Sat 19

19 February 2022
  • Eli Ishac & Nour Sokhon - I’ve Heard of This Place

    19 February 2022  12:00 am - 1:00 am

    A live set, by Eli Ishac and Nour Sokhon performed in 2021 across different private (homes) and public (Riwaq, Beirut) spaces in Lebanon. The covid-19 pandemic, and specifically the incidents Lebanon has witnessed in the last two years, has altered the perception of our daily environment. “I’ve Heard of This Place”, transports the listener into a world of intimate stories shared through mobile devices (Beirut & Athens) before the covid-19 pandemic. Not for all, but for many the pandemic has provided room for individuals to reflect upon their lives before masks became as ordinary to purchase as bread.

    Eli is a studio producer, Ableton instructor and music trainer. In his production work, he often collaborates with individuals and local humanitarian organizations to create original and emotion-provoking music for their advocacy campaigns. As a music producer he supports artists in their creative making process (arrangement, musical theory, mixing & mastering). In addition he collaborates with artists from various disciplines; filmmakers, photographers, dancers and writers. Since 2006, he was a member and co-founder of the Lebanese band “Awham Beirut” and has recently expanded into different collaborations with “STRPD” and “Funkermonk”.

    Nour Sokhon is a Lebanese interdisciplinary artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her creative explorations have been in the form of sound compositions, sound performances, interactive installations and moving images. In 2019, she received the Emerging Artist Prize at the Sursock Museum, for a moving image piece entitled "Revisiting: Hold Your Breath”, and has recently been awarded the Braunschweig Project Sound Art 2020 scholarship. Nour has exhibited and performed her artwork internationally in various cities such as Beirut, Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, London, Paris and Hamburg. She is also a member of two sound collectives Tse Tse Fly Middle East and Heya.
  • Jed Miner - Skolite Vocal Mix

    19 February 2022  1:00 am - 2:30 am

    I composed Skolite Vocal Mix using analog and digital oscillators to interact with my voice. The goal was to create a kind of vocal radio scanning approach where electronic sounds are tuned based on my singing. Tiny changes in the sound are due to the effect of the heartbeat on my breath among other nasal and throat singing techniques. 

    A delay effect is used on the live sound which is recorded on two separate tracks as a sterep image with the oscillators on the left channel and vocals on the right. Creating audio for the mix is iterative, with each recording being a different permutation of the same basic modular synthesizer patch that develops over time. 

    Jed Miner is an Artist working in Sound, Video and Painting from Brooklyn, NY born in 1975. He is currently creating live glitch analog video in the field using vintage video cameras and composing live electronic music on modular synthesizers in Oberlin, Ohio.
  • Helena Celle's Midnight Channel - 16th April 2021

    19 February 2022  2:30 am - 3:00 am

    Helena Celle is a Glaswegian artist and audio engineer. She is concerned with the participatory representation of the imaginal through the organisation of sound, image and language, and currently produces an hour (or more) of original work for patrons every month. She plays guitar in the band Herbert Powell (Lost Map Records), and previously played bass guitar in the band Anxiety (La Vida Es Un Mus Records).
  • BaRiya Studios - Med Dew Dims

    19 February 2022  3:00 am - 5:00 am

    Med Dew Dims is a Nocturnal broadcast, where poems have been granulated and then played, and self-generated, and passed through 8 M4L Devices (created to interpret chemical properties of 8 mediums - Bromine, Mercury, Glycerine, Gold, Olive Oil, Iron, Alcohol, and Sulphuric Acid), to come together as a non-cooperative movement towards the scarcities imposed upon by ensuing (mis)managements, a movement to be able to attain a sense of timelessness in our practice through pandemic, overwhelming panic and crisis, and an act of watering the basic instincts of sonic translations amidst incapable whispers of ‘not being able to help’. Pratyush Pushkar and Riya Raagini aka BaRiya is an independent emerging Trans-disciplinary Artist duo from New Delhi, India. Navigating disorientedly (poetically) BaRiya assume art as an organ to dissolve-dwell through the remains of marginalized spirituality, create a vocal consensus with nature, meditate all through the gender spectrum, and probe (quantum) compulsions: while acknowledging truthfully the binary and racial barriers questioning intimate spiritual inventions.
  • Mark Vernon - A World Behind This World

    19 February 2022  5:00 am - 6:45 am

    Mark Vernon

    A World Behind This World

    A composed soundscape created from sounds recorded on location at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden and the surrounding areas. Originally produced for SSW’s radio station Lumsden Live in 2021.

    Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist whose practice focuses upon
 field recording, the manipulation of environmental sounds and acousmatic presence.
 Operating on the fringes of sound art, music and broadcasting, his work explores ideas 
of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and the reappropriation of found sounds. A
 keen advocate of radio as an art form, he co-runs Glasgow art radio station,
 Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.



  • Manja Ristic - Whirls Of Neretva, Bunur Bridge Mostar

    19 February 2022  6:45 am - 7:00 am

    Manja Ristić is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001) and was awarded a PGDip as a Solo/Ensemble Recitalist from the Royal College of Music, London (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician as well as a composer and an improv musician Manja has performed all across Europe and the US, and has been involved in collaborations with established conductors and performers, multimedia artists, poets, theatre and movie directors. Manja’s sound related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts.

    Manja is the founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004), that by her guidance developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences and educational platforms in the fields of scene and multimedia arts. She works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.

