic event that has altered the land irreversibly. From football pitches to Roman streets and building sites we are taken on a cyclical narrative that reveals itself as the ground fractures and stories are unearthed. Highly descriptive colloquial and scientific language are employed to both fix and unfix the reader in the specificity of time and place.

    My practice draws on storytelling techniques to explore how we share and retell stories. A PhD researcher at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin I am interested in the ways in which the Internet is shaping orality. I gained an MA photography from The RCA and a BA Fine Art from Goldsmiths. Performing work in unexpected locations recent exhibitions include an online performance with an accompanying sensory pack in association with Culture Ireland. A published text for TACO!, a zoom performance for AAIR Gallery, Antwerp and a performance on a ladder underneath a hole for Five Years Gallery.

    2. Yati Durant - Quiet Cities 6: Edinburgh Edinburgh Leith/ Water of Leith4pm 07.05.2020

    Quiet Cities are live improvised sound art visualised field recordings from Edinburgh Leith/Water of Leith, UK at 4pm on May 5th 2020. The field recordings have been electronically altered slightly and each of them are different.

    “I walked around during a lockdown afternoon in May 2020 with my stereo field microphone. The city sounded strange to me…so quiet and subdued. These are free improvisations on the impressions I had at the time…”

    Yati Durant is a US born composer of concert and film music, lecturer, trumpeter and conductor living in Edinburgh, UK. He has studied with Krzysztof Meyer and Hans Ulrich Humpert at the HochschulefürMusik Köln, as well as with George Crumb, Philip Lasser, NarcisBonet, Lee Konitz and conducting with Jonathan Brett. He is a multi-instrumentalist and active performer and producer of jazz and improvisatory music, contemporary acoustic and electronic music and music for film and media.  He holds a MeisterklasseKonzertexam from the HochschulefürMusik Köln. His compositions and film scores have received many prizes from International festivals, and he has received commissions and premieres from many well-known artists and ensembles from around the world.  His TV and Film credits include work for WDR, ARD, HBO, MTV, Disney and many others. He is a visiting Professor of Film Music Conducting at the Rovigo Conservatory of Music “Francesco Venezze” and teacher in film music for Thinkspace UK.He is the former Programme Director of MSc Composition for Screen at the University of Edinburgh (2010 – 2019) and General Director of the International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE) since 2019.

    3. Rui Almeida and Nuno Miranda Ribeiro (RA/NMR) - You are listening to morse code

    A self-referring sentence, in Morse, is the backbone of this piece. It serves as a repeating pattern that summons the concrete sounds of objects. A rubik's cube, inline skates, guitar cases, hair-driers, books, a walkie-talkie. The unaltered sounds of these objects form layers over the rhythmic pulse of Morse Code.

    Rui and Nuno have been collaborating in projects related to performing arts, sound art and free improvisation with both objects and musical instruments. In their most recent collaboration, as a way to fight social isolation, they broadcasted live performances improvising with sounds and visuals, featuring regular musical and artistic guests.

    4. Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 2: Spring from Discord

    5, Chin Ting Chan - Moment Studies for fixed media

    I.    Burst
    II.    Caption
    III.    Ring
    IV.    Pipe
    V.    Stutter
    VI.    Crack
    VII.    Moving Space
    VIII.   Glitch Code

    Hong Kong-American composer Chin Ting CHAN has been a fellow and guest composer at festivals such as IRCAM's ManiFeste, the ISCM World Music Days Festival, and UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble intercontemporain, Ensemble Metamorphosis, Ensemble Signal, eighth blackbird, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hypercube, and Mivos Quartet, with performances in more than twenty countries.
    6. Gregory Kramer  - Emission

    Emission is taken from Unearthing, an album composed from field recordings, electronics and found objects. The album is themed on environmental exploitation and its repercussions and was recently released on MuteAnt Sounds

    Gregory Kramer is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working with sound and space. Taking inspiration from his archaeological curiosity of abandoned places, he seeks ghosts among ruins and unearths evidence of forgotten histories through sound. He composes with field recordings, found materials, and electronics, sometimes creating installations. His work was recently in AUDIOSPHERE, an exhibition at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and was featured in Belgium’s Site Specific, Mexico’s SONOM International Sound Art Festival and Bali’s SetiaDarma Museum of Masks and Puppetry. He has album releases on Muteant Sounds, Taâlem, Pharmafabrik, Monotype Series, Impulsive Habitat, and SONM Archive.
  • MME dUO - If you see me on the road

