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17 February 2022
  • Ruido de Campo - Descosiendola

    17 February 2022  12:00 am - 12:30 am

    “Descosiendola” (August 2021) is an improvisation piece where radio frequencies are used as musical instruments. 
    Ruido de Campo is a project that is in search of other rhythmic and sound patterns, composed by the duo Claudio Fernández Sini (CFS) and Marcelo Peña Cortés (MIOPEC) since August 2020. Both based in the region of Coquimbo Chile, use portable cassettes, old radios, synthesizers, drum machines, samples and small speakers of which they develop improvisations that are recorded in digital multitrack and later mixed.
    Claudio Fernández Sini - CFS (1967): He was part of the Chilean band SUPERSORDO, in addition to other projects such as: Contandini Peruviani, CFS, DJ ConductiON. Marcelo Peña Cortes - Miopec (1978): He is part of the Chilean band TOBIAS ALCAYOTA, MKRNI (Makaroni) and is a music producer for several national artists, remixer, mixer and audio master.
  • Andrew Backhouse - Twice Shy

    17 February 2022  12:30 am - 1:00 am

    The audiobook, "Twice Shy" by Dick Francis" was found amongst my grandfathers possessions when he passed. I have been thinking of what to do with grandpa's audiobooks, how to frame them and then interpret them afresh, bringing them in to my life and in to my timeline.

    Sentimental? No. Backhouse takes a family treasure that is worthless except for sentimentality - charity shops would bin this donation. But, it belonged to a deceased relative. Backhouse reinterprets his Grandfathers soundscape, giving it new breath and new life for 2022.

    At its base, the sound work "Twice Shy" by Andrew Backhouse is the mangling of a cassette audio book as was written by Dick Francis, of the same name. But, if you dig deeper, Backhouse's interpretation of Dick Francis' "Twice Shy" is hopefully the start of the end of the grieving process for a man over his beloved grandfather.

    Andrew Backhouse is a fine artist working with time-based media and digital collage. Being a self-confessed radio geek he hopes to transmit his sense of wonder and revelation upon discovering something of interest to a wider audience. Andrew is influenced by the Imaginist Poets, Duchamp, Henri Chopin, Jez Riley French, AGF and RuPaul. Backhouse's artistic enquiry observes if the genii locus of a dearly held situation be transmitted to another recipient, posing questions about authenticity and worth along the way.
  • Michael Ridge - Empty Predawn Gaze

    17 February 2022  1:00 am - 1:45 am

    Empty Predawn Gaze is a composition of subtle field recording tape loops merged with extended and minimal lo-fi drone. Material used on the loops include windy/stormy weather, rain gently hitting a crumpled metal tray, running willow sticks through my fingers, and gently striking an alpine bell. Inspired by winter mornings moments before dawn slowly breaks over vast barren landscapes. Originally released as a limited edition single sided C90 in April 2021 on Quagga Curious Sounds.

    Michael Ridge is an artist who combines elements of sound, video, electronics, sculpture, collage and found objects in his work. Other activities include running the DIY record label Quagga Curious Sounds and recording experimental noise/electronic music under the name Zebra Mu.
  • Roberto D'Ugo - Fica Comovido

    17 February 2022  1:45 am - 2:30 am

    Mr. Laurentino is a street musician who performs at night, with his harmonica, on a sidewalk on Avenida Paulista, São Paulo. Asked how passersby react to his work, he replied that when people listen to music “they are moved”. In this piece, the phrase “fica comovido” is subjected to few electroacoustic processing: slowdown, EQ, granular delay and exhaustive repetition. The irregularity of the loops, the result of sudden improvisation gestures, results in an approximation with the technical precariousness of Sillon Fermé. Cuts and overlaps animate “resulting motifs”. At the end, the author thanks the musician before leaving.

    Roberto D'Ugo Junior is a Brazilian artist-researcher dedicated to radio art. Doctoral student in Arts at the Institute of Arts of Universidade Estadual Paulista - UNESP. He creates works that explore interfaces between magic, technique and art. The ritualistic repetition of sound residues is a characteristic of his work. Some of his pieces were broadcast on radio stations: CHIGIANAradioarte (Siena, Italy), Radiophrenia 97.9 FM (Glasgow, Scotland), Radio CASo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Cultura FM from São Paulo, Brazil. Professor of radio subjects at Faculdade Cásper Líbero, São Paulo.
  • Manja Ristić - Water

    17 February 2022  2:30 am - 3:00 am

    From the album 'Patient Love'
    Manja Ristić is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001) and was awarded a PGDip as a Solo/Ensemble Recitalist from the Royal College of Music, London (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician as well as a composer and an improv musician Manja has performed all across Europe and the US, and has been involved in collaborations with established conductors and performers, multimedia artists, poets, theatre and movie directors. Manja’s sound related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts.

    Manja is the founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004), that by her guidance developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences and educational platforms in the fields of scene and multimedia arts. She works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.

  • Conor Walsh - Generative Works

    17 February 2022  3:00 am - 8:00 am

    Conor is an artist from Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland often releasing music under the pseudonym "Wilfred". He began experimenting with generative techniques during the spring of 2021 after becoming increasingly interested in the music and theories of Brian Eno which led Conor to further his own experiments within the realm of generative art. The act of leaving the machine go where it needs to is something that appeals to the artist and is explored within the longform pieces created for Radiophrenia Glasgow"
  • Shorts 11

    17 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Paradox Encounter Group - 'Savage Buckets Gone Ignition' (7:58)
    2. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 10 (5:32)
    3. Aline Clair - Léger Gout Salé (9:41)
    4. Toni Dimitrov - How South Becomes North (Long Live Macedonia, Long Live Republic of North Macedonia) (15:32)
    5. Amanda Brannin - I've always been here (7:06)
    6. Dana Ollestad - Son of My Father (3:39)
    7. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 3 (0:57)
    8. E.U.E.R.P.I. - Still There (6:45)

    1. Paradox Encounter Group  - Savage Buckets Gone Ignition

    Utilizing source sounds provided by ChandorGlöomy - these are yet to be released. 

    Paul Harrison (currently releasing under lots of different project names on many small labels and my own bandcamp

    2.  Cinzia Nistico  - One Dimension and a Half Episode 10

    CinziaNistico: voice/music/script/field recording       Igor Iofe: trumpet

    In this podcast I merge both the principle of storytelling and songs, marking a counterpoint between sounds/music and the narration, a sort of unsung songs. A journalist’s semi-dada journal about an expedition aimed at reaching Earth’s fluid strata. The story alludes to the Nordic myth of Jörmungandr the World Serpent which marks Ragnarök, a serie of natural disasters leading to the submersion of the Earth in water. The first season focuses on events preceding the expedition, the second focuses on the mission itself.