    1. 30 minutes before
  • Helena Celle - Radiophonic Music (September)

    19 February 2022  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    Helena Celle is a Glaswegian artist and audio engineer. She is concerned with the participatory representation of the imaginal through the organisation of sound, image and language, and currently produces an hour (or more) of original work for patrons every month. She plays guitar in the band Herbert Powell (Lost Map Records), and previously played bass guitar in the band Anxiety (La Vida Es Un Mus Records).
  • Shorts 13

    19 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Ilaria Boffa - Conversations, Sotto Voce (1:59)
    2. Vincent Eoppolo - Pythia (3:28)
    3. Cinzia Nistico - One Dimension and a Half Episode 12 (7:42)
    4. Dani Gal & Bernhard Schreiner - Cloudification (12:32)
    5. Aleksandar Zecevic and Carol Sawyer - Subjoyride (7:00)
    6. Luke Fowler - PLANTS extract4 GRM SPACESEND (4:15)
    7. Jovana Backović & Ana Seferović - Freedom Throws The Prescribed Tomorrow Down The Mountain (4:39)
    8. Craig Gell - Imogen Holst's Kitchen / Imogen Holst's Kitchen In Retrograde (7:54) 
    9. Nagaver - Asuramani (6:13)

    1. Ilaria Boffa - Conversations, Sotto Voce

    Conversations in Venice are confessions of love. Everything speaks of eternity and decay, everything ready to sink and reborn. Field recording taken at Zattere area and Jewish Ghetto in Venezia.

    Poem ‘Conversations, sotto voce’
    Loosen the rope
    secured to the bollard
    onto the wharf.
    Unmoor, I hold you.

    Ilaria Boffa is an Italian poet. She writes bilingual poetry and she has published three poetry collections to date. She is one of the eight authors included in the North East American Association publication ‘Writing in a Different Language’ Vol XL 2018.
    Over the last years, she has been experimenting with field recording, blending her spoken word with sound. Her sonopoems have been played at international experimental sound art festivals and radios. In 2021, two audio-video installations, produced in collaboration with international video-artists, have been exhibitedat the Mahalla Festival in Instanbul and the Nature&Culture Poetry Film Festival in Copenhagen. (,

    2. Vincent Eoppolo - Pythia

    A work inspired by the Oracle of Delphi.
    Eoppolo’s work is a synthesis of various sound art traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art.  Eoppolo’s compositions have been presented at the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Ensemble Mise_en Open Studio Festival in Brooklyn, UtopieSonore in Nantes, France and De NaturaSonorum in Rome, Italy. Many of his works have been featured on new music radio programs in France, Italy, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and the USA.    Eoppolo studied composition and theory at the Delaware School of Music. 

    3. Cinzia Nistico  - One Dimension and a Half Episode 12

    CinziaNistico: voice/music/script/field recording   Igor Iofe: trumpet

    In this podcast I merge both the principle of storytelling and songs, marking a counterpoint between sounds/music and the narration, a sort of unsung songs. A journalist’s semi-dada journal about an expedition aimed at reaching Earth’s fluid strata. The story alludes to the Nordic myth of Jörmungandr the World Serpent which marks Ragnarök, a serie of natural disasters leading to the submersion of the Earth in water. The first season focuses on events preceding the expedition, the second focuses on the mission itself.

    4. Dani Gal & Bernhard Schreiner - Cloudification

    Cloudification and Sandification deal with the deterioration of solid materials that transforms
    into topographical and geographical impossibilities. Through acoustic and semi-automated instrumental interactions the compositions interlock sounds of public spaces, nature and radio noises into each other. The complementary pieces are situated between soundscape, soundtrack and free improvisation to become intimate pieces that open up hallucinatory acousmatic space.

    Dani Gal: e-guitar, electric motors, effects, radio
    Bernhard Schreiner: male tanpura, snare drum, small objects, field-recordings

    Bernhard Schreiner (1971, Austria) studied at the Staatliche HochschulefürBildendeKünste, (Städelschule) in Frankfurt am Main. Schreiner’s work is spread over diverse media such as sound, photography, film, and installation. His artworks have been shown at IMMA-Dublin, Staedelmuseum-Frankfurt, Goethe-Institute-NYC, SchirnKunsthalle-Frankfurt, NKV Wiesbaden, KunsthalleLingen, ... Some of his audio-works have been released with labels such as Baskaru (FR) or Small World (Los Angeles).

     Dani Gal (1975, Jerusalem) lives and works in Berlin. He studied at Bezalel Academy for Art and Design in Jerusalem, Staatliche HochschulefürBildendeKünsteStädelschule in Frankfurt and in Cooper Union in New York. His films and art installations have been shown at the 54th VeniceBiennale (2011), Istanbul Biennale (2011), New Museum New York (2012), Kunsthalle St. Gallen Switzerland (2013), The Jewish Museum New York (2014),Berlinale Forum Expanded (2014), Kunsthaus Zurich (2015), Kunsthalle Wien(2015), Documenta 14 (2017), Centre Pompidou (2018) and at Club TransMedialeFestival Berlin (2020).

    5. AleksandarZecevic and Carol Sawyer–Subjoyride

    The enclosed version of "Subjoyride" is a radiophonic homage to the DADA poetry of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.- born Else Hildegard Ploetz. Radiophonic version of "Subjoyride "is a remix of the sound design track for the video that is a part of the "CUAG" gallery exhibition In Ottawa -

    “Subjoyride” is made from sound manipulation of the poem performance
    by Carol Sawyer and recordings of children's instruments and pans.

    AleksandarZecevic started his career in sound design in 1986 in Belgrade, Serbia. 1992 Aleksandar moved to Canada, where he works as a freelance Sound Engineer, Audio Designer, Sound Artist and Electroacoustic Composer.
    Carol Sawyer is a visual artist and singer working with photography, installation, video, and improvised music. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada. Sawyer studied classical singing, focusing on opera and art song, before training in extended voice with Richard Armstrong. She also has an Honours diploma in photography from ECUAD, and a Masters in interdisciplinary arts from SFU.

    6. Luke Fowler - PLANTS extract4 GRM SPACESEND

    7. Jovana Backović & Ana Seferović- Freedom Throws The Prescribed Tomorrow Down The Mountain

    I'm Jovana, a composer and sound designer based in London. I'm submitting an audio recording of “Freedom Throws The Prescribed Tomorrow Down The Mountain”, a collaborative work of Ana Seferović, a poet and JovanaBacković, a composer.

    This piece is a part of  ongoing ethno-musicological  project “Introduction into the night rituals”, that gathers local stories and family mythologies about women of South-East Serbia. Both Jovana and Ana were born in Belgrade and living in London.
    The Poem is from Ana’s poetry collection Materina.