    10 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

     If you see me on the road‘ takes place at sea and on shore, is locomotion and waiting, a road movie of two lost audiophiles in a landscape full of disturbances, stutters, voids and whims and moments that cannot be told. We are hitchhikers and Please pick up me is an invitation to you, dear listener, to perceive us and this sound piece we have prepared for you with not a jot of attention. How to? Nu - stay tuned.
    Since 2016 Cologne based Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz make use of a variety of instruments and devices: DIY electroacoustics, small synths, loopers, tuning forks, e-bass, percussion and voice are thrown into the game and shape a sound in the tradition of Musique concrete, Post Punk and factual Dada that is as diverse as it is striking in its interplay between dissonant sounds and harmonic sequences, breaks between a-tactical accents and continuous rhythms, the supposed familiarity of spoken language, which is nevertheless alienated by fragmentation, give rise to unusual sound collages in the overall work that explores the potential for ambiguity that arises from the interweaving of a variety of disciplines, including video, sound, collage, sculpture, fashion and photography.
  • Buffer Zone

    10 February 2022  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    1) Sebastiane Hegarty - Séance for stones radio mast hour hand and harp (6:40)

    2) Susannah Stark - Time Together Soundscape 1 (1:44) 

    3) Kiera Mulhern -  Self-auscultation 24-05-020 (12:44)


    1) Sebastiane Hegarty - Séance for stones radio mast hour hand and harp

    At the former site of Marconi’s radio experimentation station on the Isle of wight, the ghostly strum of an hour-hand plucks notes from thin air as it plays ‘automatically’ on the strings of an abandoned autoharp. Divined in séance with the breeze, this paranormal lullaby, is accompanied by the litho-telegraphy of pebbles tapping away at the concrete remains of a lost radio tower. As it tests substance, this di-di-dit continues the transmission of the first wireless signal sent out‘over the horizon’ one hundred and twenty-one years hence.
    Litho-telegraphy choreographed and performed by Julia Hall.

    Sebastiane Hegarty’s creative practice explores the relationship between time, place and remembering. Recent works focus on the materiality of sound and the haunted geographies of the audible, silent and unheard.These works are realised in the form of field recordings, composition, performed phonographic objects, failed actions, and lost radio transmissions.


    2) Susannah Stark - Time Together Soundscape 1


    3) Kiera Mulhern -  Self-auscultation 24-05-020 

    From the album 'De ossibus 20'.


  • Lindsey french & Alex Young - You Hope to be Imbued with Measures of Purity, Manners, Industry, Folly, Strength

    10 February 2022  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    Prison. Graveyard. Coalmine. War. Home. Moundsville, West Virginia is built upon the site of numerous pre-Columbian burial mounds, including the monumental Grave Creek Mound ― which, in the 19th Century, the state penitentiary was placed directly adjacent. The composition’s accumulating sonic material of field recordings, radio transmissions, didactics, bluegrass, and vocal excerpts from Moundsville-centric popular American folk music form a sonic mound, collapsing at center for a radio-transmitted commercial advertising area tourism. Descending, static interferes with attempts to recontextualize these contradictions. The composition’s title, a translation of a hoax -artifact once thought to be of moundbuilder origin, is both a promise and demand.

    Alex Young and Lindsey french are artists whose collaborative research engages Pittsburgh’s regional landscape’s ruderal ecologies in the wake of extractive energy industries.

    Based in Pittsburgh, Young’s work has been presented at venues internationally, including Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo; Conflux Festival, New York; Kiasma Museum, Helsinki; ACC Galerie, Weimar; and Spanien 19C, Aarhus.