    Cinzia Nistico is a composer and multimedia artist. She’s interested in the psychological impact of sound and the emotional load it carries. In her projects she explores themes of identity and reality and the disruption and distortion of both. In her music she creates structures that are static and evolving at the same time. In her electronic/electroacoustic music she uses instruments or/and voice as a source. She graduated in composition in London (Trinity College of Music) and Milan (Conservatorio di Musica). Her music is performed in Europe and worldwide. Visit cinzia-nistico for a full resume.

    3 Aline Clair - Léger Gout Salé

    Léger Gout Salé is a verylinear composition, which “holds on a thread”. It’s a bit of a sound panorama in three images, three photos of a place that freeze for a moment lived in that place.
    From the song of the leaves in the trees, to the breath of Aeolus coming and going, to the sea and the swimmers who bathe there and with the activity in the port in the afternoon, it is a slightly salty composition that you will listen to.

    Master's degree in Sound Design and Bachelor’s degree in Design from ESAD Le Mans, I navigate between multiple forms of art and design. I am interested in sound creation for radio art, performance, live, sound installations ... My practice currently includes electronictools such as modular synthesizers, field recording, sampling , the cello ( Music Diploma in Cello at the Conservatoire, Le Mans, 2017), the clarinet or any sound source that I meet on my way. It is at the crossroads of these artistic practices and these sound materials that i wish to continue my journey.

    4. Toni Dimitrov - How South Becomes North (Long Live Macedonia, Long Live Republic of North Macedonia)

    File under: field recordings, soundscape, sound documentary

    A sound documentary about Macedonia changing the name from Macedonia into North Macedonia. Several hundred people have protested against Prespa agreement and changing the state name in front of parliament over the past years without any success. The illegal government was still pushing their agenda against the will of the people of Macedonia, expressed at a low turnout referendum. The sound piece contains field recordings from some of the protests in the summer of 2018, and also other related documentary materials from parliamentary sessions, news, etc.

    Toni Dimitrov a multimedia artist, cultural producer, radio host,  curator, label owner, mountain climber and nature lover, that connects all these things with the love of music, sound art and field recordings. Working in the field of sound art and experimenting with electronic music for more than 20 years, and have even longer experience in the radio. Have been curving his way into the new experimental music/sound art scene with his solo engagement, bands and lots of collaborative releases, radio art and art installations.Curating the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings.

    5. Amanda Brannin  - I've always been here

    What would happen without each other? Would we happen without each other? Do we happen with each other ?Or to each other?
    What happens where? And how did this happen?
    Did this happen to you?

    It happened with you

    I have always been here
    This place is the only place I’ve ever been 

    I am a sound artist based in Texas that creates narrative-based emotional soundscapes. I use field recordings, samples, stream-of-conscious writings and voice narration to share my surreal and over-sensory experiences of my day to day dream/life.

    6. Dana Ollestad  - Son of My Father

    There was a moment in my childhood when I distinctly remember feeling respect for my father as a person. I’m now the age he was then, and I wonder if I would have respected and looked up to the person I am now in the same way. Surprisingly to me, I have ended up quite similar to my father in many ways- topics that interest us, instruments we use, criticality… In this piece I operate on those similarities, with a matured love and admiration, but through my own personhood, instead of my projection of his.

    Dana Ollestad is a multi-media artist, curator, and educator currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He uses hand-built light sensitive microphones, antiquated VHS remote controls, hand-built contact microphones, vocalizations, found sounds, and field recordings in his works. He is currently a professor of time-based art.

    7. Johnny Dixon- Pill Pieces 3

    8. E.U.E.R.P.I. – Still There

    This album contains field recordings from abandoned villages in the region of Tryavna, part of Central Balkan Mountain. In this region there are more than 100 villages with the total population of around 1000 people. In some of them there are 2-3 inhabitants and some are totally abandoned for years and they are gradually swallowed up by the forest. For us humans it can be said that this is a pandemic of extinction, but for nature it is a completely natural process and part of its cycle.

    E.U.E.R.P.I. is a guitar drone ambient project of MiryanKolev, who lives in StaraPlanina and performs in various geographical zones in Europe and Asia, where since the project is active he has about 200 concerts and participations in multidisciplinary projects, collaborations with visual artists, performers and other musicians. His music is minimalist, atmospheric and discreetly psychedelic, and improvisation is an essential part of each of his live performances, turning it into an expressive soundtrack of time and space. At times his music is gloomy, at times cosmic, and melancholy is often present in it, as is the world around him.
  • Kick Down the Barriers - Ep4: Sundus Bakhat

    17 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:30 am

    Kick Down The Barriers is about the people and stories from Blackburn Lancashire. It asks us to listen to one another, as the first step to developing deeper understandings of our cultural heritage and to find the commonalities that bind us. Rather than focussing on the mass media stereotypes that often maintain our division these podcasts hope to serve as true a reflection as possible of the lovely who live or work in Whally Range in Blackburn. The interviewees deserve all the credit for these works, because without their brave, open, thoughtful, rich, surprising, complex, nuanced, original, unique stories and voices there would be nothing here, and all the amazing things that they have to teach us about life in Blackburn, past, present and future would still be hidden from our ears, hearts and minds. We hope these works can remind us that every experience is hugely valuable in finding better ways to live, and the more that we can share our stories, the deeper the connections we can make to each other and the town in which we live.

    Paul Nataraj holds a practice led PhD in Sound Studies from the University of Sussex. The work, ‘You Sound Like a Broken Record’, was voted in the top ten experimental albums of the year by 'A Closer Listen' magazine 2018. His work explores musical materiality, memory, the personal stories attached to music, and how our relationship with listening and the listened to, changes over time. His work thinks about the rhizomatic connectivity of music and how the dialogue between times, places and spaces open fractures through which to listen differently to the everyday.

    He has exhibited internationally and had a solo show at Prism Contemporary, Blackburn. He has published articles in ‘The Routledge Companion to Sound Studies’ and ‘The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies’. He is a regular contributor to the online music magazine, Inverted Audio and has written for Soundest fanzine. His sound works have been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Resonance Extra, Radiophrenia, Berlin Community Radio, Threads Radio, NTS, and The Wire’s Adventures in Sound and Music

    His latest album ‘Cobblestones & Kitchari’ was released in May 2020 on Fractal Meat Cuts.
  • Astrid Björklund - Notes from a Subterreanean Landscape

    17 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    The stories of soil, rotting wood, blood and bone is uncomfortable, it crawls beneath us and within us, oozing out of soil and skin. The subterranean landscape is in this narrative a place of grief, anger, and fear caused by the uncertainties of our era, but it is also a place of comfort and refuge. This piece is a mix of found, recorded, and created noise and ambience, layered and merged into a speculative journey through underground caverns, a narrative set outside time. 

