Mon 14

14 February 2022
  • Media Petros - That And How It All Happened

    14 February 2022  12:00 am - 3:00 am

     A serialized 3-hour experimental audio drama that uses spoken word, sound art, shortwave radio frequencies-sweep recordings and music as narrative devices. Recurring characters in this 6-part neo-surrealist tale include: The Swimmer (chapters 1, 5 & 6), Traveler X (chapters 2, 3 & 5), and The Shortwave Conversationalists (chapters 1, 3 & 6). Originally released simultaneously as a limited series Podbean podcast (includes full series, and each chapter's, descriptions) and as EPs (which also include links to the old-time radio shows, and late 19th- to mid-20th Century pulp Science Fiction short stories / scientific literature readings, excerpted and re-contextualized herein).

    Media Petros is the sonic nom de plume of Pete Petrisko, a multimedia cultural worker based in Phoenix AZ (USA).

  • Conor Walsh - Generative Works

    14 February 2022  3:00 am - 7:00 am

    Conor is an artist from Cobh, Co.Cork, Ireland often releasing music under the pseudonym "Wilfred". He began experimenting with generative techniques during the spring of 2021 after becoming increasingly interested in the music and theories of Brian Eno, which led Conor to further his own experiments within the realm of generative art. The act of leaving the machine to go where it needs to is something that appeals to the artist, and this is explored within the longform pieces created for Radiophrenia Glasgow.

  • Ivana Ray Singh, Anakhemia, Eden Gray & Leonie Roessler - Soundtober: Orange

    14 February 2022  7:00 am - 8:00 am

    Four artists, namely Ivana Ray Singh, Anakhemia, Eden Grey, and Leonie Roessler, spent the month of October 2021 sending a track with the duration of an hour to one another, and filling it in with sound, music, and spoken word to the theme of ORANGE. They are all artists of the Sympoietic Sound Network.

    The network, in collaboration with Music Dispersa Label, was supposed to host a festival near Barcelona in September of 2021. When the festival, which had been postponed
    before, was cancelled once more, Leonie invited members of the network to take part in a sound project at a distance - Soundtober. It was a way to still be close at a distance, to work together for the first time, and to ease into the grizzly autumn time without feeling too disconnected from one another.

  • Shorts 8

    14 February 2022  8:00 am - 9:00 am

    1. Wayne Mason with Shawn Blackburn – My Voice Is A Symphony Of Muddy Overlapping Realities (8:01)
    2. Anette Gellein – Eg hate å gå på butikken Någen ganger e det greit (I hategoing to the store but sometimes it’s alright) (3:29)
    3. Valeria Muledda and Christoph Penning – Orsa maggiore (8:36)
    4. Luke Fowler – Plants extract 1 (5:46)
    5. Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua – Feminist Pirate Broadcasts (7:21)
    6. Anna Stereopoulou – Es Trophoniou memanteutai (23:50)
    7. Johnny Dixon – Pill Pieces 2 (0:57)
    8. William Brooks – Audible Photographs (0:59)

    1. Wayne Mason with Shawn Blackburn – My Voice Is A Symphony Of Muddy Overlapping Realities 

    Wayne Mason reads a cut-up text piece with improvisational noise guitar accompaniment from long time musical collaborator Shawn Blackburn.

    Wayne Mason is an experimental writer and sound artist from Florida, USA. He has been published widely in the small press and is the author of several chapbooks. Together with Shawn Blackburn, they perform and record as electronic project Blk/Mas.

    2. Anette Gellein – Eg hate å gå på butikken Någen ganger e det greit (I hate going to the store but sometimes it’s alright) 

    Mixed field recordings, vocal,guitar and electronic sounds.

    Anette Gellein (b.1995) is a multimedia artist currentlybased in Stavanger, Norway.

    3. Valeria Muledda and Christoph Penning - Orsa maggiore

    Orsa maggiore wasborn as an encounter between two sound artists in the plane of the poetic word.The piece is composed in the exploration of poetry as an experience ofmysterious pronouncing and language as sound. The shared text creates its spacein the darkness of the night, where Ingeborg Bachaman's Orsa Major shines, withthe words of a speech for one of her radio dramas, and those of Sergio Atzeni,taken from his "Passavamo sulla terra leggeri". Together they givelife to a physical vision where sound, poetry and being in the world aretogether earth and cosmos.

    Valeria Muledda is a sound and transdisciplinary artist, performer and activist living in Italy. She has been trained in the international panorama of research theatre and in the artistic practice of different languages and instruments. She focuses on the exploration of the body-space relationship as an aesthetic and political experience. Attentive to the processes of individual, collective,urban and eco-social transformation, her research contaminates physical, contemplative, participatory, sound and linguistic practices, aiming to nourish a renewed relationship with the everyday and a continuously developing awareness. In 2012 she founded STUDIOVUOTO, an open and shared laboratory of investigation andcreation.

    Christoph Pennig is a composer, sound artist, performer and activist living in Naples. His artistic interests are improvisation and collective works. His works are perception-offers that focus on the non-repeatable and the moment. Itis not the ‘what’ that matters but the ‘how’. He composes acousmatic music as well as pieces for acoustic instruments, or voice with live electronics andvideo projections and other forms of mixed media.
    After a classical education on piano, trumpet and singing, he first studied music informatics with a focus on composition. Since 2010 he has been increasingly active in the field of radical improvisation.

