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11 February 2022
  • Doog Cameron - The summer of fun drones on 2020 to 2021

    11 February 2022  12:00 am - 1:00 am

    I have recorded an hour long track with mainly a bit of Digitakt/Blofeld for drones and a bit of 110 hertz spirituality mixed into some 2020/2021 locked down and unlocked down samples with some pre-Covid world recordings for a bit of contrast.

    No longer acceptable as entertainment student party and cheap deal booze nights got sacked for hard clubbing and sonic experimentation – only the good stuff from then on was pursued. The dawn of  multitrack recording ensued with late night sessions of improvised intoxicated songs with Ryan Lambie as Johns Indie Disco.  The JID  years were a productive period, tracks of techno punk quality and some flashes of pure genius, but only 3 live gigs, meant the main means of promotion was handing out home burnt CDs in the street. The Ladywell Lout era then ensued, involving the circle of contributors from JID with semi-documentary based audio on gala days, gadgies, losers and high rises.

  • Dave Madden - I've Discovered a New Color, And I'm Working on a Magnet That Attracts Wood

    11 February 2022  1:00 am - 1:30 am

    I've Discovered a New Color, And I'm Working on a Magnet That Attracts Wood (2021) 1. I've Discovered a New Color(14:28) 2. And I'm Working on a Magnet That Attracts Wood (14:56) As a pre-teen, I relished Sunday nights for a single reason: The Dr. Demento Show. Mired in strangeness such as the terrifying “Pencil Neck Geek,” here I learned about Zappa, developed a taste for Devo and became a fan of DIY “alt-novelty” broadcasting. In 2019, I found the same fix in the myriad Adult Swim streaming shows, particularly the Wayne’s World-esque alt-news program, Stupid Morning Bullshit,the “meme as art” Bottom Text and social media roasters The Perfect Women – the latter became a meta event after my work was randomly grabbed and critiqued by a surprise legend. What a year. Dave Madden’s (BM, MM) earliest memories are Magical Mystery Tourand the guy who claimed to be the Lizard King. Madden uses percussion, found objects, turntables and synthesis to create new sonic environments based on foggy memories of warehouses, rituals, subterranean boogeymen, submarines and other heterotopia, melatonin dreams et al.; build it, and it really did happen. Madden’s current direction moves through Tudor’s rain forests with a backpack stocked with Hugh Davies’ contact mics, lost Stockhausen tape loops, Crank Sturgeon’s attitude, and three quarters of a Buchla that needs a case.
  • Mutant Beatniks - Attic tails of Process

    11 February 2022  1:30 am - 2:00 am

    Mutant Beatniks started with the idea to produce short form pieces of Music Concrete, transfigured and morphing developed with a ever changing line up. There's a story that a party in the late eighties was ruined by a Mutant Beatniks album being accidentally selected from a pile of cassettes. From the years of not self editing, a open space arrived, and in this clearing was a sound set with out ego. Various members joined and left, lots of tapes of unlistenable noise were made, only to be played once, and mostly for only a few seconds. @
  • Scant Intone - Morose Code

    11 February 2022  2:00 am - 3:00 am

    These recordings document some of my explorations within the damaged memory banks of an old synthesizer. Upon discovery of the corrupted patches I was determined to thoroughly explore the splayed data contained therein, which provided a very unique circumstance in which to retrieve a whole new palette of illogically-programmed waveforms. Comprised of 30 vignettes that play out rather like a sequence of coded language that has been garbled in transmission, the version presented here is unmixed, with no additional reverb, and intended solely for broadcast. I recommend speakers in a room as optimum playback conditions, with headphone listening mildly discouraged.
  • Glue Banta - Able Gaunt 1 & 2

    11 February 2022  3:00 am - 4:00 am

    Glue Banta is always trying to piece things together. He sees and hears bits of evidence everywhere -- evidence of The Others. They run things, and they often send messages to him through vinyl dead-drops. Glue is one of the few who knows this, and he has no choice. He collects, arranges, interprets and re-encodes their messages to create "reports”. And through modulation and looping, he then uses the medium of radio to distribute the latest intel to his listeners. This particular report is intended to "reset" the missions of various field operatives, who are always listening.

    Jonny Farrow (as Glue Banta) hosted Wave Farm/WGXC's monthly radio show The Distract and Disable Program from 2011-2016, and is part of the NRRFRadio collective. He also makes sculpture, sound art, paintings, and prints. His radio work has been heard worldwide via such festivals as Radiophrenia, Poniia (soundcrack), New Adventures in Sound Art, Safina Radio (Venice Biennale), Electrofest (UAE), and Radioee. His sound work and music has been released by and appeared on Hello CD, Dive Records, Rhinestone Records, Five Leaf Clover, free103point9, and Must Die Records.

    IG: @jonnyfarrow
    FB: Jonny Farrow

    The Distract and Disable Program Blog

    Wave Farm Show/Artist's Page

    Wave Farm/WGXC Archive

    Jonny Farrow

    Safina Radio (for Venice Biennale)
    Circuits±Waves (Jonny Farrow/Glue Banta)
    NRRF Collective Links:
  • Anna Marti Subirana & Jimmy Peggie - A Vantage point

    11 February 2022  4:00 am - 4:30 am

    Through sound and narration, this piece attempts to convey the main societal repercussions of large scale mining in the state of Arizona, USA. The history of Arizona is intimately associated with mining activities, since the early days of Native American miners and the greedy, rugged Spanish and American prospectors to the big mining companies that currently operate throughout the state. As rich as its underground treasures, Arizona offers an above ground of cultures, languages, traditions and communities that more often than not, whether they want it or not, intersect at a common ground: the impact that mining has on their lives.

    1. A Separate Everything

    The piece chronicles social hierarchies in mines. Hierarchies are constructed on prevalent ethnic and racial prejudices of the Southwest diverse populations: Native American, white Anglo Saxon, Mexican and Mexican-American

    2. Convenient Stereotypes

    The piece chronicles stereotypes commonly associated with miners and how they can be used to justify exploitation, insufficient safety measures and, in some occasions, to dilute, if not erase altogether, the consequences of fatal mine accidents

    3. Supay’s Wrath

    The piece chronicles the cultural roots of gender hierarchies, superstition, and stereotyping that rule the mining world

    4. Preparation

    The piece chronicles labor strikes in Arizona, how they have been neutralized, and how they have shaped mining communities and gender relations.

    5. That Yellow River

    Mining activities are largely responsible for water pollution. In Arizona, rural and Native American lands are rich in natural resources. This piece chronicles the impact of mining in the daily lives of such communities

    Anna Martí-Subirana was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain) and pursued studies in Molecular Biology and English & American Literature. She currently lives in Phoenix (Arizona), where she has been teaching Molecular Biology and Engineered and Bioengineered solutions to environmental pollution for the last twenty years. Anna is interested in experimenting, along with her students, with the power of storytelling and the audio-visual arts in creating awareness of environmental and societal issues that affect Arizona communities.