    Astrid Björklund is an artist based in Glasgow who explores how speculative fictions can transform and merge with the mythical elements of our realities to create new mythologies. It is a chthonic speculative feminism: something dark, strange, and curious that operates from both wonder and grief, melancholy and comfort. The interest in working with sound to delve into these themes has grown through SUBTERRA, a collaborative project navigating speculative narratives of the chthonic (of relating to or inhabiting the underworld) through text, poetry and music.
  • James Prevett and Annie May Demozay - Conversation Pieces 4

    17 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    A series of five sound works interweaving interview and archive sound to explore sculpture in the home. Each episode takes interviews with people in their home about the things they keep around them. These are woven together with archive footage of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth to explore our very human responses to matter and material.

    Conversation Pieces are made by James Prevett and Annie May Demozay for radio broadcast and form part of Prevett’s larger project Things for Homes / Homes for Things commissioned by TACO! in Thamesmead, London. 

    James Prevett makes things to gather around - objects, events, text, video that are often combined together as sculpture. He often works with other people. He is interested in sculpture as means to explore the limits of minds and bodies, both personal and communal. James lives and works in Helsinki, Finland where he is a Sculpture Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki. 

    Annie May Demozay is an artist and writer who lives in Scotland and works in a park.
  • Henry McPherson - INTIMACIES

    17 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:15 am

    INTIMACIES an experimental album of improvisation, auto interview techniques, sonic recollections, field recorded fragments, quarantine confessions and synchronised speaking; filled with wordless anti-wisdom, nonsense dialogues and fantasy folk song. Produced across the months of the first UK Lockdowns, March - September 2020 Henry McPherson is an artist, composer, improviser, performer, and researcher from the UK. His creative practice draws widely across the visual, sonic, and kinetic, and his work has been shown internationally across diverse settings – from concert halls to galleries, from bathrooms to dance studios, from parks and warehouses to cafes, virtual spaces and radio. Creating across a variety of media and disciplinary settings, Henry holds improvisation as the centre of his artistic work; as both a richly expressive performance practice, and as a generative mode of being-awareness, and a source of creativity and presence. His recent works explore aspects of free association, spontaneous collage, and transmedia interactivity across paint, instruments, body, text, notation, voice, and sound.
  • gobscure - first cygnets in decades no new office blocks required

    17 February 2022  11:15 am - 11:30 am

    the river tees from above has always looked like a face to us and is one of our places of peace (if sometimes hard-won). here's sound-art from middlesboro transporter bridge to where cygnets recently hatched for the first time in decades. samples woven with multilayered vocals in playful and mesmerising tale. p.s. a very different version (multiple overlapping tracks) was commissioned by the auxilliary teesside as a sonic walk for teesside sonic arts week 21.c.e. gobscure : sound-art includes previous radiophrenia broadcasts; music theatre for GIFT festival & Sage Gateshead; 2 sound&music awards; a recent bursary from unlimited; albums & ep's on bandcamp. recent commissions include those for the newbridge project; bethlem gallery; arts&heritage; Alma Zevi Venice
  • Von Calhau! - orioNoiro

    17 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    Von Calhau! - orioNoiro (33:00) Since 2006 the Portugese duo of Marta Ângela and João Artur (CALHAU!) have been quietly labouring away on their wonderfully tilted practice, embracing music, text, film, and visual arts on a path that has included performances, exhibition projects and several artistic residencies. For this new release on Takuroku they take influence from medieval Galician-Portuguese songs/poetry of insult and mockery called cantigas d'escarnio e maldizert. A carnivalesque sense of play, pathos and absurdity haunts the 33 minutes run time as they shift between sung and spoken incantations, baroque organ dirges, junk-yard musique concrete, layers of tape mush and sonic trickery. Although medievil in theme, there is a particular timelessness to proceedings. One of the main instruments CALHAU lists is "the ghosts of an old cassette re-recorded thousand times during the last 20 years" - with sounds fermented and rendered into beguiling forms. Another is "a crappy electric organ from 1980 called ORION", which dispels both baroque and twisted sonics from its tired engine.
  • Jimmy ThePeach and ferrie = differentieel - A Short Walk is a Journey towards Stillness.

    17 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    In 2015, our first year of broadcasts, we were pleased to transmit this next work by Jimmy ThePeach and ferrie=differentieel.
    We were sorry to hear about Jimmy's recent passing and offer our condolences to his family and friends.

    As a tribute to Jimmy we present the piece that first introduced his work to us.

    A Short Walk is on going search - in our heads - in our souls and nothing is clear - it is all to the listener to decide where he or she is going - for a long walk or a short one. 
    An audio poem by Jimmy ThePeach with soundscape by ferrie = differentieel. Voice-over Katrien Riks. 
    An audio trubute to Jimmy can be found here:

  • Timothea Armour - East Lothian Gothic Episodes 5 and 6

    17 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    East Lothian Gothic is a radio play, haunted by a TV series, in six parts.

    As in, it is a radio play, about the making of a TV series, a supernatural, art-world crime drama set in East Lothian, that doesn't exist.

    The three main characters – Pitch, Story and Memoir - with their different modes of storytelling, and the kind of backdrop or scenery that's provided by the other voices (including a local newspaper, a local amateur historian and a TripAdvisor reviewer) embody a process of navigating different ways of telling the same story, describing the same place or landscape, or recounting the same events.

    Field recordings were made on location in East Lothian from 2015-20 and all the characters' parts were recorded remotely during lockdown in November 2020. The scripts are based on a series of real events that took place from 2015-20.

    Timothea Armour is an artist, writer (and bartender) living in Leith. She is interested in the ways in which social lives and networks of support can be documented in art, through writing and informal or amateur forms of knowledge and networks of distribution – anecdote, music fandom, field recording.
  • Shorts 25

    17 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Ana Teodora Popa- Green Areas A Poem By Gabi Eftimie (7:11)
    2. Eugene Sonorous - Through Me to the Whole (17:49)
    3. Daria Baiocchi - Plasma (6:48)
    4. Luke Fowler with Wojtek Rusin - Touching The Brink (4:54)
    5. Toni Dimitrov - Rain in the National park (4:50)
    6. Rosie’s Disobedient Press - Teneu (12:43)
    7. Lydia Davies - Regurgitating (2:54)
    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 8 (1:01)

    1. Ana Teodora Popa - Green Areas A Poem By Gabi Eftimie
    Author: Ana TeodoraPopa Production Company: SEMI SILENT 

    Radio art piece composed in the frame of POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration, a project organized by SEMI SILENT in 2020.  Sonic voices, meaningful voices, object-voices, a multitude of possible voices assem- bling in a polyglot, virtual atrium. POLYPHONIC ECHOES is a sound art & poetry project, using translations in multiple languages as independent sonic objects, each with their own individual modes of discourse. 