    8. Craig Gell – Imogen Holst's Kitchen / Imogen Holst's Kitchen In Retrograde

    A room tone recording made in 2019 while on artists residency at Church Walk, Aldeburgh, former home of Imogen Holst - daughter of Gustav Holst, composer, conductor, arranger, musicologist, and assistant to Benjamin Britten. The modest kitchen, where Imogen could famously 'only cook eggs', is set within a 1960s modernist bungalow designed by H.T. Cadbury-Brown.

    Immediately after the original recording is heard, for thematic variation and in tribute to Imogen's father's 'The Planets' suite, the material is performed in retrograde i.e. played backwards, echoing the apparent motion of planetary bodies in space.

    Craig Gell is an artist and composer based in Folkestone, Kent. His practice makes use of field recording, traditional instruments, digital programming, sequencing, sampling and synthesis to create sound installations, compositions and sound art largely focussing on the natural environment and the forces of nature active within it.

    9, Nagaver -Asuramani
  • Birdman750 - Slow Radio Walk

    19 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:30 am

    During the original lockdown, it seemed that anthropogenic sound fell to pre- industrial levels, providing wonderful field recording opportunities. As I was unable to visit my 97 year-old father, I recorded a number of ‘slow radio’ pieces for him, made on my daily walks. One of these is the source material for this piece, recorded on Easter Sunday as I walked in the Slade valley in Gloucestershire. Sometimes recording at locations where previous walks had shown me something and sometimes responding to events with a handheld mic, all the commentary was done ‘live’, as I imagined my father listening.

    Birdman750 aka Hugh Manistre was born in London and educated in Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes, leaving school with an A level in music. After failing to become a rock star, trained as a mental health nurse, specialised in electronic health records, then worked for a software company in Sheffield. Currently working on an oral history project, to support development of a website for Sladebank Woods, in Stroud. 

  • Lise Olsen - The Land Beyond Our Window

    19 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    On March 11, 2020, The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. This happening changed many people’s lives. Everyday, I spent time looking out my window and listened to the eerie silence of my world. I wondered if I could capture this surrealist tale as seen from people’s windows. I began interviewing people on Zoom and I composed fragmented conversations with a mix of field recordings. I wanted to reflect on the rhythms and patterns of everyday life during the lockdown. The stories are told by people looking at the land beyond their window. 

    Lise Olsen is a Scottish-based artist who works in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. She aspires to uncover the traces of what’s hidden using stories, sounds, and images. Her art practice facilitates community projects, soundwalking events, and creating immersive sound compositions. She aims to create a platform to encourage people to think about our connection to place, nature, and society. Lise is a Ph.D. candidate in Sonic Arts at the University of Aberdeen and she is also doing a one year artist in residency with AIM and the Moray Way Association.
  • Jim Cheff: Mary Farfisa Outer Space Radio Theater: A River in Space

    19 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    Welcome to ‘Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater,’ a series of half-hour radio plays for kids, created and written by cartoonist Jim Cheff. The show follows the adventures of Mary Farfisa, an eight-year-old space girl who travels the Universe on her space horse, Briscoe — searching for songs and sounds and music and noise to catch in her audio lasso and share with the Universe!   
    Today's episode -While exploring a river in Outer Space, Mary and Briscoe visit a Nursing Home for Fading Stars. Mary meets a very old Sun named Mr. Corona. He's cooled off, and all the planets that once orbited him have all moved away. Can Mary help? 

    Written and produced by Jim Cheff. Starring Cara Alboucq, Nancy Andrews, Jim Cheff, Bill Culbertson, Kris Culbertson, Miranda Marie, and Anne Slobodchikoff . Music by Cara Alboucq, Terry Alan, Jim Cheff, George and Joyce Clark, Miranda Marie, and Anne Slobodchikoff. ©2017 Jim Cheff, All Rights Reserved.
  • Leonie Roessler & pantea - November

    19 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:30 am

 - A Month Spent between Tehran and The Hague

    Radio Makers: pantea and Leonie Roessler

    Duration: 1:00 hr


    During the month of November pantea and Leonie will engage in a daily conversation. The artists have not met each other in person, but have only gotten an impression of one another during a presentation and short conversation online. 
Every day a one-hour track will travel back and forth between Tehran and The Hague and each artists will add an audio fragment to fill this hour. Bits of conversations, field
recordings of the surroundings, special moments and the mundane regularity of daily life, thoughts that cross their minds, pieces of music they may produce. As the track travels back and forth it will slowly start to paint a vivid picture of two different lives in two different places - two women getting to know each other over the course of one month.
The track can be filled in chronologically or out of order, vertically or in layers horizontally, to produce a richt tapestry of daily life.

    Short Bios:

    pantea is an artist from Iran working with different media to imagine and share new
narratives of ecological connections. She has experience in performance arts, film,
photography, and music. More recently, she is focused on developing a socially engaged practice by exploring possibilities brought about by sound and listening. She has performed and exhibited works nationally and in the Netherlands, Belgium, India, Turkey, and Scotland. She has recently founded Studio Informal with Parsa aiming at exploring new narratives via audiovisual design.

Leonie Roessler - Composer, performer and radio-maker raised in Germany and the US, now based in the Netherlands. Leonie captures her environment through field recordings, which she uses for radio pieces, sound installations, and compositions for soloists and ensembles. She had recent residencies at New Media Society and Limited Access Festival (Iran), Forum Wallis (Switzerland), and The Story of Space Festival (India), and Berlin Circus Biennale (Germany). She is a core artist at LOOS in The Hague and her works have been released through Musica Dispersa (Spain/UK), and Noise á Noise (Iran,) and have been physically archived in the British Library.
  • Buffer Zone

    19 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1)    Ilaria Boffa - Tetralogia Veneziana (14:00)
     2) Mónica Rivas Velásquez (with John Hughes) - This is why the shadow idea is useful (7:15)
    1)    Ilaria Boffa - Tetralogia Veneziana 
    Narrative is a short documentary. Special thanks to Venetian poet Francesco Sassetto for being my 'Cicerone' in Venice and to Signor Ernesto Ortis, recently passed away, for his story of hard work and sacrifice, for sharing his intimate memories and for his kindness.
    Field recording and interviews taken at Salizada S.Giustina and Fondamenta dei Friuliani (Venezia) in 2020.