    4. Luke Fowler – Plants extract 1

    5. Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua – Feminist Pirate Broadcasts 

    The beginning of a projected album of work for this duet of spoken word and improvised e-violin, these two pieces bring together experimentally composed texts using Oulipo-derived techniques, live violin performance and sampled violin and environmental sounds. The texts could be considered critical rewritings, or translations, of existing work that address historical, political, aesthetic, and gender-based themes, and their relation to art and listening. Rather than just a backdrop, the violin improvisation ‘plays into’ the spaces offered by the spoken word, presenting its own spaces, or responding to the spoken text.

    Composers and improvisers Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua frequently work together on collaborative projects and in their duet for organ and live electronics. Alistair performs with the acoustic and 5-string electric violins, along with live electronics, and is also a conductor, and a researcher with the Royal Music Association’s Music and/as Process study group.Lauren is an organist and a musicologist who writes on the aesthetics of recent music, and a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. This combination of spoken word and improvised e-violin is the beginning of a new project involving text and improvisation.

    6. Anna Stereopoulou – Es Trophoniou memanteutai 

    A podcast that is a Dream Bilingual Narrative of educational and ecological character,based on the “Encoimesis” (Incubation) practices that took place in Asclepeions(the Ancient Greek world). It consists of the Soundwalk's Field Recording[Hercyna Springs (Krya) – Oracle of Trophonius – Livadia City-center], offering a psycho-acoustic experience, similar to the one of each "Sleeper"-patient's. The title is inspired by the same ancientproverb (ancient Greek: «Ες Τροφωνίου μεμάντευται» / English: “He/She receivedan oracle from the oracle of Trophonius”) referring to the Sullen and Gloomypeople, in general (or in particular, the Visitors of the Asclepeions, in the ancient times).

    Anna Stereopoulou specialises in music composition for film and television [“200Years Modern Greek State – 200 Miracles and Steps Forward” anniversary TVFillers series (ERT | 03-12/2021), “A Place Called Home”: Best Original Score Award (CYIFF 2014), “PLANO”: Best Music Video Award (NIFF 2019, Kolkata,India), “SYN”: 'Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2020 Nomination' and 'Under the Aegis of GNTO – 2019']. She has presented her art worldwide, in cultural centres and archaeological sites.She has also worked as an advisory programmer in music and film festivals, as part of her activity in culture, education, journalism and tourism, and within her interdisciplinary research.

    7. Johnny Dixon – Pill Pieces 2 (0:57)

    8. William Brooks – AudiblePhotographs (0:59) 

    35mm photograph encoded in radiowave. Using Slow Scan Television (SSTV), an image is translated into radio transmission, and can bedecoded back into its photographic form. Used as a method to disseminatephotographic information during early space exploration,each recording can bedecoded through audible reception using an SSTV app on any mobilephone/computer (Robot36 encoding). Each attempt to decode the photo from theaudio results in a slightly different image due to minute variations in audible reception; it is often the case that ambient noise influences what is decoded.The photographic images are from the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

    My name is William Brooks, I am third year BA Fine Photography (w/CreativeComputing) student at University of the Arts London: Camberwell. My practice has primarily concerned the use of radio communication as an artistic medium; often attempting to visually articulate the telematic connections that we rely upon and use in our day to day lives.

  • Kick Down the Barriers - Ep1: Hansha Sultan

    14 February 2022  9:00 am - 9:30 am

    Kick Down The Barriers is about the people and stories from Blackburn Lancashire. It asks us to listen to one another, as the first step to developing deeper understandings of our cultural heritage and to find the commonalities that bind us. Rather than focussing on the mass media stereotypes that often maintain our division these podcasts hope to serve as true a reflection as possible of the lovely who live or work in Whally Range in Blackburn. The interviewees deserve all the credit for these works, because without their brave, open, thoughtful, rich, surprising, complex, nuanced, original, unique stories and voices there would be nothing here, and all the amazing things that they have to teach us about life in Blackburn, past, present and future would still be hidden from our ears, hearts and minds. We hope these works can remind us that every experience is hugely valuable in finding better ways to live, and the more that we can share our stories, the deeper the connections we can make to each other and the town in which we live.

    Paul Nataraj holds a practice led PhD in Sound Studies from the University of Sussex. The work, ‘You Sound Like a Broken Record’, was voted in the top ten experimental albums of the year by 'A Closer Listen' magazine 2018. His work explores musical materiality, memory, the personal stories attached to music, and how our relationship with listening and the listened to, changes over time. His work thinks about the rhizomatic connectivity of music and how the dialogue between times, places and spaces open fractures through which to listen differently to the everyday.