    Ana TeodoraPopa (b.1988) is a sound engineer and composer from Iași, Romania. She studied at Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology and worked as a live sound engineer for the London City Music Theatre. In 2013, she started her dream job at the National Theatre in Iași, Romania, and later became the Sound and Video Department leader. To stay involved in more creative projects, in 2017 she become a freelancer. In 2018, she won third place in the Grand Prix Nova competition with a nonverbal binaural piece, created using only mono/stereo les and a unique editing method. She takes part in innovative and challenging independent projects, includ- ing theater plays, experimental performances, sound installations and lms. She worked with Regenerator and Descentrat projects, and she participated to Sonic Future Residencies. She currently writes music and works on her own binaural audio research and technique. Her artistic goal is to reach the listeners at a level where they can relate and be moved by what is already inside them. 

    Gabi Eftimie has been living in Sweden since 2011, where she teaches Swedish and translates literature and children’s books from German, Swedish, and English. Her debut poetry collection, ochiroșiipolaroid. acestaeste un test (Vinea) was published in 2006, followed by nordul e o stare de spirit (Charmides), in 2014. Her work was also featured in several anthologies in Romanian, Hungarian, German, Swedish, and English. She has participated in various festivals and workshops, among which the one organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Visby, Sweden in 2009. In 2020, she published her third book on nature: Sputnik îngrădină (OMG), awarded by So a Nădejde Awards for literature written by women.
    Recorded, played, composed, edited by Ana TeodoraPopa for SEMI SILENT. Voices: Ana TeodoraPopa and Sebastian Bădărău

    2. Eugene Sonorous - Through Me to the Whole

    This spoken word piece is a non-scripted, improvised vocal string of thoughts embellished with noise elements, processed slide guitar, violin extended playing techniques, percussion, sampled and processed autoharp, and self-oscillating delay.

    Eugene Sonorous is a composer and sound artist engaged exclusively in pre-recorded audio. His work features electroacoustic techniques combined with found sound and field recordings, creative recording operations and minimalist sound compositions utilizing noise, lo fi and musical ideas interspersed with extended playing techniques and vocal elements. Eugene lives in South Florida, USA.

    3. Daria Baiocchi - Plasma

    The creative idea for this piece comes from the word “Plasma” that is often called the "Fourth State of Matter". Plasma is a distinct state of matter containing a significant number of electrically charged particles, a sufficient number to affect its electrical properties and behavior. Plasma also refers to the liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells in suspension. Energy, thunder and blood inspired my composition process. I started by recording some sounds with a new percussion instrument, called “Sinori”, a thunder-sheet, that have been processed with these images in my mind.

    4. Luke Fowler – Touching Edit

    5. Toni Dimitrov - Rain in the National park

    Digital and technology can indeed become control instrument to oppress nature and human beings, but it is up to us to adapt them critically to our human world. We no longer need to believe we are representing the real world of nature. A counter claim to the idea that technology is destructive in our relationship with the natural world would be the claim that technology helps us save the natural world. Although the digital and technology may play a role in the decline in the human relationship with the natural world, it is not completely destructive, as the issue may not be the technology, but rather how we use it.
    Toni Dimitrov a multimedia artist, cultural producer, radio host,  curator, label owner, mountain climber and nature lover, that connects all these things with the love of music, sound art and field recordings. Working in the field of sound art and experimenting with electronic music for more than 20 years, and have even longer experience in the radio. Have been curving his way into the new experimental music/sound art scene with his solo engagement, bands and lots of collaborative releases, radio art and art installations.Curating the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings.

    6. Rosie’s Disobedient Press - Teneu

    Teneu draws attention to the position the city finds itself in during this intense period of cultural interest. Focusing on the underrepresented spaces, the piece will use methods of improvisation and collage to perpetuate a process of collective writing — what develops will be in direct response to the city and it’s inhabitants. The work is  narrated and cared for by St Enoch, otherwise known as Teneu, the fabled mother of Glasgow that is also one of its largest Shopping Centres.

    Rosie’s Disobedient Press is an artist-led publishing project based in Glasgow which focuses on writing from marginalised perspectives with a focus on queer, working class and feminist writers. At its core is a belief in the importance of accessibility to writing. The press works directly with artists to create unique projects on a small scale and across multiple forms, including online and printed publishing, writing, sound and live events. Rosie’s Disobedient Press is the ‘bad dog’ of artist-led publishing.

    7. Lydia Davies - Regurgitating

    Regurgitating explores the residues of others' voices in our own; the unwieldy rubble of conversations and phrasing that fill our inner speech. Regurgitating uses the singing voice as a charged outpouring of the body, exploring its association with crying, shouting, pain, and healing. As the singing voice attempts to call out, it is reeled back in and broken down into speech, as the mouth’s desire to arrest and communicate is seized in a cycle of regurgitation. Drawing on research into voice, grief, and narrative, Regurgitating considers the ability song has to stage a scene of sentiment, and provide an intersubjective site from which to speak.

    Lydia Davies is an artist based in Glasgow, working across writing, voice, sound, and moving image. Her practice draws on relational selfhood and the role of narrative in how we navigate and relay experience. Her recent work explores how a sense of self is constructed through our relations to people, objects, minutiae, environments, and phenomenal experiences. She completed the Master of Fine Art programme at The Glasgow School of Art in 2021.