    Jimmy Peggie is a sound artist based in Arizona – whose output is centered around the re-contextualization of organic sounds (location recordings, radio frequencies, decaying textures) and integrating them using electronic processing methods. His work is focused on a sense of place, natural processes, transience and imperfection.
  • Helena Celle - Interiority of Machine - IOM 1

    11 February 2022  4:30 am - 5:00 am

    Helena Celle is a Glaswegian artist and audio engineer. She is concerned with the participatory representation of the imaginal through the organisation of sound, image and language, and currently produces an hour (or more) of original work for patrons every month. She plays guitar in the band Herbert Powell (Lost Map Records), and previously played bass guitar in the band Anxiety (La Vida Es Un Mus Records).
  • NRRF Radio Collective - We Interrupt This Broadcast…

    11 February 2022  5:00 am - 7:00 am

    We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of disasters as usual blasting from skyscraping antennae. We interrupt the daily panic of breaking news, pundits and howling heads, pre-programmed song grids, weather catastrophe, traffic alerts, incessant advertising. Step off the grid and fall into clandestine frequencies between stations on our hyper-local transmitters, where reception is interception. This is radio made of the elements: earth, air, fire, flood and fog. Five sources summed and scattered from no regulated radio frequency.

    NRRF is an ongoing series of radio art programs created and performed by the current NRRF Radio Collective composed of Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Stephen Germana, Jeff Kolar and Peter Speer. The group assembled in Chicago in 2012 at the Experimental Sound Studio for a summer residency, making long-form, improvised radio art based on B-movie and sci-fi themes, deconstructing the genre for its tropes and stereotypes. The NRRF collective emphasizes abstract improvisation and takes as many tangents as possible. This results in an unpredictable mix of open sound fields, drones, occasional narratives, spaceships that fail to launch, and even singing.

    Anna Friz

    Jeff Kolar

    Stephen Germana

    Peter Speer

    Jonny Farrow
  • Jemnastique - ¾ to 1: Awakening

    11 February 2022  7:00 am - 7:45 am

    I am in the early stages of my music making journey. I make “music” using field recordings. The field recordings that I use are a combination of personal recordings and ones found on I also am currently work on perfecting an improvisational DJ/ Live hybrid setup, with guitar pedals and eventually percussion. Some examples of my work are on my Soundcloud: I like to try out different things, so expect the unexpected My submission is called ¾ to 1: Awakening. This title comes from playing the 3 section of Vivaldi’s Winter and the first part of Spring. The piece transitions from my interpretation of the transition from Winter to Spring. The piece also slowly transitions in volume, and intensity aka awakens due to EQ automation and reverb and the master channel. Vivaldi’s Winter slows down as it plays and spring speeds up. The soundscape also ‘wakes up” by going from stereo to mono and back again. This piece is a mix of my own recordings and sounds from . Hope you enjoy.
  • Manja Ristić - Soul Agenda, A Stone Around the Neck

    11 February 2022  7:45 am - 8:00 am

    Manja Ristić is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001) and was awarded a PGDip as a Solo/Ensemble Recitalist from the Royal College of Music, London (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician as well as a composer and an improv musician Manja has performed all across Europe and the US, and has been involved in collaborations with established conductors and performers, multimedia artists, poets, theatre and movie directors. Manja’s sound related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts.

    Manja is the founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004), that by her guidance developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences and educational platforms in the fields of scene and multimedia arts. She works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.

    1. 30 minutes before
  • Shorts 5

    11 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 5 (3:34)/2. Luke Fowler - Gutted (Sat) (3:27)/3. Xelís de Toro - Criscrossing (7:48)/4. Ilaria Boffa - Almost Real (4:26)/5. Obstacle My Arms - Savage Buckets Gone Ignition (5:45)/6. Johnny Dixon - Was This Helpful Part 2 (9:54)/
    7. Alastair Duncan - Metamorphosis (10:30)/8. Cristian Fierbințeanu - About The Future (8:20)/
    9. Vicki Hallett - Ebb & Flow (3:02)

    1. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 5

    For full details see listing for Shorts 1 Monday 7th February 8am.   http://www.cinzia-nistico 
    2. Luke Fowler – Gutted (Sat)

    3. Criscrossing by Xelís de Toro 

    This piece is a combination of sounds recorded in Galicia and in the Southeast of England coast mixed with vocal manipulations of words uttered while walking. It tries to create a no-geographic place, with a no-linguistic expression, that tries to create a dome of sound inviting to wander inside. Vocalic, no semantic voices mix with recognizable sounds such as bells and water to draw an unbalanced landscape. This piece has been produced by Currently Off Air.

    Xelís de Toro is a Galician writer, performer and singer based in Brighton. He has published several awarded novels in Galician and a great number of children books (his most recent novel Feral river has been published in English, He has performed internationally as a solo performance and spoken word artist and is the singer of the Brighton based band Chopchop. In 2021-2022 he will be working in a ACE funded project on Sound Poetry.

    4. Ilaria Boffa – Almost Real

    The unknown, the might-be, the almost real behind the landscape and soundscape of a city that believes in believers.
    Field recording taken at Teatro Cinema Astra in Padua (Italy) during the meet & greet with filmmaker Andrea Segre for the premiere of ‘Welcome Venice’ film part of the ‘Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia 2021’.
    Poem: Almost real
    ‘Why is there nothing rather than something?
    Why is there something rather than nothing?
    They say ‘knowledge that something is actually true
    is compatible with ìgnorance as to how it could be true.’
    No thing, non-thing, the absence of a something
    nonexistence, niente. Reductio ad absurdum
    in the maze of doubts.
    Il nulla is subjectively unacceptable.
    But what’s almost real quotes the third landscape.
    It entices us to browse through the wreckage
    of visibility. Leftovers from passages which no one
    had the rashness to venture.
    Whereas the straw, bland and ditched, avails
    scarecrows and stuffed chairs.
    These deeds of the might-be
    stare out of people’s eyes and gnaw at us.
    All of me wanted all of it.
    All of me surrendered.’

    Ilaria Boffa is an Italian poet. She writes bilingual poetry and she has published three poetry collections to date. She is one of the eight authors included in the North East American Association publication ‘Writing in a Different Language’ Vol XL 2018. Over the last years, she has been experimenting with field recording, blending her spoken word with sound. Her sonopoems have been played at international experimental sound art festivals and radios. In 2021, two audio-video installations, produced in collaboration with international video-artists, have been exhibited at the Mahalla Festival in Instanbul and the Nature&Culture Poetry Film Festival in Copenhagen. 

    5. Obstacle My Arms – Savage Bucket Gone Ignition
    Utilizing source sounds provided by ChandorGlöomy.
    Currently releasing under lots of different project names on many small labels and my own bandcamp
    6. Johnny Dixon – Was This Helpful Part 2

    replies to readers' questions.

    7. Alastair Duncan - Metamorphosis
    This work was developed to accompany a woven tapestry I made in response to the death of my parents. The bulk of the soundscape was developed around the word “hello” with other elements such as a refined static overlaying the deepest base I could generate. A section of the generated static sound is broken into a repeating morse code signal.
    Some effects were achieved using granular synthesis and I also used adjustments to stretch and pitch. My overall intention was to give a sense of expansive, never ending space, the ether in which the molecules of my parents now float.

