Autumn Chacon

commissioned radio productions

Autumn Chacon – “What Will Be Lost

TX: Thursday, 17th Feb, 6pm – 6:30pm + Friday, 18th Feb, 3pm – 3.30pm

What Will Be Lost is a new collaborative work between the Indigenous US based artist and Sandra Marja West, sámi activist, artist, and member of the sámi Parliament. Drawing on her own history of vocal activism, Autumn’s work stands in solidarity with the current dispute the sámi face against big copper mining in sápmi. What Will Be Lost, is 2 simultaneous broadcasts in which words directed at the German Copper Buying Industry is interrupted by a second broadcast of the land, water, animals, and peoples who will be negatively affected by copper extraction in sápmi. *

* Chacon and West first became friends when Sandra’s family spent the winter of 2016/2017 at the Standing Rock occupation in North Dakota, United States where a proposed oil pipeline threatened the livelihood of the Lakota Nations. They were reunited in spring 2017 when Autumn and a delegation of North American Indigenous women travelled to Norway to plead with its banks and parliament to divest from the North American pipeline and were successful in a 3.5 billion dollar withdrawal.

A co-commission between Borealis Festival and Radiophrenia

Autumn Chacon is an Indigenous (Diné), multi-media and new-media artist of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area of the United States. From an early age she has been an active community organizer for the advancement of Native American Rights, Environmental Justice, and Media Rights and Access. Being a self taught artist her work reflects her activist values. Autumn has shown work domestically and abroad, in the mediums of sound, performance, and electronic installation. With no lack of stories to be told Autumn strives to engage through new media technologies even if her stories are very old.

*Diné means “The People” or “Children of the Holy People” and is the name preferred by the Navajo people – a native american tribe.