    8. Johnny Dixon - Pill Pieces 8
  • Diana Malaj - Poetry on the edges

    17 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    In th is podcast, which is the second episode of “Pendulum: Cultural Dispatches from Albania”, Diana Malaj, a cultural activist based in Kamza explores the poetry of Luljeta Lleshanaku through the city and the city from the poetry of Luljeta. During their conversation they read parts of her poems and talk about her experience between the village and the city and how that has shaped some of the edges of her poetry. Just like poetry, the city is not an organic whole but a fragmented totality that we always grasp in pieces. Diana Malaj is one of the founders of the activist group ATA which priority is the fight for the use of cultural spaces in the city of Kamza, Albania. Diana is a lawyer and an activist focusing on the social justice, and the right of the accessibility to culture in the periphery, with a specific focus on the role of women in art and literature. Through activism with the ATA group, she has been able to explore various disciplines such as law, journalism, anthropology, art, literature, all of which are ways of re-conceiving the dimension of social movements and activism.
  • Buffer Zone

    17 February 2022  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    1) Radio Droogdok - Introducing Radio Heaven


    1) Radio Droogdok - Introducing Radio Heaven

    Synopsis:  MiniatureMuseum duo Bart & Tara start to explore the attic stacked with Bas Bossinade’s extraordinary collection of valve radios.

    Bas has 55 years of experience working, experimenting, innovating with electronics; he lives and works in 1930’s former ‘Da Costa School: now ‘Bossinade Lightworks’, the rooms and corridors are used as workspaces and filled with collections of all things electronic.

    Bas’ expertise and support has been formative in the creation of Miniature Museum’s cabinets of curiosities.  This time we went for inspiration and advice on all things radio… ‘Radio Heaven’ is a portal to the project Radio Droogdok evolving. 

    This sound piece was produced with thanks to Arts Council England& Bossinade Lightworks


    Tara Downs is a cross-disciplinary artist whose practice draws on a background in Social Anthropology and Museum Studies.

    As Miniature Museum, Tara and partner Bart Sabel produce playful, informative installations that fuse hand-crafted and digital processes, steam-age engineering, storytelling and a delicate attention to detail, a mix of fact andfantasy to enchant audiences and provoke participation.

    Her offshoot project, Radio Droogdok, explores a love of radio, communication and sonic experimentation.

    Tara lives in a house that smells of burnt dust and Bakelite, has an entire room full of ancient radios, and can only sleep to the hiss of static.

  • Charmaine Lee - Mira Mirage

    17 February 2022  3:00 pm - 3:15 pm

    "Mira Mirage" is a piece by vocalist Charmaine Lee using electronics, voice, and microphones.

    Charmaine Lee (b. 1991) is a New York-based vocalist from Sydney, Australia. Her music is predominantly improvised, favoring a uniquely personal approach to vocal expression concerned with spontaneity, playfulness, and risk-taking. Beyond extended vocal technique, Charmaine uses amplification, feedback, and microphones to augment and distort the voice. She has performed with leading improvisers id m theft able, Ikue Mori, Sam Pluta, Tyshawn Sorey, Nate Wooley, and C. Spencer Yeh, and maintains ongoing collaborations with Conrad Tao, Victoria Shen, Zach Rowden, and Eric Wubbels. Charmaine has performed at ISSUE Project Room, the Kitchen, Roulette, The Poetry Project, and MoMA PS1, and participated in festivals including Resonant Bodies, Huddersfield Contemporary, and Ende Tymes. She has been featured in group exhibitions including The Moon Represents My Heart: Music, Memory and Belonging at the Museum of Chinese in America (2019). As a composer, Charmaine has been commissioned by the Wet Ink Ensemble (2018) and Spektral Quartet (2018). She was an Artist-in-Residence at ISSUE Project Room (2019) and a Van Lier Fellow at Roulette (2021). Charmaine is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Sound American.
  • Lia Mazzari - Requiem for the Aviopolis: Dies Irae

    17 February 2022  3:15 pm - 4:00 pm

    Dies Irae is one act in Requiem for the Aviopolis, a proposition for an environmental sound work taking place under Heathrow’s roaring flight paths, weaving contrails through the skies of London, reminiscent of a bygone era that celebrated the airport as an expression of personal freedom and the frictionless space of business elites. The Aviopolis hereby performs an idealization of the ordering principle of the global city and the ultimate symbol of borderless mobility. This Requiem is therefore a lament to the necessary death of a carbon industry.
    Dies Irae is a live mix from a public intervention performed in the streets of Glasgow during COP26 in Nov 2021, while broadcast live on As If Radio at Civic House and mixed with open mics live transmitting sound from the flightpaths of Heathrow airport, connecting distant social sites on radio.

    Performers: Brigitte Hart, Zolan Quobble, Ella Finer, Rose Dagul, Sasha Baraitser Smith, Ben Parry, Peter McCaughey, Yanis Paikos, David Lees, Rob Bidder, Lia Mazzari 
Field Recordings and Organ: Lia Mazzari
Organ bellows: Judith Hamman 
Arias: The Heathrow Resident, The Airport Hotel Owner, The Frequent Flyer, The Commuting Artist or the Airtist currently based in...
The entire Live Intervention was broadcast on AS If RADIO and can be listened to here

  • Kunstradio Ep4 - “Radio Book” by Jasmina Al-Qaisi

    17 February 2022  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    A writer writes and quotes books. I write with my voice and quote my grandma. I am a Radio Poet getting away with telling the truth. ‘Radio book’ is my first book, the book of books I’ve never written, a library delirium, a shelf of wishes, a couple of literary references, a few secrets and complaints. Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a writer for voice and paper. She appears sometimes in other forms: as a walking scientist, the schnelle musikalische hilfe service, or as the only agent for the Self-Entitled-Self-Entitlement-Office. She often makes waves on various radios and is a member of the sound interested artist group Research and Waves. She co-authors diverse audio actions with the artist Ralf Wendt.
  • Mobile Radio residency - Glasgow Calling Scale live with Nichola Scrutton

    17 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    In collaboration with Radiophrenia and the Goethe Institut Glasgow ‘Mobile Radiophrenia’ is a cultural exchange and radio residency that will result in five new live broadcast works. The artist duo Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann) from Ürzig in Germany have been invited over to work with five Glasgow based artists or artist duos on an intensive daily collaboration that culminates in a live radio performance at 5pm each day. The performances have been devised within the following framework:

    ‘Glasgow Calling Scale: a verbal response series in five parts’
    There are five grades starting with the most musical:

    Mon 14th Feb - No verbal response
    Eothen Stearn, Lady Neptune, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington.

    Tues 15th Feb - Incomprehensible sounds
    Elina Bry, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington.

    Weds 16th Feb - Inappropriate words
    Cindy Islam, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington.

    Thurs 17th Feb - Confused
    Nichola Scrutton, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington.

    Fri 18th Feb - Oriented
    Rebecca Wilcox, Hannah Ellul, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington.

    Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann began Mobile Radio in 2005. It was established as a travelling project to build upon their work across Europe in the fields of radio and sound art which had arisen during the three years that they helped to establish the London art radio station Resonance 104.4FM. Their work takes them to media and art festivals, conferences, universities and one-off events where they run short-lived radio stations, create special live broadcasts or edited pieces, give workshops or talks, design radio installations and play concerts. Their interest in radio technology is complemented by their live electronic improvised music project Tonic Train (radio terminology for ‘interrupted continuous wave’) which features radio feedback and mini transmitters built into circuit-bent instruments.

    They have been invited as guest ‘radio experts’ by projects tapping into a renewed interest in experimental radio and ‘radio art’. Now based in Germany, they continue the work of Mobile Radio with those who want to develop concepts through the medium of radio. They have acted as organisers, curators and artistic directors for high profile radio projects at the 30th São Paulo Biennial, documenta 14 and Radio Revolten, the largest festival of radio art in the world. Mobile Radio remains a personal artistic journey to create radio work which arises from their encounters and surroundings. Their mission remains to seek out new forms of radio by taking radio production out of the studio environment.

    They are currently working on Radio Art Zone, a premier showcase of radio art as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.

    Nichola Scruttonis an award-winning composer, vocalist and artist who works across a range of mediums and processes. Nichola has extensive experience as a collaborator in interdisciplinary and participatory contexts. She is currently developing a new multi-faceted body of work including ensemble performance Night Vision.

  • Buffer Zone

    17 February 2022  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Nwando Ebizie - The Swan (3:58)
    2) Xelís de Toro - Criscrossing (7:48)
    3) Diana Duta & Paul Haworth - Squeeeeak (11:56)


    1) Nwando Ebizie - The Swan
    Nwando Ebizie is a constellation point for a spectrum of multidisciplinary works that call for RADICAL change.

    She challenges her audience to question their perceived realities through art personas, experimental theatre, neuroscience, music and African diasporic ritualistic dance. Carving out her own particular strand of Afrofuturism, she combines research into the neuroscience of perception (inspired by her own neurodiversity) and an obsession with science fiction with a ritualistic live art practice.

    Works include her immersive sensory environment Distorted Constellations, her pop persona Lady Vendredi (a blaxploitation heroine from another dimension!) and the building of her long-term operatic experience, Hildegard: Visions. This award winning work has toured across the world. She has performed in Tokyo (Bonobo), Rio de Janeiro (Tempo Festival), Berlin (Chalet), Latvia (Baltais Fligelis Concert Hall) and Zurich (Blok) as well as across the UK from Home MCR to the Barbican and Southbank Centre.

    Nwando works across media, genre and artforms creating mythopoetic metanarratives and alternate realities. Her work is a drawing together of the pieces that she is in a frozen moment of ever-living infinite regress.

    Always political and grounded in a mytho-scientific perspective she invites viewers and participants to join her at the Crossroads. At the crossroads where you can choose to pass through the cosmic mirror and touch alternate realities. The realities of what could have been and what should have been and what may possibly be. She works with speculative fictions, possible dreams and lucid worlds.

    2) Xelís de Toro - Criscrossing

     This piece is a combination of sounds recorded in Galicia and in the Southeast of England coast mixed with vocal manipulations of words uttered while walking. It tries to create a no-geographic place, with a no-linguistic expression, that tries to create a dome of sound inviting to wander inside. Vocalic, no semantic voices mix with recognizable sounds such as bells and water to draw an unbalanced landscape. This piece has been produced by Currently Off Air.
    Xelís de Toro is a Galician writer, performer and singer based in Brighton. He has published several awarded novels in Galician and a great number of children books (his most recent novel Feral river has been published in English, He has performed internationally as a solo performance and spoken word artist and is the singer of the Brighton based band Chopchop. In 2021-2022 he will be working in a ACE funded project on Sound Poetry.

    3) Diana Duta & Paul Haworth - Squeeeeak


    Squeeeeak! is a collaboration between Diana Duta and Paul Haworth. The writing process began around the theme of dreams. Fascinating as they can be, dreams are also banal and tedious to describe. The writing developed to encompass the language of advertising and therapy (specifically the bland contemporary iterations often spouted through social media in lieu of access to professional mental health services). In both the writing and sound, it is a collaged and tonal work.
    Recorded live in Jambes, from London and Brussels in August 2021. Voices: Diana Duta and Paul Haworth. Live sound mixing: Diana Duta.


    Diana Duta is an artist based in Brussels since 2016. Her project Jambes is a recording studio commissioning new work by artists experimenting with sound and voice.
    Paul Haworth is active in painting, hip hop and writing. He is the author of Alone, Desperate and Going Nowhere, Silk Handkerchiefs, Andy de Fiets: Letter to Robin Kinross (written with Sam de Groot) and the music fanzine Homelovin'. Haworth studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (Oxford) and De Ateliers (Amsterdam).


  • Autumn Chacon - What Will Be Lost

    17 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    What Will Be Lost is a new collaborative work between the Indigenous US based artist and Sandra Marja West, sámi activist, artist, and member of the sámi Parliament. Drawing on her own history of vocal activism, Autumn’s work stands in solidarity with the current dispute the sámi face against big copper mining in sápmi. What Will Be Lost, is 2 simultaneous broadcasts in which words directed at the German Copper Buying Industry is interrupted by a second broadcast of the land, water, animals, and peoples who will be negatively affected by copper extraction in sápmi. * * Chacon and West first became friends when Sandra’s family spent the winter of 2016/2017 at the Standing Rock occupation in North Dakota, United States where a proposed oil pipeline threatened the livelihood of the Lakota Nations. They were reunited in spring 2017 when Autumn and a delegation of North American Indigenous women travelled to Norway to plead with its banks and parliament to divest from the North American pipeline and were successful in a 3.5 billion dollar withdrawal. A co-commission between Borealis Festival and Radiophrenia. Autumn Chacon is an Indigenous (Diné), multi-media and new-media artist of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area of the United States. From an early age she has been an active community organizer for the advancement of Native American Rights, Environmental Justice, and Media Rights and Access. Being a self taught artist her work reflects her activist values. Autumn has shown work domestically and abroad, in the mediums of sound, performance, and electronic installation. With no lack of stories to be told Autumn strives to engage through new media technologies even if her stories are very old. *Diné means “The People” or “Children of the Holy People” and is the name preferred by the Navajo people – a native american tribe.
  • Alison Scott - A meteor-ontology

    17 February 2022  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    A domestic narrative finding connections between astronomy, meteorology, and the everyday. Script, voiceover and NOAA satellite weather image radio recordings by Alison Scott; sound design and editing by Joe Howe. Text developed from visits to Scottish Meteorological Society’s archive of personal weather diaries, featuring idiosyncratic and folkloric accounts documenting past weathers. Satellite recordings made by DIY methods learnt from ‘open-weather’ (Sophie Dyer and Sasha Engelmann). Joe worked with the vocal recordings to degrade, obscure, abstract and filter meaning. Commissioned by Collective for Satellites Programme 2020; presented in the exhibition ditto, ditto, ditto by Alison Scott in July 2021. Alison Scott is an artist, writer, and art-worker who often works with other artists on projects. Her work is research-led and driven by interests in expanded performance and writing practices. Joe howe is a musician and sound designer specialising in sound for artists and jazzy electronics:
  • Live-to-Air - p6 and Von Calhau!