    I am a visual artist working in Wales as a tapestry weaver, photographer and sound recordist. Currently I am developing interactive audio as part of my weaving. I also produce short environmental walk videos using still photography and field recording

    8. Cristian Fierbințeanu  - About The Future

    Author: Cristian Fierbințeanu Production Company: SEMI SILENT  
    Radio art piece composed in the frame of POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration, a project organized by SEMI SILENT in 2020.  Sonic voices, meaningful voices, object-voices, a multitude of possible voices assem bling in a polyglot, virtual atrium. POLYPHONIC ECHOES is a sound art & poetry project, using translations in multiple languages as independent sonic objects, each with their own individual modes of discourse. 

    Cristian Fierbințeanu is an independent musician, author, producer and composer, member of art-pop project Fierbințeanu. The band performed live on several im- portant European scenes, including Berlin Konzerthaus (Dvorak remastered), and released albums via independent Romanian labels. Their work have been presented in international contemporary art festivals, Fierbințeanu being the winners of multi- ple “best” video and music awards (Phonurgia Nova, UK International Radio Drama Festival, Grand Prix Nova, Dvorak Marathon). 

    V. Leac lives and works between Arad and Bucharest. Published poetry: Seymour: sonată pentru cornet de hârtie, Vinea Publishing (2005, 2006, 2013); Dicționar de vise, CarteaRomânească Publishing, 2006; Lucian, CDPL, 2009; Toțisuntîngrijorați, TracusArte Publishing, Collection NEO, 2010, 2015; Unchiulesteîncântat, Char- mides Publishing, 2013. Founding member of the literary collective Celebrul animal and of the magazine Cași Cum. Founder of MOI in Timișoara in 2012, together with Bianca Baila; curator of W.A.D. Arad, 2014. Films: 2014, The Village Drones (I); 2015, The Village Drones (II); Trasee descriptive cu intrus.
    His latest volume, Monoideal, published by Nemira in 2018, was granted the Radio România Cultural Award for Poetry.

    9. Vicki Hallett - Ebb & Flow
    Ebb & Flow is a sound work created by Vicki Hallett, a regional Australian artist. The work is an exploration using underwater recordings of the Barwon River revealing aquatic bugs, fish and other hidden creatures. The ebb and flow of the cascades to the estuary, the intermingling of salt and fresh water where the eel passes on its migration urging the listener to reflect and contemplate.

  • Virginia Hutchison - Stories of radical landownership in north Lewis - Chapter 5: Cros/Cros

    11 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:15 am

    Stories of radical land ownership in North Lewis is a project produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison, that brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Developed in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie, the project weaves together localaudio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership. 

    Chapter 5 presents recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define Cros, a gentle call and response between Gaelic and English - though not a direct translation - through the landscape, geography and history of the area. Underpinning the recital are Seismic Sounds, produced by Stephen Hurrel.

    Stories of radical landownership in North Lewis – full project info

    Produced in collaboration with artist Virginia Hutchison this project brings together narratives surrounding the community land buyout of the Galson Estate in 2007. Created during the COVID pandemic in 2020/2021 the project weaves together local audio archives and interviews and brings them into contemporary conversations surrounding community land ownership. With access and social distancing measures in mind the project has taken the form of a series of cast bronze artefacts temporarily sited in the landscape of North Lewis. Embedded with digital QR codes the artefacts link visitors directly to the audio works via mobile phone.

    Each of the six objects – a series of cast bronze artworks moulded from cut peat – contain conversations recorded with members of the local community. Two out of six of the artworks remain open as audio project spaces for future conversations.

    “If you didn’t know the names of these places you couldn’t talk about them..”

    Underpinning the interviews are recitals of the Gaelic place-names that define North Lewis. A gentle call and response between Gaelic and English - though not a direct translation - through the landscape, geography and history of the area.

    Looking out onto the Barvas moor visitors can be mistaken for thinking that it is an empty landscape. But listening closely to the Gaelic expressions used to describe the environment of North Lewis gives a sense of the intimate and complex relationship between people and place. A language embedded within local culture and knowledge and not always translatable.

    “Space doesn’t become a place until you interact with it. It doesn’t become a place until you name it…and it becomes a place in relation to somewhere or something it’s always changing.”

    Permeating the voices within the audio works are recordings made from the constant movements and tectonic shifts beneath the Earth’s surface. Produced by artist Stephen Hurrel, the seismic sounds provide layers to the stories and issues that surround engagement with the landscape. Hurrel’s work with Seismic Sounds and with Gaelic speaking communities in Barra, weaves closely into the stories of radical landownership in North Lewis.  Where these conversations meet and overlap presents opportunities for wider discussions around land reform in Scotland.

    Many thanks to the Galson Estate staff and community. Special thanks to Agnes and Frank Rennie, Lisa Maclean, Annie MacSween, Iain Gordon Macdonald, Richard Collins (Edinburgh University), Edinburgh College of Art and Blackbay Recording Studios.

    This project was produced in conversation with artists Stephen Hurrel and Fiona Rennie.

    Virginia Hutchison is an artist based in Glasgow and the Isle of Lewis. Working within a predominantly social context her practice draws on the processes involved in collaborative creative production to explore how different forms of artistic engagement influence the interaction we have with our environments. Virginia currently runs the bronze casting facilities at Edinburgh College of Art and is one part of the duo ’In the Shadow of the Hand’ with artist and film-maker Sarah Forrest.

    Produced with support from Community Land Scotland and the Stove Network.

    [1]Annie Macsween, Faclan 2020, A History with Heart and Soul – The Place-names of North Lewis, Ness Historical Society

    [2]Frank Rennie, Dùthcas 2020, The Changing Outer Hebrides – Galson and the meaning of Place



  • Sop - The Den Pt1

    11 February 2022  9:15 am - 9:30 am

    Part one of a three part soundwork. Sop, whilst shielding in the pandemic, made a secret den in the edges of a cemetery next to a wood seeking respite in nature. They document their relationship to this modest space, which they visit throughout the seasons, through narration and the soundscapes of the wood and the quiet cemetery. The work attempts to give an insight into how it felt being classed as a “clinically extremely vulnerable” person, told not to leave the house, and how this extra layer of fragility impacts on a person already living with chronic illness. 
    The third and final part will be in a show ‘Rooted Beings’ at Wellcome Collection at the same time as our February broadcast dates.