    He has exhibited internationally and had a solo show at Prism Contemporary, Blackburn. He has published articles in ‘The Routledge Companion to Sound Studies’ and ‘The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies’. He is a regular contributor to the online music magazine, Inverted Audio and has written for Soundest fanzine. His sound works have been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Resonance Extra, Radiophrenia, Berlin Community Radio, Threads Radio, NTS, and The Wire’s Adventures in Sound and Music

    His latest album ‘Cobblestones & Kitchari’ was released in May 2020 on Fractal Meat Cuts.
  • Maria Fusco - Mollspeak

    14 February 2022  9:30 am - 10:00 am

    Mollspeak is an experimental ambient composition. The original script mingles archival research with historic poetic form to give voice to an 18C working class maid servant's story, creating a plainly spoken, yet abstract portrait. The sound composition is solely created with 3D sound scans from Museum of the Home’s collection. ‘Mollspeak’ is an eighteenth-century phrase employers coined to mock their servants' dialectical speech. Written and directed by Maria Fusco, composed by Olivier Pasquet, voiced by Maxine Peake. Mollspeak was commissioned as an eleven-channel sound installation, by Sinead McCarthy at Museum of the Home, London. 

    Maria Fusco is an award winning Belfast-born writer, working across fiction and performance writing. Her work is translated into 10 languages. She is currently Professor of Interdisciplinary Writing at the University of Dundee. 

    Olivier Pasquet is a French composer specialising in sound for performance.

    Maxine Peake is an acclaimed English stage, radio, film and television actress.
  • James Prevett and Annie May Demozay - Conversation Pieces 1

    14 February 2022  10:00 am - 10:30 am

    A series of five sound works interweaving interview and archive sound to explore sculpture in the home. Each episode takes interviews with people in their home about the things they keep around them. These are woven together with archive footage of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth to explore our very human responses to matter and material.

    Conversation Pieces are made by James Prevett and Annie May Demozay for radio broadcast and form part of Prevett’s larger project Things for Homes / Homes for Things commissioned by TACO! in Thamesmead, London. 

    James Prevett makes things to gather around - objects, events, text, video that are often combined together as sculpture. He often works with other people. He is interested in sculpture as means to explore the limits of minds and bodies, both personal and communal. James lives and works in Helsinki, Finland where he is a Sculpture Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki. 

    Annie May Demozay is an artist and writer who lives in Scotland and works in a park.
  • Action Pyramid - Singing Below the Surface

    14 February 2022  10:30 am - 11:10 am

    In this release for Takuroku Label, Action Pyramid (Tom Fisher) takes to the remote locations in his native county of Suffolk, unearthing the sounds of the local marsh, woodlands, river and coast ,and the multitude of life that exists there. Occasionally arranging these sounds with his own musical interventions, he whisks together beguiling sonic material, rich in timbral, textural and rhythmic in quality. 'Singing Below the Surface'features 7 parts, each with their own haunting identity. Through subtle collaging, spatialisation and musical symbiosis, Tom opens the liminal space between real and imaginary worlds.

    Working primarily under the name Action Pyramid, Tom Fisher's projects range from site-
    specific sound installation and headphone works for galleries and museums, to experimental
    radio works and commercially released music. Utilising a multitude of recording techniques hiswork often seeks to explore and re-interpret the seemingly unnoticed and unseen/unheard
    elements of our surroundings, using sound and composition to re-examine and reconsider our surroundings, looking at the relationship between ourselves and the nonhuman, and our part in the wider ecologies of landscapes.

  • Camille Hummel - Simone fades away (Simone s'efface)

    14 February 2022  11:10 am - 11:30 am

    In the kitchen, the clock's hands are shaking. Motionless in her chair, Simone lets the memories return.

    My name is Camille Hummel, you canfind my work on soundcloud :

  • Buffer Zone

    14 February 2022  11:30 am - 12:00 pm

    1) Manja Ristic - The Dwellers (5:29)
    2) Glass Salt - Flocking (5:00)
    3) Isolde Touch (AKA Asha Sheshadri) - Mostly Static - Always Waiting (5:42)  
    1) Manja Ristic - The Dwellers
    Taken from the album 'Kairos and the Dwellers'. 

    2) Glass Salt - Flocking

    3) Isolde Touch (AKA Asha Sheshadri) - Mostly Static - Always Waiting 

    From the album 'Secretary of Sensation'

  • Manja Ristić - Nothing Has To Happen, Fortress Europe

    14 February 2022  12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

    And the Fortress I was walking on was barren, derelict and intoxicated. Swollen by greed. Cold and deadly. still landscape soaked & burgeoning the rainbow is piercing lead horizon flashed by the beams of fleeting Sun as it was posing above meadows, hills & forests for the greatest collodion photo curled up dog is sleeping in a derelict bus stop soon the night will fall and the migrants will roam by the dark highway wet to the bones Every time you think “That is somewhere over there. Nothing has to happen”, a child that dreamed of freedom disappears. The composition is made around an excerpt from my Stožice abandoned construction site field recording archive. Recorded in January 2020 during the reZone residency in Ljubljana. Poetry excerpts from the collection Stories Untold. Mastering by La Plant Studio Belgrade. * Manja Ristić is a violinist, sound artist, published poet, curator and researcher. She graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music (2001) and was awarded a PGDip as a Solo/Ensemble Recitalist from the Royal College of Music, London (2004). As a classical solo and chamber musician as well as a composer and an improv musician Manja has performed all across Europe and the US, and has been involved in collaborations with established conductors and performers, multimedia artists, poets, theatre and movie directors. Manja’s sound related research besides contemporary performance in the field of instrumental electro–acoustics, is focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sound and field recording as well as experimental radio arts. Manja is the founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004), that by her guidance developed a distinctive number of cultural events, international projects, cultural conferences and educational platforms in the fields of scene and multimedia arts. She works and lives on the island of Korčula, Croatia.
  • Clemens Von Reusner - KRENE