    17 February 2022  7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    p6 and the Tory Gloryhole

    Von Calhau!  – untitled   

    p6 and the Tory Gloryhole
        “So proud to be your sinner, in this reverse confessional” Unknown Poet ‘Sanguine Tears’,
        Poetfreak 2019

    Is it possible to rewire narcissism and humility? Reconcile sadism and masochism[1]? The revelation of human polarity and the ‘switch’[2] aesthetic are explored in a confessional ritual for radio. Using found sound, field recordings, electronics and personal / social irreverence, p6 brings mortifying, thrilling and downright banal lived experience together for an invited and uninvited audience. Duality abounds, a scent of righteous anger and absurdity in equal measure. Unsurprising from the offspring of disordered personality traits[3] and family tragedy[4]. The High Holy Disco Mass [5] can now begin.  

    Content Warning: 18yr+ only. Potential themes of BDSM sexuality, spirituality and violent trauma. 

    This autobiographical performance contains reference to lived experience of sexual violence, sadomasochism and a family murder (please listen with caution). Support for the issues raised can be found via Victim Support Scotland on 0800 160 1985

    [1] Marquis de Sade – Wikipedia, [2] Top, bottom, switch (BDSM) – Wikipedia, [3] Types of personality disorders – Mental Health UK (, [4] Home – Victim Support Scotland, [5] Clock DVA (1982)

    p6 is the artistic name of Glaswegian Phil Eaglesham (b.1965 – he/him), former vocalist with Stretchheads & Desalvo and currently in duo Security along with numerous collaborations on music and performance in OV (Glasgow Film Festival) and VIDIV (Unfix Festival). Self-taught via an 80s DIY hardcore punk background, he became known as a confrontational and provocative performer with increasingly queer perspective as a homophobic UK Government raged and the first waves of the AIDS pandemic landed ashore. His professional life had a parallel trajectory as a nurse in mental and public health, suicide prevention, blood borne viruses, HIV and sexual health, substance use, justice and ultimately in homelessness and human rights. His own lived experience of childhood and adult trauma alongside an increasing interest in esoteric and ritual responses to an increasingly draconian and divisive world has become a more recent autobiographic focus. Now retired from public service, he works as a walking tour guide, lives in Inverclyde in polyamory bliss and is slowly substituting his oversized vinyl collection for fine malt whiskies.

    Thee Western Lands (
    Twitter: @misterp6 | IG: @pee_six

    Von Calhau!  – untitled 
    Sound piece for voice and electronics.

    Von Calhau!, born 2006, lives between Lisbon and Porto. It’s all work developed by Marta Ângela and João Artur. The duo’s work has been presented in the recognizable forms of music, text, visual arts, performance, among others. They have shown their work across Europe, São Paulo, New York, in venues like Serralves Museum, Palais de Tokyo, Cafe Oto, Sesc Pompeia, etc; and published books or released music through publishers/labels like Culturgest, Kraak, Discrepant, Takuroku, among others.
  • Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 3: Howl's Vowels

    17 February 2022  9:30 pm - 10:00 pm

    Thanks to T S Quevedo Dixon.
  • Shorts 38

    17 February 2022  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1. Radio Limbo Presents... Static Winter - 83 & The Visitation. (9:48)/ 2. Mireille Fauchon & John Hughes - Garden Side (2:50)/3. Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 6: Mash Up - If vs This Be The One = Unless This Be  (3:03)/4. Anna Kravets - Closer (4:32)/5. Dave O Mahony -  iNSOMNIA 2 (6:32)/6. Silvia Malnati - Out Of Touch (10:15)/7. Welding Draper - Orpheus/Radio Waves (9:59)/8. Konstantin Weber - Image descriptions (3:45)/9. Phaune Radio - Petites Natures: Fire (4:17)

    1 Radio Limbo Presents... Static Winter - 83 & The Visitation.
    2 Mireille Fauchon and John Hughes - Garden Side

    A short story told across a London garden fence.

    Mireille Fauchon and John Hughes share an interest in tales of lives experienced, often absurd and comical, anecdotal stories and their association with place and environment. The position of their interests within the realms of sound and listening is in the role of the raconteur, ever mutable storylines and the desire to be known, heard and understood by others. 

    3 Johnny Dixon – Remixed Poetry 6: Mash Up - If vs This Be The One = Unless This Be

    4 Anna Kravets - Closer
    Radio art piece composed in the frame of POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration, a project organized by SEMI SILENT in 2020. Sonic voices, meaningful voices, object-voices, a multitude of possible voices assembling in a polyglot, virtual atrium. POLYPHONIC ECHOES is a sound art & poetry project, using translations in multiple languages as independent sonic objects, each with their own indi- vidual modes of discourse. 
    Light, in those lands, was an advanced synesthesia
 condensed in sound, movement and vibration, beyond gravity.
Source-sorceress, put your nger on the wound, reach the focal point, extract
the war, the riot, and the chaos, bring out the peace, the love and the silence.
The peace, the love and the silence were the essential universal coordinates.
The smoldering horn and the shrieking trumpets, surrounded by discreet harmonies, wavy distinctions: the teguments were all enduring a lack of sentience.
To dislodge the melted nuclei of the sun-sisters: how can I get closer?
To cherish the pulse in all that separates us, the exhausted salts, after so many recrystalli- zations
to feed them at simultaneous births of twisted galaxies.
I look down on you all from my blind spot: frowning Asthenes, keen to burn everything down,
Two-faced Makari - slimy, hated by all, bursting of hatred themselves, tormented
by bad climate, with stolen sun - on whose planet
the dumbest Flyters kept skuttering, destroying what was left of the food chain,
then Sloots, marching on their own hair, launching telemantic attacks,
Storlings - ocks of Daytinghales collapsed in themselves, appearing on a whim, disap- pearing without notice -
absent Spirrons, arrogant Twitts. Out of these coexisting realities,
apathy is the cruelest foe. I see now:
they beg to be, waiting for a mysterious love.