    Newly based in Saskatchewan and formerly of Pittsburgh,, french has shared her work in
    arenas including the Museum of Contemporary Art and International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago; Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York; and in conjunction with the International Symposium of Electronics Arts, Albuquerque and Vancouver.
  • Lupini - comfort tone

    10 February 2022  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    ‘comfort tone’ explores radio as background noise and broadcasting as community-building. A 23-minute collaborative sound piece, 'comfort tone' aims to return us to the intimacy of real, live sonic environments, even if just temporarily, by building a delicate, short-lived, user-constructed sound world. Users record themselves - on a smart phone or anything they have to hand - listening to the broadcast in their local environment, and then send this recording to the studio to be mixed back into the live broadcast. Over the duration of the piece, we build an extensive, undulating sound collage that constructs a temporary communal sonic space. I am a broadcaster, DJ and sound artist based in Liverpool, UK. I’m a monthly resident on NTS radio, as well as having appeared on many other stations, nationally/internationally. Radio has been at the heart of my practice for the last four years, given that my day job is as the Station Manager for independent internet radio station, Melodic Distraction. Having worked with Liverpool Biennial and No Bounds Festival on a number of aural projects, earlier this year I was inspired to form Heavy Texture, a deep listening sound project. Heavy Texture launched last month with an experimental broadcast featuring original work from Claire Rousay, DIALECT and Lupini.
  • Jasmina Al-Qasi - A stork story

    10 February 2022  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    In search of a main character for an untold sci-fi story: empirical knowledge and personal experiences, myths and my own delirium, knit together a story of storks which transpasses taxonomy and care for bodies and becomes a curious evolutionary journey of birds and births. Like a science fiction in the making, this story speculates on possibilities of togetherness and it takes the power of fiction as a fuel for real-life changes. Voices: biology teacher and self thought fitoteraphist Nicolae Ioana, obstetrics gynecology nurse Consuelo Ferreira Rey, conservationist and wildlife researcher Dr. Purnima Barman, collective animal behaviour and movement ecology researcher Dr. Andrea Flack, women's rights and sexual, reproductive health advocate Adriana Radu, and various voices of storks.This work is possible with a grant of the program Yass! Mentorship program of Radio Papesse.

    Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a writer and archivist. She often makes waves on free, independent, temporary or mobile radios and is a member of  the sound interested artist group Research and Waves. Sometimes she appears in a different form: as a Walking Scientist, a Bird-Watcher-Watcher, as Schnelle Musikalische Hilfe, a service of emergency musical help or the Self-Entitled-Self-Entitlement-Office. She co-authors diverse audio actions with the artist Ralf Wendt.

  • Felix Kubin - Phantom Frequencies

    10 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

    The recordings of this programme cannot be trusted. They were made unintentionally or occurred without any human interaction. Some of them – like electromagnetic interferences – can be explained scientifically, others cannot. What connects all of them is their unexpected appearance. These sounds emerged from nothingness – like phantoms. They manifested on old tapes, online streaming channels, disrupted hard discs and broken studio gear, recordings played at the wrong speed or accidentally contaminated by outer signal interferences. Featuring recordings by Burkhard Friedrich, Dieb13, Diet Schütte, Dorit Chrysler, Mark Vernon, Eli Gras, Florian Bräunlich, Jenny Abouav, Jean-Marc Montera, Jérôme Noetinger, Ken Montgomery, Kiwa, Laura Maes, Marc Hollander, Mary Ocher, Meeuw, Nele Möller, Raul Keller, Richard von der Schulenburg, Scott Haggart, Victoria Keddie, Yoshino and Felix Kubin
  • Buffer Zone

    10 February 2022  5:45 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) David Toop - Always she seemed to be listening to some foray in the blood, that had no known setting (2:49)
    2) MMEdUO - jetzt (1:02)
    3) Susannah Stark - Time Together Soundscape 2 (4:21)

    1) David Toop - Always she seemed to be listening to some foray in the blood, that had no known setting 
    2) MMEdUO - jetzt

    3) Susannah Stark - Time Together Soundscape 2
  • Kiera Mulhern

    10 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    Sequelae (pft sequela of black hole in the kitchen, glass. A kitchen. Utensil utili ssociated after the cow licks her clean. Or we are born with sin & undergo. a cleaning process. . X consider the reverse the viscera lost But of course the newborn is already altered by the world. It’ss created by it , Sadism of helplessness. Winnow the edible. Wasn’t it just what people do to each other ! take Or could you be angry Kiera Mulhern (b. 1992) is a poet and musician based in New York. Mulhern works with field recordings, various electroacoustic material, and voiced text, incubating words and verbal fragments within thick environments of sound. She is most interested in memory and where it may be situated, fragility of meaning, and basal feelings of aliveness and death. http://kieramulhern.com
  • Sam Easton - Breathe