    14 February 2022  12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

    It was once said of the work of the austrian composer Franz Schubert (1797-1828), that it is “less a processing of thematic entities than a story of sonic processes, of sound processes where one emerges from the other.” KRENE (ancient greek for spring or well) is related in many ways to Franz Schubert’s piano sonata in B-Major, one of his last compositions. KRENE begins with a short motive of the second movement. I do not want to and cannot level the historical distance to the original piece - I rather approach Schubert’s sonata from two perspectives inscribed in it: On the one hand, I direct my attention to Schubert’s very own way of dealing with the sonata form to the ever surprising breaks and deviations within the formal proportions. On the other hand, I approach the sound spectra in the metallic color of the piano sound by the means of the electronic studio. 

    Clemens von Reusner (b. 1957) is a composer and sound artist based in Germany, whose work is focused on electroacoustic music. He studied musicology and music-education - drums with Abbey Rader and Peter Giger. At the end of the 1980s development of the music software KANDINSKY MUSIC PAINTER. He has been commissioned to compose works for radio and his compositions have received numerous international broadcasts and performances in Americas, Asia, Europe. Invitations to ISCM World New Music Days 2011 Zagreb (Croatia), 2017 Vancouver (Canada) and 2019 Tallinn (Estonia).
  • Shorts 22

    14 February 2022  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    1. Dreamwreck – Pills (3:02)
    2. Jan Sparsam – Strippe (5:52)
    3. Fil Corbitt/The Wind – Coyote Call (5:00)
    4. Livia Malossi Bottignole – HEKS (3:14)
    5. Stéphane Borrel – Three Pieces from Anthology Of Laughter (10:10)
    6. Mykadelic – The Day After 48 (8:17)
    7. Sarah Dew & Emily Jane Bell – The Sisters Walk (18:08)
    8. Cedric Elisabeth – Transmission (4:33)

    1. Dreamwreck – Pills 

    Musician GrantCampbell and artist Cosima Cobley Carr form Dreamwreck, a transdisciplinarygroup creating multi-sensory experiences questioning the value of abstract concepts through interrogating the everyday. optic nerve combines ethereal electronic soundscapes with traditional instruments and collage elements, including melodic vocals, spoken word, found or archival sounds and field recordings. Grant’s projects include Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Naked and Canaan Balsam. Cosima has exhibited across the UK, including at the Barbican and Fruitmarket Gallery.

    2. Jan Sparsam – Strippe 

    For full details see listing for Shorts 19, 1:00 pm, Friday 11 February.

    3. Fil Corbitt/The Wind – Coyote Call 

    The coyote is one of the few mammals who can operate both in packs and alone. One of the other few mammals with this ability is humans, who about 150 years ago invented the telephone. This voicemail contest was recorded during quarantine and aimed to take a census of isolated calls from across the American West. FilCorbitt is a radio broadcaster and podcaster outside of Reno, NV, USA. Their primary project is a podcast called The Wind, recorded at a handmade desk in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.,

     4. Livia Malossi Bottignole – HEKS 

    HEKS is conceived as a dramatic struggle, a fight in between the ensemble and the mezzo-soprano, the leading voice who embodies the figure of the Witch. The piece depicts the scenic representation of a public trial, where the Witch opposes strenuously with her voice, but she is finally defeated by the belligerent people. This is how it must be represented: without any kind of softening or mitigation, in order to seek a mechanism of catharsis which can only come from a complete identification with the sufferings of the oppressed, and not from a feeling of relief resulting from an happy ending. From a specific musical point of view, I felt the need to reconnect this concept with Meredith Monk's artistic researches. Her aesthetic view and spiritual dimension somehow recall the figure of the Witch herself, from a conceptual but also anaesthetic level, due to her non-conventional musical explorations and multidisciplinary investigations between performative dimension and music. 

    Graduated in Piano with full marks and in Chamber Music with full marks and honor, Livia Malossi is currently attending the 3rd year of the Triennium ofComposition Studies in Bologna. Herpieces have been premieredatGaudeamusFestival in Utrecht (NL), La Piana del Cavaliere in Orvieto (IT), for theUniversity of Padua (IT); AngelicA – San Leonardo Theater Music ResearchCenter, Teatro Comunale of Bologna (IT); PanstwowaSzkolaMuzycznaim ChopinadiOlsztyn in Poland (PL) and more. Livia is one of thefounders of In.NovaFertcollective, a young composers association interested in “comunitary” musicwriting. Among others, In.NovaFert received the commission for “Sette canzoniper Bruno”, a documentary-concert about Bruno Maderna that was premiered at theVenice Biennale of Music 2020.

    5. Stéphane Borrel – Three Pieces from Anthology Of Laughter 

    The triptych, composed of Les Tourtereaux, Les Orientales and Les Inspirés, is an excerpt from Anthology of laughter, an electroacoustic work that employs, as its essential sound material, the laughter from the recordings of three-hundred invited participants. The musical writing, based on very precise sound selection, manipulation and editing, brings into focus the timbres, the rhythms and the pitches of this material. In addition, it takes into account a more evocative side which consists of recreating "plausible" scenes or portraits that highlight the different laughter types.