    Body Memory Hypothesis
    What if the body itself, and not only the brain, was capable of storing memory? What if nostalgia, grief, the passage of others’ lives could persist inside us and manifest through us? Venezia is and has always been a melancholia resonator.
    Field recording taken at Punta della Dogana (Venezia).

    Conversations, Sotto Voce
    Conversations in Venice are confessions of love. Everything speaks of eternity and decay, everything ready to sink and reborn.
    Field recording taken at Zattere area and Jewish Ghetto in Venezia.

    Almost Real
    The unknown, the might-be, the almost real behind the landscape and soundscape of a city that believes in believers.
    Field recording taken at Teatro Cinema Astra in Padua (Italy) during the meet&greet with filmmaker Andrea Segre for the premiere of ‘Welcome Venice’ film part of the ‘Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia 2021’.
    2) Mónica Rivas Velásquez (with John Hughes) - This is why the shadow idea is useful

    This sound work comes from a drawing of a diagram that is a text and then became a sound work. In the text I explore my relationship to a place in the Andean mountains of Colombia while reflecting simultaneously on what language is even useful to do so. Thinking of soil, grass, war and personal history mediated via memory, time and physical distance. In the sound piece I add layers to those intentions to create a soundscape through the words that is not descriptive of place and try to bring in the experience of reading, re-reading, highlighting, drawing and colour.

    I am a Colombian artist living in London. My practice traces ideas of care, encounter and relation through expanded notions of drawing, embodied narratives and the coming together of image, text and voice. My most recent project, currently developed in my AHRC funded PhD, interrogates notions of learning through an auto-ethnographic narrative of encounters with a set of Colombian plants. Manifesting iteratively as publications, performative readings and lectures, the project’s latest strand ‘More than an Object, its Shadow’ has been staged at ICA, Stanley Picker Gallery, Art Licks, South London Botanical Institute, AWL Radio, Theatrum Mundi and Clouds and Tracks.

    Instagram link: MónicaRivasVelásquez

  • Jenny Berger Myhre - Slowly I wake up to another life

    19 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

    Slowly I wake up to my other life is an intimate piece about listening to the soft voice — the one we hear in our dreams, and in our thoughts — and the one we keep for our loved ones. It pays tribute to the intimacy in voice messages between friends, specifically those that are recorded early in the morning, just after sleep. It is a film for the ears about not knowing how to spend the days that come and go, and about coming to terms with the uncertainties of life. To Camila, who inspired and collaborated with me on this from beginning to end. The dreamer — Camila de Laborde Violin & double bass improvisations — Vilde & Inga (Vilde Sandve Alnæs & Inga Margrete Aas) Supercollider patches and sinus waves — Niklas Adam Modular synth — Niklas Adam & Jenny Berger Myhre Composed by Jenny Berger Myhre Thanks to Håvard Volden for the Revox B77 tape machine. A co-commission between Borealis Festival and Radiophrenia Jenny Berger Myhre is a multidisciplinary artist working with sound, video, performance and photography, based in Oslo, Norway. Her music is created from field recordings, fragments of melodies, computer generated sequences, modular synths and lo-fi electronics – resulting in soundscapes with references to both the electro-acoustic tradition as well as experimental pop music. Coming from a DIY background, Jenny’s approach to music making is versatile and curious, with an apparent love for the quirky and unpolished. She is interested in personal stories, memories and everyday life. Her work revolves around archives, intimacy, reality and re-contextualisation. Since the release of her debut album Lint in 2017 she has also been working with musician and novelist Jenny Hval, contributing to, and touring with the performance The Practice of Love in 2019. For the past years, Jenny has made several commissions for public spaces and radio, and in 2022 she is releasing her second album Here Is Always Somewhere Else on Breton Cassette.
  • Hayley Suviste - Edgeland (2020)

    19 February 2022  12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

    As Manchester’s streets and skyline are warped by the ever-accelerating process of urban renewal, the city’s edgelands and green spaces are at risk of being swallowed by waves of property development. Not only does this raise questions about the ecology of the city, as carbon sinks are flattened and wildlife is displaced, but it speaks to broader trends pushing urban residents away from shared space, community and local identity.This project shines a light on these spaces and the activists, academics, and local people who have taken up the daunting fight against corporate interests in the city. Hayley Suviste is a sound artist and composer who works with field recordings, archival material, electronic hardware, and live instrumentation to create long-form compositions, sonic installations, and multimedia art projects. Inspired by folk traditions and oral histories, Hayley is interested in the role of sound and voice in the construction and reproduction of cultural identities and sociohistorical narratives, and the role of new compositional technologies in engaging communities with overlooked stories and their environments.Hayley also co-runs The Manchester Ear, a soundwalk initiative which aims to get communities involved with listening to the environment on excursions in and around Manchester.
  • Shorts 27