    10 February 2022  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Performed by: Laura May Brunk Jessica Garton Marcel Kalisz Directed and Produced by: Rosa Hallam Fryer Rosheen O'Hanlon PJ Cunningham Asher Brandon 'Breathe' is an audio meditation exploring ideas surrounding the complex relationship between both ‘chaos’ and ‘calm’. Created and produced in November 2020, the feature dissects how simplicity in a time of disorder can make such an impact on how we feel. With original written material created by the performers, the feature covers a wide range of topics such as isolation, togetherness, gender roles and anxiety in a time of uncertainty. Sonically, the piece incorporates an amalgamation of found sound, original music and electronic sound design as a backdrop to the performers’ musings on both ‘chaos’ and ‘calm’. Sam Easton is a composer, sound designer and musician based in Manchester, UK. He has over a decade’s worth of professional experience as a drummer and singer-songwriter, currently performing under the name Sammy Lynne. Furthermore, he has provided sound design to multiple independent projects for artists and creators across the UK, taking inspiration from the likes of Mica Levi, Trent Reznor and Owen Pallett in his compositional style.
  • Live-to-Air - David Toop, Iride Project Susannah Stark

    10 February 2022  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    David Toop – Voices Through Smog
    Iride Project - Le Streghe Di Montenerodomo
    Susannah Stark - Early Water
    David Toop - Voices Through Smog 

    Smog is a composite of smoke and fog, a term coined in the late 19th or early 20th century to describe an urban confluence of industrial and domestic airborne pollution. London was famous for its so-called ‘pea soupers’ and in 1979 I interviewed my grandfather – Syd Senior – and uncle – Bob Purver – on the subject. At the time I was working on a reminiscence aid project, exploring possibilities for helping elderly people suffering from memory loss. I still have the tape, recorded with the three of us gathered around the fireplace, my grandfather and uncle delving into memories of impenetrable smogs and the acetylene flares used to light a way through them, along with other memories stimulated by our conversation, particularly food, drink, economics and the pressure of patriotism in the early 20th century. In recent years I have been using bone conduction speakers to play back tapes that have some meaning in my personal memories, amplifying them in performance with small transient resonators made from metal, wood and paper. Old voices and music, usually from the dead, come to life through these humble materials. The poor quality of the tapes combines with the physical characteristic of the resonators to create sounds that are thin, ghostly and intermittent, as if transmitted through some ethereal radio of things. Retrospectively, we can see that smog was an omen, a sign of what was to become an emergency in our lifetime. For painters like Monet and Whistler the London fogs were fascinating phenomena in which objects became hazy and obscured. Similarly the tapes I play back through tiny bone conduction speakers are voices of lost worlds, musical forms that have disappeared or the reminiscences of my now long-dead ancestors.

    Voices Through Smog is a performance for bone conduction loudspeakers, tapes, resonators, electronics and other instruments.

    David Toop (born 1949) plays bone conduction, resonators and buzzers, strings, paper, magnetism, archival memories, flutes, electricity and other materials. He has been developing a practice that crosses boundaries of sound, listening, music and materials since 1970. This encompasses improvised music performance, writing, electronic sound, field recording, exhibition curating, sound art installations and opera. It includes eight acclaimed books, including Rap Attack (1984), Ocean of Sound (1995), Sinister Resonance (2010), Into the Maelstrom (2016), Flutter Echo, a memoir first published in Japan in 2017 (2019) and Inflamed Invisible: Writing On Art and Sound 1976-2018 (2019). Briefly a member of David Cunningham’s pop project The Flying Lizards in 1979, he has released fourteen solo albums, from New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments on Brian Eno’s Obscure label (1975) and Sound Body on David Sylvian’s Samadhisound label (2006) to Entities Inertias Faint Beings (2016) and Apparition Paintings (2021) on ROOM40. His 1978 Amazonas recordings of Yanomami shamanism and ritual were released on Sub Rosa as Lost Shadows (2016). In recent years his collaborations include Rie Nakajima, Akio Suzuki, Tania Caroline Chen, John Butcher, Ken Ikeda, Elaine Mitchener, Henry Grimes, Sharon Gal, Camille Norment, Sidsel Endresen, Alasdair Roberts, Lucie Stepankova, Fred Frith, Thurston Moore, Ryuichi Sakamoto and a revived Alterations, the iconoclastic improvising quartet with Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack and Terry Day first formed in 1977. Curator of sound art exhibitions including Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery (2000), his opera – Star-shaped Biscuit – was performed as an Aldeburgh Faster Than Sound project in 2012. His most recent record releases include Garden of Shadows and Light, a duo with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Breathing Spirit Forms with Akio Suzuki and Lawrence English and Until the Night Melts Away with John Butcher and Sharon Gal.