    Stéphane Borrel (1974) lives and works in Lyon, France. He writes for different ensembles and diverse electronics, ranging from chamber music to the symphony orchestra, from mixed music to sound installations. He has worked with ensembles such as the Instant Donné ensemble, the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Orchestre National de Lyon, Ictusensemble, Cairn ensemble, Divertimento ensemble, Vortex ensemble and so on. He was the prize-winner of the Phonurgia Nova scholarship in 2009, and Hervé Dugardin Prize of the SACEM in 2013. Since 2003, he has taught composition and electronic music composition at Conservatoire de Lyon (CRR), France.

    6. Mykadelic– The Day After 48 

    This track isn’t about the music, but the process of working a track. I made this 'insideout' track by recording myself performing into a portable recorder – so the environmental and ambient sounds were included. I then exported the track intoa DAW and tripled the same tracks – offsetting slightly to distort the sounds, then setting them into different channels, left, right and centre to give the space. Finally I re-recorded over the track, ‘playing’ effects in real time to further rough up the surface. So here it is, a track where the actual music is the least important thing, and the process takes centre stage instead. I hope you enjoy it!

    7. Sarah Dew & Emily Jane Bell – The Sisters Walk 

    Poetry: Emily Jane Bell; Audio: Sarah Dew. Emily and Sarah collaborated on this audio poem from 2020 – 2021. Sarah used Emily's poetry to inspire a soundscape of melody, sound art and field recordings. Some recordings were made on Haworth moor. Narrated by an imagined Emily Brontë, it performs her composition of Wuthering Heights. Emily’s voice blends with the voices of her characters. Extracts from Emily and Anne's 'Diary Papers' (1834 and 1845),and Anne's preface to 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' (1848). Ghosts haunt this soundscape; the title refers to the idea the sisters still ‘walk’ in Haworth…

    Blending melody, field recording and poetry with sound art, composer Sarah Dew takes listeners on magical, timeless journeys. Sounds of nature within her works inspire a sense of wellbeing and a desire to protect our environment. Details of notable recent performances ofher works can be found on her website.’

    Emily Jane Bell is a writer of prose andpoetry and is a research student at the University of Brighton. She iscurrently working on her PhD, a ficto-critical thesis exploring creativeprocesses in literature and visual art, centred on the works of Emily Brontë.’

    8. Cedric Elisabeth – Transmission 

    Since Cedric Elisabeth started to compose music, he has been exploring sound and theambient scene. With his latest album he opens up a deeper level into his universe. He has added more power and texture to his composition. You can still hear the soundscape, ambient mood, but the beats take over. Thoughts from the artist: ‘You have the feeling of finding your own harmony by fighting against yourself – what is your role in this society?’

    Cedric Elisabeth is from Paris, and startedto design sound for one aspiration: ILLUSION. He concentrates his work on linking music to different situations from fashion and art projects to cinema.Through his creations he wants people to be moved and taken to a different level of feeling.     

  • MP Hopkins - Telephonic Moisture Pt. 1

    14 February 2022  2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    Performed live to air 20 September 2021 on the Listening Space radio program, Sydney, Australia.

    Telephonic Moisture is a live radio work for voices, telephones, electromagnetic field (EMF) and feedback sounds. The work involved several performers: me in the radio studio, two people patched into the radio studio via telephones, and twelve people listening at home recording themselves. I played a pre-recorded collage of EMF and feedback sounds and read from a text. The phone callers were tuned into the broadcast and read from the same text. The people listening at home also read from the text, recording themselves and the broadcast playing in the space they were listening in. In addition to reading from the text all performers repeated what others were saying and described the sounds in the collage.

    Part 1 is a recording of the live broadcast that features me and the two people on phones. Part 2 is a collage of the recordings made by the twelve performers listening and vocalising in their homes.

    MP Hopkins is an artist working on Gadigal and Wangal land (Sydney, Australia). He makes audio, textual, radiophonic and performance works. Exploring ideas of inner speech, noise, ventriloquism, and invented language, the voice in varying states of instability and intelligibility is a key feature of his practice. Hopkins co-hosts the weekly radio program Listening Space on community radio station Eastside FM with musician Laura Altman and organises the Humming Grotto sound series with musician and sound artist Alexandra Spence.
  • Buffer Zone

    14 February 2022  2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

     01) Asha Sheshadri - Patty Live June (17:36)

     01) Asha Sheshadri -  Patty Live June

    From the album 'No Longer A Soundtrack'

    Sheshadri’s work involves the unpredictable observation of and response to a personal and political network of relays -- archival fields coexisting in entropy -- that operate within our collective worlds and imperfect memories. Reading annotations from a book marked up by another, capturing an observational voice memo on a phone, or salvaging footage from a damaged tape are gestures that may produce source material for a fictional letter, a suggestion of an ethnography, soundtrack, or map of a speculated immigration. 

