Solar Bear


Solar Bear – ‘Ghost Hunt’

TX: 2:00pm

‘Ghost Hunt’ is a thrilling remake of a 1949 episode of the classic radio drama series Suspense. With just the opening scene and a few key props, we imagined our own spooky story. The result isn’t a faithful remake, but it is equally as terrifying as the original! Over just a few hours we storyboarded, rehearsed and shot our film. Focusing on visual, aural and dramatic techniques to create atmosphere and build the world of our story. The final piece is both film and audio work and is accessible in British Sign Language and English.

Solar Bear’s Deaf Youth Theatre (DYT), based in Glasgow, is for young deaf people aged 12 – 21 years. They meet, play, learn skills and create new work. Amongst many highlights we run weekly workshops, create original new shows and make films.