    Sop is a London based artist and musician working with sound, performance, writing, film and objects, frequently in collaboration with others who have also experienced chronic illness. Sop's work tends to centre modes of sociality, and explores the use of voice as gesture alongside narrative. They have a particular interest in alternative healing, especially through nature, sound, breathwork and collective group writing. They are one half of Rita Munus, they sing in Child’s Pose, drum in Woolf and their solo project is called dmf.
  • Laura Mitchison & Steve Urquhart - The Quick and The Dead: An oral history of Brompton Cemetery Part 1 : The Quick

    11 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    We buried ourselves in a little house within Brompton Cemetery. Our mission was to find incredible oral stories from the Londoners who work, love, and dream among the gravestones. Here, in the resulting radio documentary, you’ll meet a “gilded vagrant in velvet”, a man who drilled a hole in his own head, a famous pop-artist, a funeral celebrant, an expectant mother and a rich assortment of other city-dwellers. What distinguishes Brompton Cemetery’s “field of stories” is that people flutter from one state of being into another, a bit like the butterflies and the broken angels around them. This graveyard is a green fuse for transformations - DIY brain surgery, new seasons, gender transition and life-after-death. Produced by Laura Mitchison & Steve Urquhart for On the Record, with sound design by Steve Urquhart. About On the Record - We specialise in oral history, co-production and creative media. We are a not-for-profit organisation guided by co-operative principles, founded in 2012. Oral history is a shared process of recording and archiving people's lived experiences. Before anything else we listen. We ask “what was it like to be a stay-at-home dad then?” “What is it like to be a hospital cleaner now?” Each person’s account is in its own way unique. We collaborate with the people we record, and whose stories we tell. Laura Mitchison is a co-director of On the Record and an oral historian. Steve Urqhuart is an award-winning Glasgow-based BBC radio producer, and sound artist.
  • John Hughes and Sissy Christopoulou - The 21st Century British Slavery Convention

    11 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    The 21st Century British Slavery Convention uses song to address contemporary perceptions of power, control and marginalisation. Scab On The Picket Line, Work Work Work, Fit for The Future and Zero Hours explore the travails and traps of the working population. The title song looks at attitudes towards begging, control and the culture of resentment. Keep Your Hands To Yourself Prince Andrew is a satire addressing the cover up of sexual abuse by those in power. The songs are demos, made for the medium of radio, exploring different combinations of sound, text and voice in a socio-political context.  

    This Is For You Michael   Zero Hours   Work Work Work   The 21st Century British Slavery Convention   Love & Hate   The Dry Rot Men Are Everywhere   Scab On The Picket Line   Keep Your Hands To Yourself Prince Andrew   Move To The Suburbs   Up Yours   Fit For The Future   Worm Worm Worm   The Saveloy Sausage Song   This Is For You Michael 2   Tissue Ladies   
    Can You Hear My Teeth   Fit For The Future Bonus Track   Love & Hate Demo 

    John Hughes and Sissy Christopoulou have taken part in several group shows at studio1.1, London. In 2011 they were commissioned by the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) to design the new Jubilee South and East London Line Branch banner.  
  • Sascha Brosamer and Rym Nouioua - The Bat Effect

    11 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:40 am

    This will let you hang upside down from the dancefloor. Natural scientist Rym Nouioua and sound art curator Sascha Brosamer will guide you to scientific studies and environmental issues in artistic contexts. In this episode of a documentary-style podcast about bio-art, bat sounds and experimental music you’ll learn about ultrasonic sounds, bioacoustics and Covid-19 spread from bats. Furthermore you will listen to some tracks made mainly by bat sounds, based on a sound library from their current project “The Bat effect ''. Besides the communication of bats by recording the ultrasonic noises and presenting them into sound, we will illustrate the interrelation of human and non-human and create points of contact of human and animal shared living spaces.
  • Buffer Zone

    11 February 2022  11:40 am - 12:00 pm

    1) MME dUO - Isn't It Isn't (2:48)
    2) Marco Paltrinieri - I progressi di una figura (8:48)
    1) MME dUO  - Isn't It Isn't
    From the album 'awholerunboom' 
    2) Marco Paltrinieri - I progressi di una figura 
    From the album 'Entroterra.'
  • Kiera Mulhern

    11 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    Sequelae (pft sequela of black hole in the kitchen, glass. A kitchen. Utensil utili ssociated after the cow licks her clean. Or we are born with sin & undergo. a cleaning process. . X consider the reverse the viscera lost But of course the newborn is already altered by the world. It’ss created by it , Sadism of helplessness. Winnow the edible. Wasn’t it just what people do to each other ! take Or could you be angry Kiera Mulhern (b. 1992) is a poet and musician based in New York. Mulhern works with field recordings, various electroacoustic material, and voiced text, incubating words and verbal fragments within thick environments of sound. She is most interested in memory and where it may be situated, fragility of meaning, and basal feelings of aliveness and death. http://kieramulhern.com
  • Stephan Barrett & Sylvia Hallet - River Pathway Static

    11 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    River. Pathway. Static. takes field recordings as its starting point, capturing walks undertaken daily by musician Stephan Barrett. Along the River Lea, through Tottenham Marshes and across Downhills Park, Stephan and his collaborative partner Sylvia Hallett pay attention to the ordinary; the worlds that exist in cracks in the pavement that every day we fail to see. Stephan and Sylvia perform between, behind and within these landscapes, their interventions and responses almost imperceptible from naturally occurring sound. The piece was produced by live arts collective and production house Colliding Lines, and illustrated by Nichola Scrutton. Stephan Barrett is a musician and improviser inspired by the resonance of objects and the imaginary potential of sonic landscapes. He is part of the radio-making and improvisational duos Postcards from the Volcano and Littoral Transmissions, as well as an active participant in London's experimental and free improvisation scenes. Sylvia Hallett is a multi-instrumentalist and composer moving between violin, Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, saw, accordion, electronics and found objects. She performs internationally as a solo improviser, having released four solo albums, and also performs as part of The London Improvisers Orchestra and The Heliocentrics.
  • Shorts 19

    11 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Thomas Finbarr - Impressions of Hong Kong (12:10)

    2. Clarinda Tse & Craig Hunter - (mildly) toxic (8:18)

    3. Jan Sparsam - Mauerlunge (2:20)

    4. Doriane Souilhol - Girls pity boum onomatopoeia (2:32)

    5. Chelidon Frame - The Seasons Change in a Somber Montage (5:49)

    6. Johanna Linsley with Jan Mertens - Sonic Spectral Summoning (22:34)

    7. Ryan Lambie - Taking an audio sniffer for a walk (extract)  (2:12)

    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 6 (1:01)

    1. Thomas Finbarr  - Impressions of Hong Kong 

    Taken from recordings made during a short stay in Hong Kong this sound collage includes the sounds of traffic, typhoons, national parks, a library, a monastery, ashopping mall, the underground, a museum and a gift shop. Evoking the contrasts that make up the city.

    First entering a studio as a bass player, Thomas Finbarr soon learnt his way around both analogue and digital recording. After an MSc in Sound Design at EdinburghUniversity he has worked as a recordist, sound designer and dialogue editor as well as creating his own sound pieces for festivals theatre productions and installations, including pieces at the Perth Concert Hall in Scotland andMedialab Prado in Madrid. He is currently living in Barcelona.

    2. Clarinda Tse & Craig Hunter- (mildly) toxic

    Toxicityis such a loaded term, and foraging wild fungi highlights the lack of nuanceattached to the various uses. There is no dichotomy, but a spectrum oftoxicity, a lack of information and a conversation based on fear. This pieceshares our experience of consuming (mildly) toxic mushrooms.