    These, in turn, may result in a composition, an object, a movement or manifesto. Her work, often taking the form of essayistic videos, recordings, readings, and performances, follows these relays towards creating environments from musical and non-musical artifacts alike -- a kind of "affective collaging” concerned with the personal deconstruction and re-assemblage of archival objects and documents.

    "No Longer a Soundtrack" was recorded and unrecorded in many iterations over a several year period in San Diego, Philadelphia and NYC." 
  • Glass Salt - Cove

    14 February 2022  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

    “Cove” is a radiophonic piece by Glass Salt that documents their creative practice during their residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island. The work is informed by their improvisational approach to music making, attentiveness to listening to their immediate environment, and an intuitive response to the moment. The result is an ecology of moving parts created through reciprocity and presence, expressed through music, voice, field recordings, and conversation.
    Glass Salt is an experimental music and sound duo consisting of singer, producer and improviser Caylie Staples and artist, engineer, and musician Johann Diedrick. Staples and Diedrick improvise with voice, electronics, custom software, homemade hardware and percussion. Glass Salt creates with values of presence, tactility, transparency, friendship, collaboration, learning, skill-building and playfulness. They released their debut album Greetings on Whatever’s Clever Club in July 2020 and a follow-up album Mer on Cherche Encore in December 2020.

    Caylie Staples is a Canadian-based innovative singer, songwriter, producer and improviser. She is internationally recognized for her unique skill of creating on-the-spot, free form lyrics and vocals. Current projects include her self-titled art-pop electronica project, improvisational duo Glass Salt with Johann Diedrick focused on voice and custom electronics, co-leading improvising avant-rock ensemble Anthems of the Void with NYC-based experimental luthier Bradford Reed, and co-writing electronica with Morgan Doctor for Aporia Records. Staples has a B.F.A. Honours in Music from York University, Toronto, Canada.

    Johann Diedrick is an artist, engineer, and musician that makes installations, performances, and sculptures for encountering the world through our ears. He surfaces vibratory histories of past interactions inscribed in material and embedded in space, peeling back sonic layers to reveal hidden memories and untold stories. He shares his tools and techniques through listening tours, workshops, and open-source hardware/software. He is the founder of A Quiet Life, a sonic engineering and research studio that designs and builds audio-related software and hardware products for revealing possibilities off the grid through sonic encounter. He is a 2021 Mozilla Creative Media Award recipient, a member of NEW INC, and an adjunct professor at NYU’s ITP program. His work has been featured in Wire Magazine, Musicworks Magazine, and presented internationally at MoMA PS1, Ars Electronica, and the Somerset House, among others.
  • Kunstradio Ep1 “Horror Vacui” by Rupert Huber

    14 February 2022  4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

    Living in restlessness. Impelled by stimuli, always compelled to activity, to communication, to a projection of the putative self. A consciousness simulating itself rotates in a relatively motionless body. Horror vacui is performed by a virtual ensemble of sound-producing and sound-reducing instruments. Traditional instruments producing sound waves - including recording and editing equipment - are accompanied by the necessary instruments of the 21st century: sound-reducing silencers. In Horror vacui, electronic tools such as filters, compressors, and echo effects are used to diminish produced or found sounds; the sound design is characterized by reduction rather than by manipulation. Just like curling waves, or the endless spiral of a waltz, sound-increasing and sound-reducing instruments take turns in dominating the piece. Horror vacui compiles original sound recordings from a trip to the United States of America, sythesizer and piano, Bulgarian percussion, as well as impressions from mass media - these are counterpointed by an equivalent group of sound-reducing tools. The beginning and the end of the sound recordings have each been captured in photographs, e.g. New York, one of the loudest cities of the western world. Thus, the often cited visual overload is experienced as a fraction of a sonic overload. Technical transmission and the congestion of all of our ears forces music to its knees - to take on a clear attitude to submission reflecting the known and which (due to this) can be quickly grasped, even unconsciously. As a great love to, the apprehension of a musical sensation is to its emission listened to on the motorway. Our addiction to noise possibly comes from a need to drown our own, inner noise level; the person who is capable of resolving white noise into polyrhythms, and who can discover wonderful symmetries in a city's noisy bustle may regard him/herself as individual of a new age. 050605 ruperthuber
  • Nad Spiro - Pederes: The Haunted Rock

    14 February 2022  4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

    Nad Spiro – guitar and pedals
    MK Ibáñez – text
    Special guests (readers) : Ken Hollings (BBC, Wire, Resonance... Strange Attractor press), A.Scott Bolton & Rob Storey (both from Resonance Fm), Atsuko Kamura

    Tracks: Machinet – Animeta – Esperó – Foixarda – Satalia – Safont – Matagats... (original names of the old quarries, now disappeared).