    19 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Vincent Eoppolo - The Prophecy of Tiresias (3:26) 2. Jenna Collins, Volker Eichelmann & John Hughes - Robert Walser’s ‘Radio’ (9:10) 3. Dorota Blaszczak - Garage Live Stream (15:45) 4. Ortooeen Waves - Transported 3 (7:35) 5. Richard Knight - Snirenissen (13:22) 6. Elisabetta Senesi - In The Midst of Chaos (9:04) 1 Vincent Eoppolo - The Prophecy of Tiresias A work inspired by the blind prophet Tiresias from the Odyssey. Eoppolo’s work is a synthesis of various sound art traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art. Eoppolo’s compositions have been presented at the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Ensemble Mise_en Open Studio Festival in Brooklyn, UtopieSonore in Nantes, France and De NaturaSonorum in Rome, Italy. Many of his works have been featured on new music radio programs in France, Italy, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and the USA. Eoppolo studied composition and theory at the Delaware School of Music. 2 Jenna Collins, Volker Eichelmann, John Hughes - Robert Walser’s ‘Radio’ A sonic response to Robert Walser’s writing on Radio. Yesterday I used a radio receiver for the first time. This was an agreeable way, I found, to be convinced that entertainment is available. You hear something that is far away, and the people producing these audible sounds are speaking, as it were, to everyone - in other words they are completely ignorant as to the number and characteristics of their listeners… (Robert Walser, Microscripts) Jenna Collins, Volker Eichelmann and John Hughes co-edit Clouds and Tracks, an audio project that invites artists and writers to share sonic works and experiments highlighting joint preoccupations. 3. Dorota Blaszczak - Garage Live Stream A selection from two days of continuous recordings of the rhythm of day and night in the garage. Five floors of apartments were broadcasting live, down to the garage: endless streams of water, cars, cleaning machines, steps – all traces of people presence revealed by the autonomous recorder. But caught words demand deleting to stay unheard in the garage soundscape. Dorota Blaszczak is an audio engineer at the Polish Radio Archives in Warsaw and a lecturer at the Sound Engineering Department of Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. She leads courses in interactive sound, works in sound restoration and preservation, creates audio works and interactive projects. 4. Ortooeen Waves - Transported 3 Paul Harrison (currently releasing under lots of different project names on many small labels and my own bandcamp ORTOOEEN WAVES - TRANSPORTED will be getting a release in July on Wormhole World: 5. Richard Knight - Snirenissen An alchemical time-travel fragment, made for radio, on the myth of Dick Turpin, the vicissitudes of adolescence and the horrors of folk. A scratch performance of three acts of a time-travel radio play mixes the Dick Turpin myth, my hometown and a teenage dream of transcendence. It contains elements of Sprechstimme and is envisioned as an operetta. André Breton and Isaac Newton make cameo appearances. Maya Deren and Yves Klein preside. The title appeared to me in a dream. It turns out it’s an anagram of ‘innerness’. Richard has a radio show ‘The Four Points Are Thus Beheld’ for SoundArt Radio (102.5FM Devon) and makes sound art and graffiti. Post lockdown, he is exploring the art of looking, oracular experiments and poetry. He has worked in youth clubs, community projects and on specific commissions. His recent public sculpture includes a ‘Baron’ in the Lincoln Trail and ‘We’ve Got This/Ethics, Public Service and Art’ which Solace toured nationally until lockdown intervened. His sound art has featured in the Lincoln Frequency Festival and, as Artist in Residence at the National Centre for Craft and Design, he performed ‘Snirenissen’. 6. Elisabetta Senesi - In The Midst of Chaos The piece is composed of many sonic panoramas I shot during first/second lockdown in the Italian countryside, specifically around my neighborhood in Fiesole between April 2020 and May 2021. The sound mix is focused on a hypnotic recall of birds/wild animals, at day and night, with spaces and places in temporary transformation due to the pandemic void. The composition is built upon the idea of a multi layered landscape and dreamy atmosphere with different voices from the wood. Similarly, the audio composition intents to reflect upon our understanding of nature in all its forms and how we relate to it. She was born in Macerata(Central East of Italy) in 1977. She is an artist/academic working in the field of sonic arts/photography and focused on narrative of the mundane and perception/space.In 2010 she completed an MA in Digital Media Arts at the University of Brighton with a focus on Sound Art and was a PhD candidate at the Unit for Sound Practice Research at Goldsmiths College in London. Her works includes soundwalking events, interactive installations and intervention, accurate field recordings and audio compositions. She lives and works in Florence as artist and teacher in Sonic Arts/Photography at different levels.
  • Omsk Social Club - Utopiates

    19 February 2022  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    “Utopiates: The Freedom Cell’ is a real game play which features thematics of understanding acid as a primal technology. The work used the material substance of concentrated LSD to open up a collective perfomance of artificially induced virtual reality. The participants explored the collective mind made neurocosmic through social intelligence, technological extensions and radical holographic imagineering. The RGP was created by Omsk Social Club and the sonic recording cut up and sampled by Alexander Iezzi. The piece was commissioned by Cashmere Radio as part of Passages curated by Sarah Johanna Theurer. 

    Omsk Social Club’s work is created between two lived worlds, one of life as we know it and the other of role play. These worlds bleed into one. That is where Omsk positions their speculative fictions, through these immersive installations they move into a territory they coined in 2017 called Real Game Play (RGP). Their work aims to induce states that could potentially be a fiction or a yet, unlived reality. They have exhibited across Europe in various institutions, galleries, theatres and off-sites such as Martin Gropius Bau, House of Electronic Kunst Basel, HKW, Berlin, Volksbühne, Berlin, Stroom den Haag, Den Haag Netherlands and Light Art Space Berlin. They have been included in CTM Festival (2021), 34th Ljubljana Biennial (2021) 6th Athens Biennale (2018), Transmediale Festival (2019), The Influencers (2018) and Impakt Festival (2018). 
  • Freya Johnson Ross - green scream: live studio performance

    19 February 2022  3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

    ‘green scream’ is both a text and script for live performance, exploring modes and situations in which humans employ a ‘mask’ – emotionally, through dissimulation, role playing, miming, lip syncing, or mimesis. You are invited to participate in the performance by downloading the script and voicing a part in dialogue with the studio performers’ broadcast.

    Freya Johnson Ross is an artist and researcher whose practice is focused on sound, multimedia installation and interdisciplinary listening - and how this relates to methodologies for knowledge production. She is interested in the politics of listening, the ethics of making and using personal and institutional archives, and exploring the relationship of translation between sound and text. From Glasgow, she has studied at the University of Cambridge, Wimbledon College of Art, and the University of Sussex, and taught at universities including UCL, De Montfort, and Sussex. 

