Christian Mirande

commissioned radio productions

Christian Mirande – “Son, Be Strong”

TX: Tuesday, 15th Feb, 3pm – 3.30pm + Wednesday, 16th Feb, 12pm – 12.30pm

“Hello, my name is Christian Mirande and you’re listening to my piece made for Radiophrenia! You’ll hear field recordings, tape loops, electric piano, organ, bullroarer and some digital synthesizers, all layered into a work themed very loosely on listening to radio programs. I’ve been a radio listener all my life; it’s buoyed me, fatigued me, excited me and everywhere in between. I initially considered working with single-sideband modulation and voice for this work as the technology is at the core of radio wave transmission and reception, and its effect on sound is quite dramatic, if not a bit cliche. Ultimately, I decided on a performance, a general ribbing and sort of pastiche- a bit of a think about American radio broadcast and it’s reflection back. Public radio reports, emotional overwrought essay programs, irritating commercials, religious music, interference- all without using those actual things as source material. I hope you enjoy it! Well, I forgot, there was also fretless bass.”

Christian Mirande (b. 1986) is an experimental musician from Philadelphia. He has utilized magnetic tape, various audio synthesis methods, and instruments from the fretless bass to the iphone voice memo. His work is often characterized as textural or atmospheric. Dealing with themes such as memory, loss, and faith, this new piece is a reaction to a lifetime spent in the car with American broadcast radio. 

He has been a member of the groups Open Corner and The Flea Circus.