    Iride Project – Le Streghe Di Montenerodomo

    Analogue Electroacoustic Radio Drama in Italian regional dialect “abruzzese”. This new version of “Le Streghe di Montenerodomo” is an analogue electroacoustic radio drama based on the short story “Le Streghe di Montenerodomo” by Monica Miuccio, published by Keltia Editrice in 1996.

        “The members of an archaic community embody their fears of the natural calamities that hit them in a manifestation of Devil: Witches. The people engage in a fight against them revealing that their superstition is not rooted in mere ignorance, but in a pre-Christian belief that their isolation has preserved, and that now lives side by side with the Word of Gospel. But more than prayers and magic can their sense of unity. Relying on each other in a circle of strength they defeat the witches in the very same moment they defeat fear. Even when the witches have gone, so strong is their belief in their actions to shape history to their creed, turning reality into a legend”
        Monica Miuccio

    Voice: Monica Miuccio         Electronics and voice: Massimo Daví

    “IRIDE PROJECT” (Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio) is a duo and a constant research in the field of electroacoustic music, electroacoustic poetry and radio drama mainly through radio productions. Their works have been performed in Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Spain both in acousmatic form and as live performances and radio broadcasts and festivals such as Radiophrenia Glagow. The first productions achieved a good notoriety thanks to the radioprogram “Nova” of the Irish national radio RTÉ edited and hosted by Bernard Clarke. The duo then collaborated with Bernard for the realization of several electroacoustic radio drama, relying on his intelligent interpretation and narration of Monica Miuccio’s scripts.

    The duo has several live participations to its credit, at conferences of the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association ISSTA, Limerick; at events organized by “Spatial Music Collective SMC” Dublin, by the “Association of Irish Composers AIC” and by “Phonica” Dublin; at the festivals “Sonic Dreams” Waterford,”Sonic Arts Waterford SAW”, “Tidal Scratchings” Limerick, “Sonic Vigil” Cork, “Listen At” Dublin and at the “Prague Quadriennial of Performance Design”, Prague

    Massimo is a pianist, composer and sound artist. Monica is a performer and writer, her literary works have been awarded in various literary competitions and published in prestigious editions such as the Psychologymagazine “Tecniche Conversazionali” -Milan. Her scripts, poems and tales are the basis of IRIDE PROJECT research in the fields of Electroacoustic Poetry and Electroacustic Radio Drama.

    Susannah Stark - Early Water
    Early Water is the coming together of new compositions that combine audio samples and field recordings, percussion, trumpet and vocals. These songs and soundscapes are part of a sustained look into different dimensions of understanding softness in relation to the human voice and manners of speech, as well as rhythms that emerge from encounters between beings. With Laurie Pitt on drums and Phil Cardwell on trumpet.
    Susannah Stark is a visual artist, singer and composer from Fife. She has presented sound installation work, print and sculptural assemblages around Scotland and internationally, often working in collaboration with other people. In 2020 a collection of her songs 'Time Together (Hues And Intensities)' came out on music label
  • Nothing to See Here 52: Your Body Is The Wind