  • Chris Biddlecombe & David Trouton - Sakaryan Songline

    19 February 2022  3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    Much of our perception of “feeling” in music is culture-specific. In the West, our shared experience of music in film, pop and the media have homogenized into a shared idea of what music “means”. However, there are still some musical cultures where the aesthetics of emotion are expressed quite differently... From the desert lands of Central Australia to the Copper Mines of Northern Turkey, “Sakaryan Songline” is the sonic map of a young Aboriginal jazz drummer’s quest to incorporate the most prized element of “Shimmer” from his own Yolngu culture into the emergent sound of 60’s Australian Jazz. This is a 30 minute pre-recorded broadcast. This audio work is the second part of a larger developmental project that will see a larger percussion collection exhibited in a touring audio-sculptural exhibition 2022/23. Chris Biddlecombe is a sculptor who creates mixed media installations and performances in the UK and internationally. David Trouton is a musician with a history of working in theatre, dance and other collaborative art-forms. Together as No Noise Projects, Chris and David have worked together since 1999 creating audio / sculptural collaborations and theatre. Their sound works often use musical instruments, spoken word, found sounds, electronica and sampling, aligned to multi-media installations. Their projects research historical and contemporary truths, listen to curious logic and lateral whispers, to then go on to create new interpretations, hidden stories and believable fictions.
  • Shona Handley - The Spectrum Sings - Health and Disease

    19 February 2022  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    The Spectrum Sings is an episodical radio project that mixes the audio aesthetics of a poorly funded educational programme, self help tapes and the incessant warped loop that plays in your head. Each episode is recorded live using 3 turntables, a gramophone and improvised dialogue. This is the latest episode of The Spectrum Sings entitled: Health and Disease. Previous episodes: Childhood, War and France have already be broadcast on the radio. Thank you so much for listening and I do hope you can join us next time. Shona Handley has been experimenting with sound art since 2018. Prior to that her art practice encompassed performance, costume and textile design. As well as her radio project ‘The Spectrum Sings’ Shona is currently producing sounds, spoken word, illustrations and video for The Newham Folk Archive a project with Adam Kinsey and a cast of collaborators. Shona also has ‘one of those faces’- so please feel free to talk to her at bus stops. She also designs beer labels for barter. @shona.handley @newhamfolkarchive
  • Joan Schuman - how you treat them is what you are

    19 February 2022  4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    I wonder if every animal is a spirit. That rabbit you saw on the road, the dog you live with, the birds on the feeder in your garden, the spider that hangs in the corner of your bathroom. What if they are all spirits sent to you and how you treat them is what you are? [Paul Kingsnorth, Beast]

    It is puzzling how humans set themselves apart from other animals and why they behave so abhorrently towards them—and benevolently so.

    We love them as they swirl around our ankles, purring. We feed our beloved companions with potentially tortured animals. Even for those who eat flesh and can imagine happily docile farm denizens, there’s conflict: do they feel pain? fear death?

    I try to dream myself into your skin; kiss with your sharp fangs; become your feral children; live as if a stray—a poetic strand was voiced in Woolgathering. Again, here, there’s a lack of clear delineations: villains and heroes, wild and domestic.

    Across earlier projects, these entangled ideas appear in other voices (in Woolgathering, as dream-tellers of animal-others; in Flesh has turned itself to stone or dust, as a whispered inquiry: are animals messengers or promises?; through twinned vocalization and conjoined attachments and dead-bird counts in Catalog of Mourning). This animal triptych hinges three stories about our assumed control over another species. It echoes and unearths and more pointedly denies the ease of hubris. It exploits the embrace of dominion.

    These characters are unlikable for the conceit they espouse (undisguised and unmistakable or more subtle). These stories are distasteful and we’re drawn to them—livid, furious, sad, ambivalent. The latter feeling is propped up by complicity.

    Each scene in the human-animal entanglement is a witness to climate chaos and disease and to the precipitate expectations of commerce as we attempt to control the related, churning mayhem.

    As Paul Kingsnorth wonders and can be further universalized, how we treat them is what we are.
  • Laurie Pitt

    19 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

    A performance consisting of a live conversation between two Generative Pre-trained Transformer Artificial Intelligence models. Starting with the only prompt of the show - “hi” the two a.i.s will autocomplete each others paragraphs and the unfiltered results will be read live by two of API Deepminds text to speech. The sound of the laptop at work will be picked up by a telephone pickup mic which will be fed into the audio. Autocompletion by GPT-J-6B; then GPT-2 will start reading out a new section which will be read to us by GPT-2-2B, which will then have its paragraph autocompleted by GPT-2-6A.

    GPT’s learn to speak from reading webpages, therefore they are a literal synthesis of the internet. 

    GPT-J-6B:  An open source version of GPT-3 of similar performance capabilities. 

    A musician interested in AI:
  • Buffer Zone

    19 February 2022  5:45 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Dreamwreck - Pills (3:03)
    2) Lydia Davies - Regurgitating (2:54)
    1) Dreamwreck - Pills


    Musician Grant Campbell and artist Cosima Cobley Carr form dreamwreck, a transdisciplinary group creating multi-sensory experiences questioning the value of abstract concepts through interrogating the everyday. optic nerve combines ethereal electronic soundscapes with traditional instruments and collage elements, including melodic vocals, spoken word, found or archival sounds and field recordings. Grant’s projects include Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Naked and Canaan Balsam. Cosima has exhibited across the UK, including at the Barbican and Fruitmarket Gallery.

    2) Lydia Davies - Regurgitating
    Regurgitating explores the residues of others' voices in our own; the unwieldy rubble of conversations and phrasing that fill our inner speech. Regurgitating uses the singing voice as a charged outpouring of the body, exploring its association with crying, shouting, pain, and healing.

    As the singing voice attempts to call out, it is reeled back in and broken down into speech, as the mouth’s desire to arrest and communicate is seized in a cycle of regurgitation. Drawing on research into voice, grief, and narrative, Regurgitating considers the ability song has to stage a scene of sentiment, and provide an intersubjective site from which to speak.