    Craig Hunter is a journalist, music and radio enthusiast. Clarinda Tse is an interdisciplinary artist, listener, facilitator, movement practitioner, Hong Kong-born and Glasgow-based. She works across being a sofa barnacle and a mutating muscle.@clarindatse     @koalacraig

    3 Jan Sparsam - Mauerlunge

    The tracks were composed for a longer radio show documentary about the sonification of electromagnetic fields through induction, thereby revealing a new spectrum of sound in our environment. The basic sounds were recorded with a self-built device called"Elektrosluch" (after the design of JonášGruska), with which such fields can be transformed into audio signals. The track “Strippe” (colloquial for “phone”) is a recording of a DSL system. The Track “Mauerlunge” (“WallLung”) is a collage of field recordings and wire-tapped sounds from hi-fi speaker cables. Both tracks are previously released under my solo moniker monadnode.

    My name is Jan, I am a sociologist and musician from Freiburg, the most southwestern end of Germany. I play guitar in a garage punk band and compose music individually as monad node, using a wide array of instruments and self-built devices like synthesizers, tape loops, drum machines as well as a ton of effects that I self-soldered. I also produce a monthly radio show with two friends in which we discuss current releases fromthe field of experimental music. The show is called "Büchse Buntes"(roughly translatable as pick-n-mix) and runs on the free radio station"Radio Dreyeckland" (

    4. Doriane Souilhol -Girls pity boum onomatopoeia

    Collage of onomatopoeias, noises, fictitious languages of the post-punk scene with the voices of Lizzy Mercier Descloux -Pylon - Vivien Goldman ...  This short sound piece is part of the INNUENDO project which started in 2019 in collaboration with the artist Amandine Rué. We shared music and focused on the gender of this music, on my side feminist punk and post-punk, and for Amandinehair metal. The lyrics, the poses, the gestures, the clothes.

    5. Chelidon Frame  - The Seasons Change in a Somber Montage

    Like most of the tracks I've composed recently under the name Chelidon Frame, even "The Seasons Change in Somber Montage" has been realized during lockdowns and red zones. With this song, I've moved in two directions: on the one hand, heavily processing raw sound to make them completely unrecognizable on the other, slightly modifying some field recordings to realize an alien yet familiar soundscape.The overall aim was to combine e recreate an imaginary landscape of glitches and noises, a travel of the mind during restricted times.

    Chelidon Frame is an experimental electronic music project that mainly works with fieldrecordings, radio interferences, guitars and processed sounds. His installations are experienced-based and suggest a dialogue between the location (both virtual and physical) and the sounds proposed, aiming to deliver a message in the simpler yet most effective way. The use of code, data analysis and data-driven sounds, allow information to be experienced anew. In his studioworks and live sets different layers of sounds - guitars, synthesizers and custom-made instruments - piles up creating unexpected new soundscapes.

    6. Johanna Linsley with Jan Mertens - Sonic Spectral Summoning

    This learning experience is aimed at equipping participants with the tools necessary to identify, isolate and summon your own ghostly spectre from the acoustic atmosphere of your choice. Every ringtone, white noise machine, laptop fan or refrigerator buzz has the potential to contain a latent haunting. Every inside joke, gossip circuit and open secret might, if you listen the right way, have the capacity to raise the dead. Drawing on common affects like revenge, melancholy and ecstatic force to tune your senses, you will develop a sensitivity to wraiths, apparitions, and lingering presences. (Originally commissioned for Queer Extension)

    Johanna Linsley is an artist and researcher based in Dundee, Scotland.  She works across performance, interdisciplinary writing and sound. Her ongoing creative collaboration Stolen Voices, with Rebecca Collins, develops 'sonic detection' as a way of thinking expansively about site and place.  Her work has been presented in the UK and internationally, in venues including the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Victoria & AlbertMuseum (London), the Wellcome Collection and the Centre for Contemporary Art(Glasgow). She is a Lecturer in Creative Practice at the University of Dundee.She collaborates often with Jan Mertens, a sound artist also based in Dundee.

    7. Ryan Lambie - Taking an audiosniffer for a walk (extract)

    A shorter than planned piece based around sounds captured on a walk with a SOMA Ether electromagnetic audio receiver.  File then manipulated / mixed in the Borderlands granular app (on an Ipad in a caravan in Cornwall).  Longer piece to be uploaded to bandcamp at the end of Feb 2022.  Lo-fi experimental field recording artist from the Scottish central belt. Work mainly revolves around one take Iphone 5s and Sony ICD-UX560 voice recordings. Everyday sounds of the streets, radio static, random pub conversations and feedback. Borderline sound art. 

    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 6 

  • Steve Ashby - Only Transition

    11 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

    Only Transition is an exploration of presence within the soundscape of the Cairngorms. The lochs, the river, the wind, the rain, the endless heather and mountains of granite covered in green inviting the traveler to step further into their wealth. Over a week spent exploring the paths and hills of Glenshee, sound marks big and small slowly emerge, a brief introduction to the history and spirits that forged its terrain.

    Steve Ashby is a musician, composer, and sound artist based in the United States. Ashby work focuses on sound found in the natural and digital world to discover places of intersection which engage in the art of listening.


  • Buffer Zone

    11 February 2022  2:40 pm - 3:00 pm

    1) Rhiannon Walsh - Tinnitus (1:32)

    2) Marco Paltrinieri - The Other Body I (4:14)

    1) Rhiannon Walsh - Tinnitus

    Synopsis: The replicated sounds of a particularly bad 24 hour bout of tinnitus
    squished into a minute and a half. Sometimes it is rhythmic, sometimes it has a pulse,
    sometimes it is so quiet I can barely hear it. Sometimes it is none of these things.
    Share my left ear with me as we experience these boring yet incredibly infuriating
    auditory hallucinations together.

    2) Marco Paltrinieri - The Other Body I

    From the album 'The Weaver'.

    The Weaver is the debut solo album by the multidisciplinary artist and Discipula collective member Marco Paltrinieri.

    Merging spoken words with field recordings, electro-acoustic textures and relics of found melodies, The Weaver brings to life, across 6 movements, the memories and thoughts of a creature living in a world in which the distinction between reality and simulation, as well as between psychic space and external environment seems to have definitely collapsed.

    The album stems from Paltrinieri’s ongoing interest in the cognitive and perceptual mutations caused by the irreversible technologization of our lives. Drawing upon the speculative power of fiction, The Weaver aims at creating a multilayered and non-linear narrative in which sounds and words are used to conjure images from an unknown and yet unsettlingly familiar dimension. 

  • MMEdUO - I all go rythmus

    11 February 2022  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    I all go rythmus
    describes a series of laconic islands
    with the most diverse vegetation
    of dense voice fragments
    and clearings,
    which we follow along a Hummingway,
    fringed by
    repetitive blurred and unfiltered
    reflections and recordings

    In “I all go rythmus”, MME dUO challenges and explores above all the crazy wilderness of gaps, over and through which to stumble, to explore what is in between, above, below and beside.

    Since 2016 Cologne based Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz make use of a variety of instruments and devices: DIY electroacoustics, small synths, loopers, tuning forks, e-bass, percussion and voice are thrown into the game and shape a sound in the tradition of Musique concrete, Post Punk and factual Dada that is as diverse as it is striking in its interplay between dissonant sounds and harmonic sequences, breaks between a-tactical accents and continuous rhythms, the supposed familiarity of spoken language, which is nevertheless alienated by fragmentation, give rise to unusual sound collages in the overall work that explores the potential for ambiguity that arises from the interweaving of a variety of disciplines, including video, sound, collage, sculpture, fashion and photography.