    Anna Kravets (Kyiv, Ukraine) is a researcher holding a double Master’s in cultural studies and social sciences. Her elds of activity include radio art and radio journalism, podcast- ing, translation. In her work and research projects, she has addressed linguistic aspects of power relations and mechanisms of collective imaginary, anthropology of voice, work in migration, experimental media. In 2017, she founded the Radio International experimental radio workshop. Her current projects oscillate between work and routine philosophies, conditions of precarity, shifted subjectivity and participative vocalizations. She runs a radio show about the transformations of work and leisure on RUI/ Cashmere Radio. 

    Valentina Chiriță, poet and performer. She published the volume umilirea animalelor (CDPL, 2010) under the pseudonym val chimic, and poetry in the anthologies De ce pisicile n-au coadă (Art, 2017) and Hotel Cosmos (frACTalia, 2019). She was part of the perfor- mance groups EGG NO EGO and Local Goddesses, with contributions in street art, instal- lation, invented rituals, asemic writing, and guided meditation, for public spaces or art galleries. In 2001, she coordinated the Bucharest international festival Live Art Platform.
    5. Dave O Mahony - iNSOMNIA 2

    This piece is a visceral reaction to the events of the 2020/2021 pandemic, the isolation and disconnection the whole world felt and in particular it is a personal examination of insomnia induced by uncertainty, fear and the struggle with loss. It is a look inside, to see who is looking back.

    Dave O Mahony is a PhD graduate from the University of Limerick, Ireland. His compositions have been performed at the Sines & Squares Festival 2014 & 2016 (Manchester, UK), the Hilltown New Music Festival (Ireland), the Daghda Gravity & Grace Festival (Ireland), the Society of ElectroAcoustic Music United States conferences 2018 and 2019 (Eugene Or. & Boston Ms), the New York Electro Acoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) 2018 and 2021 and the the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)/ New York Electro Acoustic Music Festival joint 2019 event (both in New York, NY.), the 2018 and 2019 ElectroAcoustic Barn Dance (Jacksonville Fl.), as part of the Earth-Day Art Model online festivals 2020/2021 and as part of the New Music Gathering 2021 online event. He is a member of Irish Sound Science and Technology Association (ISSTA) and has an interest in the brainwave manipulation of modular synthesizers.

    6. Silvia Malnati  - ‘Out Of Touch’

    Does everyone enjoy being hugged? Is the experience of touch the same for everyone? Mair Eliott is a Welsh Young Patient Activist diagnosed with autism. Éimear came to terms with moving from her reserved Irish upbringing to a more tactile society in Italy, where she lived for two years when she was 22. The two women reflect on their faceted relationship with the sense of touch, particularly during the global pandemic when they are deprived of it.

    Silvia Malnati is a radio producer and a DJ based in London. Whilst working at Honest Jon’s Records, she produces Nice Strangers, a monthly experimental radio show on Noods Radio. In addition, Silvia co-founded Sagome, a music label that releases tapes and promotes events and sound projects across the borders. In 2021, she was selected by the BBC and the Institute of Contemporary Arts London for their New Creatives scheme.

    7 Welding Draper - Orpheus/Radio Waves
    Orpheus/Radio Waves reflects on a time when the birth of radio and broadcasting held enormous promise. The ghost of Marconi speaks of the first transatlantic signal and Sir John Reith discusses expanding radio throughout the British Empire. By sequencing and utilizing filters Welding has produced a unique audio work that also reflects on the myth of Orpheus and the allure of sound. The question is asked, what is broadcast and what is ultimately received?
    An MA Fine Art student at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Welding Draper creates soundscapes from pre-recorded audio, then overlays his own spoken poetry. He has exhibited paintings at The Royal Academy, London and his recent work was broadcast during Decamp Volume Festival in Schlosspark, Stuttgart, Germany.

    8 Konstantin Weber - Image descriptions

    Born as photographic works, digital AI-assisted transformation processes turned images first into data sets and then into short, image-describing sentences. 
The final transformation was done using a commissioning platform where I paid a person to record the image descriptions in the style of an ASMR, so that the basic photographic material was now transformed into an audible form. 
The results create a new image that, through the listener's imagination alone, creates a secret image of the original photographic work.

    9. Phaune Radio - Petites Natures: Fire
  • Francis Heery - Moon Phases

    17 February 2022  11:00 pm - 18 February 2022  12:00 am

    Moon Phases is a 60 minute ‘sonic apparition’, that transforms the radio into a spiritualist medium. It is inspired by WB Yeats’ esoteric work A Vision, the raw material for which came from Yeats’ wife Georgina, who acted as a medium, channelling voices from the beyond. Moon Phases is structured around the 28 lunar phases as they appear in A Vision, with each phase assigned to a specific combination of modulated harmonics. It will be an occult presence emanating from the airwaves— a ‘haunting’ of the inner and outer spaces into which the music emanates.

    Francis Heery (b.1980) is a composer and sound artist. His music is inspired by science-fiction, occultism and animal aesthetics. He is an accomplished improvisor and specializes in long-form, site-specific performances in public spaces. His instrumental works have been performed by the RTE Symphony Orchestra, the Crash Ensemble, the Quiet Music Ensemble, the Talujon Percussion Ensemble and by soloists including Carin Levine, Pascal Galois, Izumi Kimura and James Aylward.

    He also produces ‘Fortean’ electronic music under the name The Cube of Unknowing.
18 February 2022
  • Francis Heery - Moon Phases

    17 February 2022  11:00 pm - 18 February 2022  12:00 am

    Moon Phases is a 60 minute ‘sonic apparition’, that transforms the radio into a spiritualist medium. It is inspired by WB Yeats’ esoteric work A Vision, the raw material for which came from Yeats’ wife Georgina, who acted as a medium, channelling voices from the beyond. Moon Phases is structured around the 28 lunar phases as they appear in A Vision, with each phase assigned to a specific combination of modulated harmonics. It will be an occult presence emanating from the airwaves— a ‘haunting’ of the inner and outer spaces into which the music emanates.

    Francis Heery (b.1980) is a composer and sound artist. His music is inspired by science-fiction, occultism and animal aesthetics. He is an accomplished improvisor and specializes in long-form, site-specific performances in public spaces. His instrumental works have been performed by the RTE Symphony Orchestra, the Crash Ensemble, the Quiet Music Ensemble, the Talujon Percussion Ensemble and by soloists including Carin Levine, Pascal Galois, Izumi Kimura and James Aylward.

    He also produces ‘Fortean’ electronic music under the name The Cube of Unknowing.