    10 February 2022  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    These are stories about a breakup, the gravel pit, your possible faces, mushrooms, life, death, quantum suicide, your body, and the wind. Contributions from: Lil MacDonald, Ross Unger, Aidan McMahon, Raf MacDonald, Mauricio Gutierrez, Su Iplikci, Bart Kukner, Deniz Ersay, Aylin Sozdinler, Jason Everitt, Devin Chambers, Mark Hines and David Clark. Original Music by Ross Unger Mixed and Sound Design by David Clark Produced by David Clark at NSCAD University, Halifax and ZK/U (Centre of Art and Urbanistics, Berlin. Nothing to See Here is a program of experimental spoken word radio produced at NSCAD University by David Clark. It is broadcast on CKDU (88.1FM) in Halifax, Sackville, Wavefarm in New York, and through NAISA radio in Ontario. David Clark is a media artist, filmmaker, and visual artist. His work has been shown at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Biennale Nationale de Sculpture Contemporaine, Trois-Rivières, Sundance Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, European Media Arts Festival, Transmediale, 2012 Winter Olympics, and the Museum of Moving Images in New York. He teaches Media Arts at NSCAD University in Halifax.
  • Shorts 31

    10 February 2022  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1. Gregory Kramer - My Guts, Animal Guts (12:26)
    2. Lucie Pinier -  Adret/Ubac (20:08)
    3. Jinkstraüm - Le Mort Qui Rêve (Dead, but dreaming) (5:50)
    4. Radio Noise Duo - Accumulate and fire (6:01)
    5. Rick Myers - Obstacle #69: Sentences in a Magnetic Field 01 (6:50)
    6. Phaune Radio - Petites Natures: Stones (6:43)
    7. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 9 (0:58)

    1. Gregory Kramer - My Guts, Animal Guts

    My Guts, Animal Guts is a soundwork juxtaposing field recordings of human intestines with disemboweled animal intestines. During a nature recording session at Limpopo, in the Bushveld region of southern Africa, I realized that I had situated myself next to the remains of a small animal that had been eviscerated by another animal. The sound of flies doing their part in decomposing as evening approaches is interwoven with the sound of live intestines digesting, relating different life cycle stages.

    Gregory Kramer is a multidisciplinary artist and musician working with sound and space. Taking inspiration from his archaeological curiosity of abandoned places, he seeks ghosts among ruins and unearths evidence of forgotten histories through sound. He composes with field recordings, found materials, and electronics, sometimes creating installations. His work was recently in AUDIOSPHERE, an exhibition at Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and was featured in Belgium’s Site Specific, Mexico’s SONOM International Sound Art Festival and Bali’s SetiaDarma Museum of Masks and Puppetry. He has album releases on Muteant Sounds, Taâlem, Pharmafabrik, Monotype Series, Impulsive Habitat, and SONM Archive.

    2. Lucie Pinier - Adret/Ubac

    I found myself locked in my house, testing positive for Covid but without symptoms. I went from my room to the garden. These two spaces became my world, my horizon for 10 days. I observed and recorded the birds, I reread the books that accompany me. Side A, Adret means the sunny side of the mountains. This side is narrative, composed of a collage of borrowed and written texts. Side B, Ubac is the shady side of the mountains. The B side is an abstract composition both telluric and aqueous.

    After a Master's degree at the École Européenne Supérieured'Art de Bretagne in Quimper in Art in 2014, then a Master's degree in Exhibition Practices at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles in 2020, Lucie Pinier is developing a critical and poetic writing of agency as an exhibition curator, but also as a sound artist with the performative and musical duo, Sorcière Picasso, created with Marine Penhouët in 2019. Lucie Pinier is engaged as a curator with the Queer Homografìa festival at Tripostal, as well as the visual arts and poetry festival Something Beautiful at LaVallée and L'institut des ailes which is a research on the gestures of care and collective attention

    3. Jinkstraüm - Le Mort Qui Rêve (Dead, but dreaming)

    Le Mort Qui Rêve is the last song of Jinkstraüm's sixth EP. This track is mostly made from a sample from a very famous movie (guess which one now). This sample has been looped, stretched and overdubbed A LOT OF TIMES, looped again, overdubbed again and destroyed with a little help from my friends (aka, PROCO RATs and BOSS RE20...)