  • Siobhain Ma & Rhiannon Walsh - The Cosmic Ascent to Mars Rx

    11 February 2022  4:00 pm - 4:15 pm

    The Cosmic Ascent to Mars Rx was a mystery collaboration done between two pals who ended up reading each other’s minds and making something that sounded like it was planned all along. Siobhain looked to explore feelings of being trapped, both mentally and physically, and imaginary visions of nature. While Rhiannon used metallic tones and extraterrestrial musings to convey the disruption and disordering that comes along with Mars being in Retrograde and its effect on both personal and collective levels.

    Siobhain Ma is a sound artist who explores themes of identity, environment and the supernatural in her work. You can find out more at

    Rhiannon Walsh is a Reiki practitioner and energy worker, as well as a sometimes writer and audio maker. You can contact her on her email at

  • Timothea Armour - East Lothian Gothic Episode 2

    11 February 2022  4:15 pm - 4:30 pm

    East Lothian Gothic is a radio play, haunted by a TV series, in six parts.

    As in, it is a radio play, about the making of a TV series, a supernatural, art-world crime drama set in East Lothian, that doesn't exist.

    The three main characters – Pitch, Story and Memoir - with their different modes of storytelling, and the kind of backdrop or scenery that's provided by the other voices (including a local newspaper, a local amateur historian and a TripAdvisor reviewer) embody a process of navigating different ways of telling the same story, describing the same place or landscape, or recounting the same events.

    Field recordings were made on location in East Lothian from 2015-20 and all the characters' parts were recorded remotely during lockdown in November 2020. The scripts are based on a series of real events that took place from 2015-20.

    Timothea Armour is an artist, writer (and bartender) living in Leith. She is interested in the ways in which social lives and networks of support can be documented in art, through writing and informal or amateur forms of knowledge and networks of distribution – anecdote, music fandom, field recording.
  • Nichola Scrutton & Zoe Strachan - Salt Cellar live from the Creative Lab

    11 February 2022  4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    What is a prompt? It’s an inciting, a bringing forth, an augury, an urge, a bringing to light. In this live to broadcast performance, Nichola Scrutton and Zoë Strachan employ a cootie catcher (also known as a salt cellar) to provoke a series of discreet but interlinked improvisations based on texts, photographs and physical objects. Thus they seek to enact an archaeology of embodied memory within the palimpsest of a time-limited performance space.

    Nichola Scrutton is an award-winning composer, vocalist and artist who works across a range of mediums and processes. Nichola has extensive experience as a collaborator in interdisciplinary and participatory contexts and was awarded a PhD in electroacoustic composition from University of Glasgow. Zoë Strachan is an award-winning novelist and librettist, who also writes short stories, essays & plays. She is Reader in Creative Writing at University of Glasgow. Zoë and Nichola have an ongoing collaboration making experimental sound art/radio works.
  • Catalina Barroso Luque and Daniella Valz Gen - Deslices

    11 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    A collaborative enactment that migrates between voices, bodies and geographies. Deslices accompanies artists Catalina Barroso-Luque and Daniella Valz Gen through a series of correspondences between Mexico City, London and Glasgow. Together, the artists offer shared reflections, forms of cross-cultural kinship and moments of misunderstanding in order to examine multiple notions of gender and the exchanges that shape these relationships. Credits: Voice and field recordings by Catalina Barroso-Luque and Daniella Valz Gen Excerpts from songs using mobile phone recordings: ‘A la mañantita’ by Paloma del Cerro; ‘Adiós Nonino’ by Astor Piazzolla; ‘Cucurrucucú Paloma’ by Tomás Méndez, performed by Lola Beltrán; ‘No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá’ by Facundo Cabral, performed by Chavela Vargas. Mixing support by Richard McMaster The audio piece is accompanied by an A3 publication designed by Samantha Whetton. To request a copy of the text, please email Catalina ( Deslices is generously supported by Glasgow International 2021 and the a-n Artist Bursary. Catalina Barroso-Luque is an artist and writer based between Mexico City and Glasgow. Catalina often works with other womxn to produce artworks that migrate between registers and which are voiced between tongues. Daniella Valz Gen is an artist who lives and works in London. Valz Gen’s work explores the interstices between languages, cultures and value systems with an emphasis on embodiment. Alterity, liminality and ritual come into play through a practice that prioritises process. Whether through an engagement with materials, writing or performance, their work is preoccupied with complexity and non-linear narratives. | insta: @daniella_vg | insta: @blcata | facebook: @catabl
  • Buffer Zone

    11 February 2022  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Olivier Julien - An End (6:30)
    2) MME dUO - Divi Divi (3:12)
    3) Marco Paltrinieri - The Other Body II (3:10)
    4) anomali - private space is not the place (5:37)
    1) Olivier Julien - An End
    The work is an end, using ends as means to an end, and that’s final! I’ve made it for the sake of it, nothing too plunderphonic or pentatonic. Every end part of every song I have in my itunes that can possibly fit into Logic within crashable reason lays here, cooing for space, clattering to be more than just a snippet. I tried to build a whirlwind with a hook! 

    Biography – Olivier Julien is an artist living and working in glasgow. He is into the new horror, funny financial jargon and the internet as centre for collective memory and desire.

    2) MME dUO - Divi Divi

    From the album 'awholerunboom.


    3) Marco Paltrinieri - The Other Body II

    From the album 'The Weaver'.

    The Weaver is the debut solo album by the multidisciplinary artist and Discipula collective member Marco Paltrinieri.

    Merging spoken words with field recordings, electro-acoustic textures and relics of found melodies, The Weaver brings to life, across 6 movements, the memories and thoughts of a creature living in a world in which the distinction between reality and simulation, as well as between psychic space and external environment seems to have definitely collapsed.

    The album stems from Paltrinieri’s ongoing interest in the cognitive and perceptual mutations caused by the irreversible technologization of our lives. Drawing upon the speculative power of fiction, The Weaver aims at creating a multilayered and non-linear narrative in which sounds and words are used to conjure images from an unknown and yet unsettlingly familiar dimension.  

     4) anomali - private space is not the place

    A short look at human movement made in response to Léa Molinier's zine "entrez dehors" which was available free of monetary cost in exchange for anything made. 