    THE WIRE - issue 438 August 2020 - “(Pedreres)... introduces a guitar style that stutters and chimes, like a fragmented and warped Ennio Morricone soundtrack. But rather than the dry, wide vistas of those cinematic soundscapes, Arruti uses cavernous reverb to sink these sounds deep among the carved out stone... ..These resonating washes of processed guitar are extremely evocative of a landscape created by industry and subsequently claimed by folklore. Even if the supernatural qualities of Montjuïc’s quarries remain uncertain, Pedreres leaves no doubt about their sheer eeriness. Spenser Tomson

    SPECTRUM CULTURE - Pedreres is meditative and uneasy listening, but it’s also densely layered and pleasingly slow to unfold its patterns and structures, rewarding and often unexpectedly beautiful". Scott Wilson

    TOUCHING EXTREMES - "We are left wandering inside the realms of sonorities that would perfectly fit in a lysergically active installation, minus the pills. A conscious observation of the intrinsic possibilities of unusually splintered timbres eventually leads to the osmotic absorption of their very transfiguration". Massimo Ricci

    The Spanish experimentalist Rosa Arruti -an essential figure in Barcelona’s avantgarde underground - has worked for many years under the secretive alias NAD SPIRO, a solo venture where she explores unfrequented audioZones in the outer peripheries of electronica, building her complex guitar sounds into a world of unique textures and sound fictions. Her extensive experience includes collaborations with artists like My Cat is An Alien, Kim Cascone, The Asterism.
  • Mobile Radio residency - Glasgow Calling Scale live with Eothen Stearn & Lady Neptune

    14 February 2022  5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    The performances have been devised within the following framework: ‘Glasgow Calling Scale: a verbal response series in five parts’. There are five grades, starting with the most musical:

    Monday 14 February – No verbal response with Eothen Stearn and Lady Neptune

    Tuesday 15 February – Incomprehensible sounds with Elina Bry

    Wednesday 16 February – Inappropriate words with Cindy Islam

    Thursday 17 February–Confused with Nichola Scrutton

    Friday 18 February – Orientedwith Rebecca Wilcox and Hannah Ellul.

    Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann began Mobile Radio in 2005. It was established as a travelling project to build upon their work across Europe in the fields of radio and sound art which had arisen during the three years that they helped to establish the London art radio station Resonance 104.4FM. Their work takes them to media and art festivals, conferences, universities and one-off events where they run short-lived radio stations, create special live broadcasts or edited pieces, give workshops or talks, design radio installations and play concerts. Their interest in radio technology is complemented by their live electronic improvised music project Tonic Train (radio terminology for ‘interrupted continuous wave’) which features radio feedback and mini transmitters built into circuit-bent instruments.

    They have been invited as guest ‘radio experts’ by projects tapping into a renewed interest in experimental radio and ‘radio art’. Now based in Germany, they continue the work of Mobile Radio with those who want to develop concepts through the medium of radio. They have acted as organisers, curators and artistic directors for high profile radio projects at the 30th São Paulo Biennial, documenta 14 and Radio Revolten, the largest festival of radio art in the world.

    Mobile Radio remains a personal artistic journey to create radio work which arises from their encounters and surroundings. Their mission remains to seek out new forms of radio by taking radio production out of the studio environment. They are currently working on Radio Art Zone, a premier showcase of radio art as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022.,

    Eothen Stearn is a feminist queer artist interested in craft, memory, emotions and modalities of speech. Their work roams between the intimacy of personal relations, the detail of everyday life, music, feminism, queerness and art-making, among many others. Theyare working to build an arts practice that is centred by music, politics and community.

    Originally formulated in London as a performing alter-ego for nascent singer-songwriter and fashion student Moema Meade, Lady Neptune has been an ongoing work that has evolved from distorted guitar dirges, bass-heavy synth pop music into its current Hi NRG 4am experimental Gabber nadir.

  • Buffer Zone

    14 February 2022  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    1) Asha Sheshadri - Elephant Years (10:22)
    2) Christian Mirande - Italian Tire Pressure (7:41)

    1) Asha Sheshadri - Elephant Years
    From the album 'No Longer A Soundtrack'
    Sheshadri’s work involves the unpredictable observation of and response to a personal and political network of relays -- archival fields coexisting in entropy -- that operate within our collective worlds and imperfect memories. Reading annotations from a book marked up by another, capturing an observational voice memo on a phone, or salvaging footage from a damaged tape are gestures that may produce source material for a fictional letter, a suggestion of an ethnography, soundtrack, or map of a speculated immigration. 

    These, in turn, may result in a composition, an object, a movement or manifesto. Her work, often taking the form of essayistic videos, recordings, readings, and performances, follows these relays towards creating environments from musical and non-musical artifacts alike -- a kind of "affective collaging” concerned with the personal deconstruction and re-assemblage of archival objects and documents.

    "No Longer a Soundtrack" was recorded and unrecorded in many iterations over a several year period in San Diego, Philadelphia and NYC."

    2) Christian Mirande - Italian Tire Pressure 

    Christian Mirande (b. 1986) is an experimental musician from Philadelphia. He has utilized magnetic tape, various audio synthesis methods, and instruments from the fretless bass to the iphone voice memo. His work is often characterized as textural or atmospheric. He has been a member of the groups Open Corner and The Flea Circus. 

  • Asha Sheshadri - The Last Picture Show

    14 February 2022  6:00 pm - 6:20 pm

    The Last Picture Show is a survey of self-conscious object details lodged within the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with no expectation that they would ever be heard. The work is interspersed with dialogue from "The Last Picture Show" (1971). It was set up as an open-ended exploration, in which I documented art objects that were to be addressed, through writing and field recordings which were then cast aside. To me, this piece feels like revisiting an outdated atlas.