    Lydia Davies is an artist based in Glasgow, working across writing, voice, sound, and moving image. Her practice draws on relational selfhood and the role of narrative in how we navigate and relay experience. Her recent work explores how a sense of self is constructed through our relations to people, objects, minutiae, environments, and phenomenal experiences. She completed the Master of Fine Art programme at The Glasgow School of Art in 2021.
    Instagram: @lydiaacdavies
  • Elina Waage Mikalsen - Juolggit julggiid vuostá (the line has two sides)

    19 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:30 pm

    Elina Waage Mikalsen combines her voice raw, as instrument, and with words with electronics, her self-built instruments and field recordings to bring to life ghosts, or in the sámi context “underworld people”. Exploring the long history of erasure of sámi voices and stories in Norway, this new work brings a conversation with the dead to reveal the intentional gaps in historical narratives and restores connections to the past, whilst creating opportunities for the future A co-commission between Borealis Festival and Radiophrenia. Elina Waage Mikalsen is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Tromsø in Northern Norway, currently living in Oslo. She works with performance, textiles, installation and text, in connection to sound and sound practice. Elina has her background in art and film, and was awared the title Young Artist of the Year at the international indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu in 2015. Since then she has participated in a number of group exhibitions and performance programmes. Elina’s artistic work is strongly intertwined with her Norwegian and Sami affiliations. The meeting point between these two cultures in her own family paints a picture of the power relations that haunt the society as a whole. In her work, this intimate view of society becomes a platform to explore themes related to identity and exclusion. In her sound work she often combines her voice with field recordings, electronics and self-built instruments to create sound spaces that sit somewhere between reality and fantasy. It is the emotional and narrative properties of sound that interests her, and how it can function as a time machine which causes time to collapse and sets both future and past in motion.
  • Lucia Scazzocchio - Incarnata

    19 February 2022  6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Incarnata is the sound of a lone howling into the wind. A dog whistle to the unleashed weaponised noise. A clarion call for the silent minority. A plea for your last-minute clemency. A call to arms. A last gasp dance of vitriol to a nearly forgotten melody. It's Jung writing his Red Book. It's McKenna warning of things to come. It's Kurtz left mumbling to himself in the jungle. It's the crackle of strawmen burning. It's burning man shown to be made of straw. Revealing the emperor not only has no clothes but was always stripped thread bare. Incarnata was channeled by Dan Am, narrated by Emeka Diamond, directed by Dannie-Lu Carr and adapted from a live performance into a radio poem by Lucia Scazzocchio. As a sound artist, radio producer, community facilitator and educator Luciahas developed what she calls this ‘Social Broadcasting’. Driven by creating engaging participatory radio and audio experiences that she 'audioscapes' into imaginative on and off-line broadcast initiatives and formats, Social Broadcasting represents the versatility of audio as an evolving social and artistic medium.
  • Sandra Golubjevaite - txt_txtxting

    19 February 2022  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    I write and collect my memories, thoughts, poems, conversations, notes, posts, comments and collage this personal data into polyphonic textual scapes. Through a looped manipulation of meaning I want to achieve a moment of bridged memories with my audience. I am interested in the post-human condition of memories and how managing our data converts into a semi-fictional autobiography.

    Sandra Golubjevaite is an artist, poet and unorthodox coder based in the Netherlands. Continuous prototyping of diy/amateur poetry devices and audiovisual performances lie at the core of her art practice. Through her work she emphasizes the practice of 'non- reading' as one of the contours of reading.
  • Stefano Giampetro - Objects

    19 February 2022  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    What are objects? Just trivial assemblies designed to perform a premeditated function? Objects can be located in an intermediate space between the inanimate and the sensitive. Like photographs, they have the ability to activate memories and create links with people, situations, places, events of our life. They transcend themselves and we pour our being into them, becoming something else from a replica. The dualistic nature of some of my objects , with its poetic, incandescent, melancholy load is expressed here in three chapters. 

    Stefano Giampietro was born in Naples, Italy in 1993. In 2017 he enrolled at the Electronic Music course of San Pietro a Majella Conservatory and got involved in internal projects and live contexts. He played around Italy in multiple events and festivals . His works are related to concrete music practices and focused on themes like space, semantic of sounds, and through atypical use of microphones, tape recorders, he collects material and tries to discover new potential of electroacoustic devices and relations between different sounds.
  • Paul Nataraj - Dub in a Teacup

    19 February 2022  9:00 pm - 9:40 pm

    ‘Dub in A Tea Cup’ is a response to two essays by Henriques and Hall and my research work for the project 'Migrant Memory and the Postcolonial Imagination' which investigates memories of partition and migration in the UKs South Asia diaspora. In these interviews there is a common thread which supports the idea, posited in both essays, that the migrant experience creates a doubling of identity, in-between-ness, a positive complex cultural instability, a ‘where do I fit in?’ This piece uses reggae intros, recorded from my record collection, together with personal reflections on the migrant experience. These two elements combine through the transformative space of the echo, and are never allowed to settle. Hall writes, ‘I am the sugar at the bottom of the English cup of tea’, to get the full flavour you have to stir that sweetness in. Paul holds a practice led PhD in Sound Studies from the University of Sussex. The work, ‘You Sound Like a Broken Record’, was voted in the top ten experimental albums of the year by 'A Closer Listen' magazine 2018. His work explores musical materiality, memory, the personal stories attached to music, and how our relationship with listening and the listened to, changes over time. His work thinks about the rhizomatic connectivity of music and how the dialogue between times, places and spaces open fractures through which to listen differently to the everyday. He has exhibited internationally and had a solo show at Prism Contemporary, Blackburn. He has published articles in ‘The Routledge Companion to Sound Studies’ and ‘The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies’. He is a regular contributor to the online music magazine, Inverted Audio and has written for Soundest fanzine. His sound works have been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Resonance Extra, Radiophrenia, Berlin Community Radio, Threads Radio, NTS, and The Wire’s Adventures in Sound and Music His latest album ‘Cobblestones & Kitchari’ was released in May 2020 on Fractal Meat Cuts.
  • Kamikaze Jones - “Over and Out”