  • Siobhain Ma & Rhiannon Walsh - Journey Through The Auricle

    11 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    “Journey Through the Auricle” is a voyage through an elevator centring on exploration and internal and external discovery. Stop one consists of a commission from your ears. They have enlisted our help to clear out the clutter and clatter of what is going on upstairs. Stop two takes you to an unknown land, rich in colour and restorative light beams. While stop three nourishes your roots and provides a sound bath for the senses. Throughout this collaborative piece Siobhain channels the imagined environments through dreamlike synths, while Rhiannon uses metallic and machine-like sound and voices that are not her own. Siobhain Ma is a sound artist who explores themes of identity, environment and (sometimes) the supernatural in her work. Rhiannon Walsh is a sometimes audio maker, writer and Reiki practitioner. She enjoys producing content centred around the body, nature, rest and meditation – including ASMR.
  • Tom Miller - Glasgow Mix

    11 February 2022  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Glasgow Mix sends radio listeners on a psychogeographic drift through coded signals, ethnographic archives, wax cylinders, broken cassette tapes, lost airwaves, backyard aviaries, city streets and the darkness of polar night. Parts of this work have been previously aired by Cities and Memory, 60 Secondes Radio, Kaamos Radio, North American Short Wave Association, Society for Ethnomusicology Sounding Board, Wave Farm Radio and WRMI-Radio Miami International. Special thanks to Sumayya Begum, Leonardo Cardoso, Stuart Fowkes, David Goren, Alvin Huang, Naomi Monestime, Gabi Schaffner and Claudia Wegener. Ghostly apparitions: Marius Barbeau, BélaBartók, Carl Stumpf, Marcel Proust and the Lost Time Band.

    Tom Miller, a composer, curator, and sonic anthropologist, works at the intersection of radio, archives, field recordings, music and post-human voices. His sound installations have been commissioned by theAmerican Anthropological Association, American Museum of Natural History, Ethnographic Terminalia, Linden Museum, National Endowment for the Arts, Proteus Gowanus and Wave Farm. Amember of composers’ collective Gamelan Son of Lion, he’s produced radio art for KRAB-FM, NPR, WFMU, WGXC-FM and WKCR-FM. Previous Radiophrenia contributions: Spectral Wars (2016); VoxInhumana, Redux (2017); Three Cities (2019);Building Radio Bridges:Audio Letters between Lockdown NYC and the Zambezi Valley (2020, with Claudia Wegener).

  • The Slipping Forecast - Melissa McCarthy

    11 February 2022  7:00 pm - 7:20 pm

    Slipping. Sliding. Circling. Skating. Falling. Gripping. Holding on. This is a general synopsis. Join writer Melissa McCarthy as she brings the storm warnings, the weather reports, the circumspection and the outlook. Variable becoming northwest, 2 to 4, becoming cyclonic later. Taking in the Norse voyages to Greenland; Hitchcock’s Vertigo; the physics of friction; the footballer Zidane and his vertigo, The Slipping Forecast is a three-part investigation into writing, listening, and literature. Rockall, Malin, Hebrides.

    Melissa McCarthy is a writer whose last book, Sharks, Death, Surfers: An Illustrated Companion, was published by Sternberg Press in 2019. She lives in Edinburgh and writes about art, literature, and sharks. See her website for links to recent work, including Epidermal Epistemology in The Yellow Paper; An Archaeology of Surf on Public Domain Review; Sharks, Circling in Full Stop magazine. Her next book will be about flowers, photography, and explosions.

  • Angus Farquhar & Andrew Knight Hill - Over Lunan

    11 February 2022  7:20 pm - 8:00 pm

    In 2015 the journalist Charlie Ross spent a summer in Lunan Bay on the north-east coast of Scotland, investigating the area's history and mythology, and the natural forces that have shaped this coast through millennia. He died before his work was complete, but his discoveries, including Lunan's connection to the ancient cultures of the Middle East, have been brought to life posthumously in this new radio piece, produced by Steve Urquhart and directed by Purni Morell, with music and sound design by Andrew Knight-Hill. Credits Script - Purni Morell & Angus Farquhar Direction - Purni Morell Producer - Steve Urquhart Composition and Sound Design - Andrew Knight-Hill Marimba - Cameron Sinclair & Angus Farquhar Conch shells and trumpet - Bede Williams Choir - Chamber Choir from the University of St Andrews Music Centre Rebecca Black Sarah Greer James McNinch Nathanael Fagerson Ross McArthur Guy Minch Elizabeth Unsworth Wilson Jane Pettegree Choir Director - Claire Innes-Hopkins Actors: Laura Bauld John Buick Angus Farquhar Robin Laing Pauline Lynch Vincent Laing Lisa Livingstone Purni Morell Jana Robert Mark Wood Billy Riddoch Mary McCusker Arvid Larsen Michael Matar Nathan Wasserman
  • Daniel Garcia & David Malatesta - Night Ballad for the Rio Grande

    11 February 2022  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    In a ghostly and nocturnal journey, the act of listening unfolds the stories of invisible lives and anonymous deaths. Night ballad for the Rio Grande is a radio piece based on field recordings and interviews with Latino migrants collected across the South of the US between 2010 and 2015. The piece is the result of the collaboration between a documentary filmmaker and a sound artist, in which music, voices, processed sounds from nature and radio excerpts are combined to produce the soundscape of a geographical and mythical space: the borderlands of the US and Mexico. Dani García is a Spanish filmmaker. In 2010 he travelled for the first time to Texas to film Christmas in Icaria. He would return in 2016, to co-produce a photography publication. His latest projects have shifted towards sound: a podcast and a sound installation (What you humans call North). David Malatesta is a Spanish musician and composer who records as a solo artist, Malatesta, and as a member of the band Casa das Feras. As a sound artist he has made sound collages and fiction pieces for Radio ZZ and a podcast for the magazine Bcn Mes.
  • J Franklin - dogsbody

    11 February 2022  9:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    those corners see it all watching every event every life and existence they see it all white wash plaster observer plastic switch cupboard corner put out, take in every event within walls we all know stones, watch we all know trees, watch a surface built a relationship already established erected then left left to soak up actions or left to soak up none catching more than light should the opportunity arise numerous corners a stellar view of events within walls dogsbody is a long form audio composition consisting of various recording techniques, formats and experimentations.
  • Nothing to See Here 45: If I Hit My Head

    11 February 2022  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    Awkward conversations, thoughts about Greenland, poems generated by computers, and the grasping at connection that is part of our daily struggle to be human. Based on a text by Devin Chambers. Featuring the voices of Devin Chambers, Mauve Mulroy, David Clark, and Raf MacDonald. Original Music by Ross Unger Sound Design and Mixing by David Clark Produced by David Clark at NSCAD University, Halifax. Nothing to See Here is a program of experimental spoken word radio produced at NSCAD University by David Clark. It is broadcast on CKDU (88.1FM) in Halifax, Sackville, Wavefarm in New York, and through NAISA radio in Ontario. David Clark is a media artist, filmmaker, and visual artist. His work has been shown at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Biennale Nationale de Sculpture Contemporaine, Trois-Rivières, Sundance Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, European Media Arts Festival, Transmediale, 2012 Winter Olympics, and the Museum of Moving Images in New York. He teaches Media Arts at NSCAD University in Halifax.
  • Shorts 32

    11 February 2022  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1. James O'Neill & Paul Freeman - The Scarlet Cross (18:39)
    2. The Argent Grub - Ardrossan (3:23)
    3. Ricardo de Armas - Lucid dream (7:30)
    4. Gavin Inglis - Hive Mentality (5:24)
    5. Pietro Faoro - We are the 2016 (17:22)
    6. The Great Indoors - Everything Goes Through Me (4:45)
    7. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 4 (0:58)

