Iride Project

Thursday 10th February

live-to-air performances

Iride Project – “Le Streghe Di Montenerodomo”

Thursday 10th February – 19:00-21:30Book Tickets

Analogue Electroacoustic Radio Drama in Italian regional dialect “abruzzese”

This new version of “Le Streghe di Montenerodomo” is an analogue electroacoustic radio drama based on the short story “Le Streghe di Montenerodomo” by Monica Miuccio, published by Keltia Editrice in 1996.

“The members of an archaic community embody their fears of the natural calamities that hit them in a manifestation of Devil: Witches. The people engage in a fight against them revealing that their superstition is not rooted in mere ignorance, but in a pre-Christian belief that their isolation has preserved, and that now lives side by side with the Word of Gospel. But more than prayers and magic can their sense of unity. Relying on each other in a circle of strength they defeat the witches in the very same moment they defeat fear. Even when the witches have gone, so strong is their belief in their actions to shape history to their creed, turning reality into a legend”

Monica Miuccio

Voice: Monica Miuccio
Electronics and voice: Massimo Daví

Radio play script English translation

“IRIDE PROJECT” (Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio) is a duo and a constant research in the field of electroacoustic music, electroacoustic poetry and radio drama mainly through radio productions. Their works have been performed in Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Spain both in acousmatic form and as live performances and radio broadcasts and festivals such as Radiophrenia Glagow. The first productions achieved a good notoriety thanks to the radioprogram “Nova” of the Irish national radio RTÉ edited and hosted by Bernard Clarke. The duo then collaborated with Bernard for the realization of several electroacoustic radio drama, relying on his intelligent interpretation and narration of Monica Miuccio’s scripts.

The duo has several live participations to its credit, at conferences of the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association ISSTA, Limerick; at events organized by “Spatial Music Collective SMC” Dublin, by the “Association of Irish Composers AIC” and by “Phonica” Dublin; at the festivals “Sonic Dreams” Waterford,”Sonic Arts Waterford SAW”, “Tidal Scratchings” Limerick, “Sonic Vigil” Cork, “Listen At” Dublin and at the “Prague Quadriennial of Performance Design”, Prague

Massimo is a pianist, composer and sound artist. Monica is a performer and writer, her literary works have been awarded in various literary competitions and published in prestigious editions such as the Psychologymagazine “Tecniche Conversazionali” -Milan. Her scripts, poems and tales are the basis of IRIDE PROJECT research in the fields of Electroacoustic Poetry and Electroacustic Radio Drama.