    Jinkstraüm is a "one-man(? - Emet)-and-his-pedalboards-band" from Vendée, France. Few EPs, one LP and few Split Albums (with Musique Noire De Vendée) are available online for free. Jinkstraüm is what you want to put in it. It's not thought as a musical creation, but more as a sonic painting, or a chtonic whispering. Jinkstraüm is not made for fame, but to make you feel something, and if you feel shitty, consider it has reached its goal. Btw, Jinkstraüm plays live, sometimes.

    4. Radio Noise Duo - Accumulate and fire’

    Accumulate and fire: The idea is based on searching for various dependence between real-time radio noise and its connections to space, so i tbecomes a resonator which affects the tracksound each time it's performing or recording.The recording uses digital radio signals (sdr radio Network) in combination with sounds generated by analog radios. In this way, a glocal sound structure was created. The recording was recorded in the small village of Gorzkie pole near Poznań during a live session on August 18, 2021.

    Radio Noise Duo (Tomasz Misiak and Marcin Olejniczakfrom Poland) looking for inspiration in electricity, radio noise and amplifiedeverydayobjects. Earlier the musicians were associated with groups like kalEka (Misiak) or Monopium(Olejniczak), but they also had some solo projects. Radio Noise Duo is a part of Radio NoiseOrchestra- still continuing initiative focused on radio noise in various artistic activities.
    5. Rick Myers -Obstacle #69: Sentences in a Magnetic Field 01 
    Performed and recorded using a two channel microphone held with one channel in each hand in such a way that my elbows exerted pressure on my lungs while the alternating movement
    of my left and right hands and forearms and the resulting panning in the recording and syncopation of my voice were modulated in real time by the text score + tape and magnetic fields.

    6. Phaune Radio - Petites Natures: Stones 

    Power to the Pebbles
    All landscapes contain older landscapes, forgotten landscapes, landscapes that have never been inhabited. All landscapes contain the wavering of lost landscapes right where you are standing. Stones remember.

    PHAUNE RADIO is a little bug as curious and untameable as the strange sounds it airs 24h/7 on the world wild web and on on your mobile phones: soundscapes from the wider world, bald and hairy music, meetings with animals, archives from the future, eartoys….
    Phaune Radio, it’s like night and day. More than 10 000 tracks for an handmade airplay : effervescent and tousled during the day, horizontal and experimental from 10:00pm (Paris Timezone).

    Floriane Pochon
    Thinks and writes with sounds. Searches, guesses, produces forms. Sound forms, hybrid forms, living forms but also forms of perception, transmission. Since 2013, has been breathing through and for Phaune Radio, a mobile webradio dedicated to acoustic ecology, radio arts and unheard-of music. A little bug as curious and wild as the strange sounds it airs 24h/7... Since 2014, has also been crossbreeding sonic and literary narratives with the writer Alain Damasio for the sound arts studio “Tarabust”. Since 2016, has also been growing audio ecosystems in Virtual Reality between Montreal and France. Exploration of suspended moments, populated silences, worlds to come or already there, all her works follow the wild thread of the living that vibrates: hybrid compositions, fictions, soundwalks, events and sound installations in unusual places …

    7 Johnny Dixon – Pill Pieces
  • Radioart106 - Ep4: Venus Ex Machina: Self Love Songs

    10 February 2022  11:00 pm - 12:00 am

    radioart106 #127 Self Love Songs Venus Ex Machina Venus Ex Machina is a composer and creative technologist based in London, UK. She has produced an installation for Hyper Dub, a pirate AI opera at CTM festival, a workshop on building radio transmitters at Moog fest North Carolina, and has released music on NON Worldwide and Optimo Music. She is the curator and producer of Self Love Songs, a compilation by members of the female:pressure network. 100% of the proceeds from the compilation are donated to Women for Women International - a humanitarian organisation that provides practical and moral support to women survivors of wartime sexual violence. Playlist: Venus Ex Machina - Iniuria Evil Medvěd - Vltava Bathtime Kelli Frances Corrado - Case of the Lookarounds Exosa - A Passegio Marie Wilhemine Anders - Peace (Frieden) Death of Codes - Steal Your Voice La Claud - Venus in Fabula Mikado Koko - Ghost Helen McCookerybook - Home Prison dolltr!ck - Sister Sister Kømmen - Shy Meira Asher - Good to Go