Hali Palombo

commissioned radio productions

Hali Palombo – “CALL-BOOK”

TX: Tuesday, 8th Feb, 12pm – 12.30pm + Wednesday, 9th Feb, 3pm – 3.30pm

Additional broadcast on Kunstradio, Ö1, Austria 13th Feb, 11pm – 12am CET

Often, amateur broadcasts on shortwave radio tend to go undocumented, resulting in hundreds of broadcasts a day vanishing into the ether – never to be heard again. “CALL-BOOK” highlights and emphasizes several conversations, interactions and unusual instances collected over the course of 48 hours of shortwave listening. This will preserve the throwaway broadcasts in relative immortality while framing them in naturally evolving and alien aural environments.

Hali Palombo is a composer and visual artist working in Illinois. Crafting most of her music from a large personal library of CB and amateur radio recordings, her compositions also include Morse code, wax cylinder samples and field recordings she has taken at various Midwestern points of interest.


‘CALL_BOOK’ is a co-commission between Radiophrenia and Kunstradio Radiokunst for Ö1, Austria.