    1. James O'Neill & Paul Freeman – The Scarlet Cross

    "1665. The Great Plague has reached Cambridge. Man of learning Francis Mortymer describes the blight and it’s tightening grip. Sitting alone, in a stifling chamber with the plague closing around him, his thoughts circling smaller and smaller and darker and darker. And the regular visits of his haunting, spectral doctor. An atmospheric account of dread and fear.
    And death. 
    It utilizes an excellent and at times unconventionally electronic and experimental soundtrack created by my Sound Design partner Paul Freeman which counters Mr. Lesser's traditional and eloquent delivery of the dialogue.  
    Performed by Anton Lesser (Wolf Hall, The Crown, Game of Thrones)
    Sound Design by Paul Freeman
    Written by James O'Neill

    2. The Argent Grub - Ardrossan

    Ardrossan captures the sound of Ardrossan Beach on the West Coast of Scotland in August 2021. The beach is a sliver of land sandwiched between the water of the Firth of Clyde and a road, the A78, with it’s 60mph speed limit. There are spectacular views across the water to the Isle of Arran, and the recording captures the lapping of waves, children playing on the beach, and the passing traffic. This is from a collection of recordings made in 2021 that contrast industrial soundscapes with natural landscapes. They explore the desire to escape into nature, to leave the city behind, and how that for most of us this is constantly compromised by the industrial sounds that we are unable to  escape, even in places we might imagine, and experience as natural.

    The Argent Grub make music, and began releasing material to the public in 2020.
    Working with field recordings, is one strand of the work, with additional music created using cheap, rescued and repaired, analogue electronics. The digital production process only uses software that is free and open source. All productions are licenced for re-use under free culture Creative Commons licences. The Argent Grub is based in the Bradford district in the UK.

    3. Ricardo de Armas - Lucid dream
    A lucid dream, in simplest terms, is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. In this incredible oneiric practice, nothing is impossible and since we, the dreamers, participate and have responsibility in the plot of the dream. This composition presents short textual quotes of fragments of "Ma mèrel’Oye" by Ravel and to the “Gymnopedie No 1” by Erik Satie.
    Ricardo de Armas

    Ricardo de Armas is a composer of acousmatic music, a sound artist, and a cellist, who frequently interacts in his creative work with other means of aesthetic communication like performance, dance, musical drama, video, photography and interventions in public places. Ricardo de Armas has been cellist in the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra of Bahía Blanca since 1988 until now, in parallel with his activity as acousmatic composer and sound artist. The musical work of Ricardo de Armas is based on different kinds of procedures like intervention, appropriation, citation, and redefinition. He is the creator and organizer of “Bahía[in]sonora festival and cicle. He was born in Buenos Aires in 1957 and he lives in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

    4. Gavin Inglis - Hive Mentality

    Hive Mentality is the story of a stag night gone wrong, in a pub which makes a feature of hundreds of free-flying bees. The original flash fiction was cut-up and manually resequenced as a storytelling tool. The vocal was duplicated to create an evolving drone, supported by orchestral elements and vinyl-based synthesis.

    Gavin Inglis is an Edinburgh writer working mainly in games and interactive digital storytelling. His credits include Zombies, Run!, Call of Cthulhu and Fallen London. He is known for his energetic spoken word performance, and in lockdown has refocused that energy on producing new work with music. He was Language and Cognition Fellow at the Department for Clinical Neuroscience, where he produced a graphic novel about Functional Neurological Disorder, a story set to smells, and new writing by AI versions of Jane Austen and H.P. Lovecraft.

    5. Pietro Faoro - We are the 2016

    In the summer of 2016 I was in Nablus, Palestine. With some friends I had the chance to work in a school  situated in the old town, together with the children and teenagers living in the neighborhood. I proposed them to go around the old city, the environment they lived in every day, and register the sound that most attracted our attention or that we considered interesting, in some way.We spent hours going through the streets, sharing my small digital audio recorder chasing sounds. It was really fun. Five years later some of these sounds were finally edited.

    Italy, 1984. Lives and works in Bologna.

    6.  The Great Indoors - Everything Goes Through Me

    The Great Indoors began recording their second album, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’, in August 2021, the follow-up to 2020’s multi-selling State of You. Recording and mixing live improvisations to 4-track, drawing on personal archives of field recordings, musical experiments and live voice and instruments, Kite and Owl assemble their music intuitively using a mixture of chance and democratic dialogue in the face of chaos, hostility and murder acted out by larger birds of prey.

    7. Johnny Dixon – Pill Pieces 4
  • Radioart106 - Ep5 Eleftherios Krysalis - Politics of Listening

    11 February 2022  11:00 pm - 12 February 2022  12:00 am

    radioart106 #130 Eleftherios Krysalis Politics of Listening This show starts with the introduction of Palestinian freedom fighter Maher alAkhras who has been on Hunger Strike for 70 days now, since the beginning of his administrative detention by the Israeli state. Please sign the petition calling for the immediate release of Maher alAkhras here: Eleftherios Krysalis completed his BA in art history and theory at the Athens School of Fine Arts and his MFA in media arts and design at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. He is creating experimental radio and electroacoustic music. From 2018 until 2020 he was a DAAD scholarship holder. The audio piece “Soundscapes from Ramallah, Palestine” (2020) is a 50 minutes hybrid between a radio feature and a soundscape composition. The piece is characterised as a radio feature due to its journalistic approach of interview recordings with people, and dominant soundscape composition, developing in a slow pace. Processed and raw field recordings together with interviews of people who are living or once lived in the area of Ramallah, are being used to narrate and question the soundscape of the city and its changes due to the political situation and the continuously changing reality. The closing piece is “Ptiná” (2019) which means birds in Greek. In an electroacoustic composition about birds and clusters, Ptiná transforms from concrete soundscapes to abstract surfaces.
12 February 2022
  • Radioart106 - Ep5 Eleftherios Krysalis - Politics of Listening

    11 February 2022  11:00 pm - 12 February 2022  12:00 am

    radioart106 #130 Eleftherios Krysalis Politics of Listening This show starts with the introduction of Palestinian freedom fighter Maher alAkhras who has been on Hunger Strike for 70 days now, since the beginning of his administrative detention by the Israeli state. Please sign the petition calling for the immediate release of Maher alAkhras here: Eleftherios Krysalis completed his BA in art history and theory at the Athens School of Fine Arts and his MFA in media arts and design at the Bauhaus University, Weimar. He is creating experimental radio and electroacoustic music. From 2018 until 2020 he was a DAAD scholarship holder. The audio piece “Soundscapes from Ramallah, Palestine” (2020) is a 50 minutes hybrid between a radio feature and a soundscape composition. The piece is characterised as a radio feature due to its journalistic approach of interview recordings with people, and dominant soundscape composition, developing in a slow pace. Processed and raw field recordings together with interviews of people who are living or once lived in the area of Ramallah, are being used to narrate and question the soundscape of the city and its changes due to the political situation and the continuously changing reality. The closing piece is “Ptiná” (2019) which means birds in Greek. In an electroacoustic composition about birds and clusters, Ptiná transforms from concrete soundscapes to abstract surfaces.