    19 February 2022  9:40 pm - 10:00 pm

    “Over and Out” by Kamikaze Jones

    Over and Out is an experimental radio play that mines the history of—and utilizes—CB radio to sonically investigate the underrepresented legacies of gay cruising culture in the trucker community. CB radio in the United States has historically subversive connotations: primarily as a tool to evade police detection during the 1973 oil crisis, in which a nationally mandated speed limit hindered truck drivers’ productivity and earnings. CB radios were further implemented as a means of organizing blockades to protest the speed limit and, concurrently, to discreetly facilitate sex work. The implicit risks of chance homosexual encounters on the open road (exposure, arrest, persecution) were significantly reduced by the ‘misuse’ of these devices. For this piece, in addition to the manipulation of archival and field recordings, Kamikaze will quite literally ‘cruise the airwaves’ of the Hudson Valley and incorporate the raw recordings of his encounters to explore the innately queer hauntologies and dissident materialities of CB radio. How does CB radio, an arguably outmoded tool that is nevertheless still used today, continue to inform sexual ideologies? Has the lineage of these technologies moved further away from—or closer to—a homosocial syntax? To what extent have these devices permanently sculpted the semiotics of queer consciousness? It is Kamikaze’s objective to immerse himself in these conceptual inquiries as both an active participant and a sonic medium, to receive and transmit some of the spectral mysteries that exist within these obscured correspondences.
    Kamikaze Jones is a writer, curator, and interdisciplinary artist whose work often explores extended vocal technique, queer hauntologies, and underrepresented erotic legacies. His work has been featured in The Poetry Project, Wave Farm, Wussy Magazine, Montez Press Radio, Third Coast International Audio Festival, and Constellations. He is a founding member of The Anchoress Syndicate, a poetry and performance collective based in NYC.

  • Eggblood and DiscountGnostic - The Stephenage mambo meets Patrick Zabé in an elevator at the alter of the Cyril Boggis A. Spare Commode

    19 February 2022  10:00 pm - 10:15 pm

    Through the occasionally laundered and nicotine stained curtains of an everyday suburban dystopia a curious radiation gathers in the cortex of its residents calling forth lost incantations and forewarnings of an intrusive spectral memory DNA contagion. A powerful formula lies within which if ignored could prove most perilous! So don the aloha shirted robes of the magus, form a circle of protection, polish the Argos head of Janus and push the pineapple into cosmic annihilation...

    DiscountGnostic explores the psychic boundaries between childhood and memory and exploits improvisation to investigate occulted mental states. DG published compositions have been aired by Resonance FM. Other material has appeared on Mouth_in_Foot , the Institute for Alien Research and more recently MRM Recordings as Egg & Crisp (with Ed Shipsey).

    Eggblood works with Found A/V media, collage, flexible and flammable disc medium, nostalgia, faith, ignorance and satire. Pushing and pulling at the the arse end of the edit. Knackered and nobbly knees at and under the end of the pier, submerged and squeezed in to a machine bummed requiem...

    Past works, Resonance FM, Radiophrenia, KFAI (minneapolis and St Paul) Radiospace Borealis (Norway) Radiotonka (DH- NL) and various other one off internet broadcasts.

    1.They’re at the door again, husband!

     2.Excuse me is that your supernatural radiation?

     3.From the diary of a provincial salesman

    4.The Mysterious Case of Light Entertainment

    5.I didn’t expect this on the Krypton Factor!

    Hope of some use.

    Keep it ATV or GRANADA at a push
  • Camille Hummel - Simone fades away (Simone s'efface)

    19 February 2022  10:15 pm - 10:30 pm

    In the kitchen, the clock's hands are shaking. Motionless in her chair, Simone lets the memories return.

    My name is Camille Hummel, you canfind my work on soundcloud :

  • Victoria Morgunova - C.R.N.S.

    19 February 2022  10:30 pm - 11:10 pm

    The quadraphonic installation “C.R.N.S.” (Communication by Radio Number Stations) is the result of working with recordings of numbered radio stations (the range of radio waves with a frequency of 3 MHz to 30 MHz), which includes the processing of the recorded signal in real time. The project proposes to be in the space of unambiguous signals from various numbered radio stations (active and already discontinued), raising the question of the ambiguity of interpretation, perception and understanding of the communication process as such. It also gives everyone the opportunity to become the “unknown” (that is, perceiving) in this “equation” of communication and to carry out their own decoding of messages.

    Victoria Morgunova - media artist, musician. Areas of activity and interests: sound art, radio art, sound poetry, experimental electronic music, multichannel installations. Victoria's works are closely related to the poetization and verbalization of sound, the semantics of sound and radio poetry at the junction with modern radical electronic music.
  • John Hughes - An Investigation into the Capture and Public Display of the Acton Town Otter: CASE 5: Off The Rails

    19 February 2022  11:10 pm - 11:30 pm

    Fictioning a journey through a group of West London railway territories that exist on the edges of canals and motorways. Stories in CASE 5: Off The Rails are as follows: The Man With The Crow Medallion / Where’s JG Ballard When You Need Him? / A Swan Below / Mr Mole’s Trousers / It’s 3AM And This Horse Looks Spanish / Such Balls (drums: Christian Newby) / Mr Mole’s Conspiracy (guitar: Sissy Christopoulou) John Hughes’ sound work has been heard in Radiophrenia (2020 and 2019), The London Open (2012) and New Contemporaries (2006). He has taken part in group shows and performances at Five Years and studio1.1 and as a member of artist group We Are Publication has taken part in group and collaborative exhibitions, screenings and broadcasts at Camden Arts Centre (2020), The Stanley Picker Gallery, London (2019) and Twenty-One Space, Focal Point Gallery, Southend (2019). He is co-editor of JOAN, with Rachel Cattle, a publishing project for contemporary interdisciplinary writing.
  • Shaun Robert - a 30 minute programme

    19 February 2022  11:30 pm - 20 February 2022  12:00 am

    From Shaun Robert there is a 30 minute programme: featuring 6 works; ~µå'tivªºmi¬ile from Distance Music, Le orem from fugitive iteration, Black Crowl from AuToDeFé , kookookoo from hedonistic nihilism, tribulus from mindstrope, Ambrosia of Black Sun from Wild Planet.
20 February 2022
  • Shaun Robert - a 30 minute programme

    19 February 2022  11:30 pm - 20 February 2022  12:00 am

    From Shaun Robert there is a 30 minute programme: featuring 6 works; ~µå'tivªºmi¬ile from Distance Music, Le orem from fugitive iteration, Black Crowl from AuToDeFé , kookookoo from hedonistic nihilism, tribulus from mindstrope, Ambrosia of Black Sun from Wild Planet.