    Asha Sheshadri (b. 1986) moves freely between video, writing, sound, and photography. Her forms flow together to create unpredictable observations of the overlooked, while documenting personal and political networks within our collective, imperfect memory. She currently lives and works in New York.

  • Acoustic Mirror - Klinein 02 - Rodapozos

    14 February 2022  6:20 pm - 6:40 pm

    What is the sound of the climate emergency? Can practices such as listening and sound walking allow us to apprehend its magnitude?

    Klinein 02 - Rodapozos, is based on recordings produced during a sound walk to the summit of Rodapozos near Burgos, Spain. The walk was in search of a two decades-old land art work produced by local artist Miguel Vivanco, and found the summit surrounded by the wind turbines of a wind farm.

    The work presents a data and soundscape synthesis, by combining field recordings from the soundwalk with NASA's Global Land and Ocean Temperatures Index (which covers temperature changes from 1880 through 2021).

    Thus Klinein 02 - Rodapozos attempts to question conventional notion of soundscape, and is a demonstration of the possibilities of soundscape- and data-synthesis, beyond mere data sonification techniques. The resulting datascape attempts to insert otherness into our sound environment in the current context of climate collapse.

    Kamen Nedev is a sound artist, flâneur, fugueur, and independent cultural producer. Since 1986 he works and tries to live in Madrid, Spain. Since 2005, under the Acoustic Mirror moniker, he has been working on a line of research in phonography, sound art, and radio art, with an emphasis on the soundscape of urban space as well as social sound production, situated listening, and militant sound investigation.
  • Simon Cacheux - Palimpsest

    14 February 2022  6:40 pm - 7:00 pm

    It seems to be the recording of a radio program broadcasting a special tape. This sound piece is about doing things over previous ones (the palimpsest) and how the past mingles with present actions. Made with a previous work, with words of French poetess Pauline Jupin, about memories and how things from different times collide in everyday life, and how maybe creation is about doing the same thing in different ways over and over again. Simon Cacheux is a protean sound maker: he works as a sound artist, musician, and sound designer. He developed a taste for the way sounds are broadcast in a specific space, how they propagate acoustically and psychologically, and how the public grasps those “sonic objects”: listening experiences are at the core of his preoccupations. Thus, sound is always at the beginning of his creative process, but the final form can take any shape, from drawings to sound installations, interactive pieces, generative videos, or radio programs.
  • Benoit Bories - Bouilleur de crû (Travelling Distiller)

    14 February 2022  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    An acousmatic and documentary sound art creation about a traveling distiler.

    Benoit Bories is a documentarist and sound creator. He produces audio documentaries for France Culture, Arte Radio, Radio France International, RTBF and ABC Radio. He also works sound creations in the field of the live performance and trans-media productions (web-documentary, installations). In 2009, he founded Faïdos Sonore with Charlotte Rouault. Together, they animate workshops of sound creations for different public (education, museum and specialized institutes). Benoit Bories gained the Price Bohemia 2013, Special Commendation of the Price Europa 2013 and has been finalist at the Prices Italia 2013 and Sheffield Documentary Award 2014 for the documentary “Camp sisterhood " produced by Arte Radio.
  • Martin Vincent - Wake Up! It's 1995!

    14 February 2022  8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    A mix of recordings from the last decade of the twentieth century. Interviews with artists and others, excerpts of radio packages, assorted links, outtakes and detritus from a brief career in broadcasting.

    Featuring the voices of Vito Acconci, Edward Barton, Eduard Bersudsky, Mike Bowtell, Marcus Coates, Lucy Casson, Paul Crompton, Laura Daly, Willie Doherty, Katherine Dowson, Morgan Doyle, Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Douglas Gordon, Andy Hazell, Gary Hill, Damien Hirst, Tatyana Jakovskaya, Louise Karlsen, Trevor Larson, William Latham, Sarah Lucas, John Lundberg, David Mackintosh, Adrian Mokes, Judith Nesbitt, Jenny Randles, Tosh Ryan and associates, Jerome Sans, Louise Short, Stephen Snoddy, Simon Starling, Tanya Ury, Mark Wallinger, Gillian Wearing. Thanks and apologies to all.

    Martin Vincent is an artist, writer, musician and bookseller. In 1990 he was invited to contribute to a programme on BBC Radio 5 titled Hit the North. Over the next five years he made numerous short items for inclusion on BBC Radio, broadcasting on all five of the Corporation’s national analogue stations.

  • Chris Dooks - Glossographs: Geofón Owls

    14 February 2022  8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    Glossographs is Dooks’ moniker developed on a Scottish Sculpture Workshop residency in 2021 where Chris made an ‘aquaphone’ out of baking tins and welding rods. This became an instrument with which a large body of work – including a vinyl record – was produced on site and was an attempt to develop a site specific piece about an abandoned farm house in Lumsden, Abderdeenshire. Chris Dooks is an interdisciplinary artist interested in psychogeography, community practice and wellbeing themes. Trained in film in the 1990s, over the last ten years his work has spread into two distinct and occasionally overlapping worlds; that of a post-doctoral sound artist and as an arts-commissioned photographer. The sound art has revolved around shellac record performances, site-specific audiobooks, ambient music releases on several labels, stealth field recording, and community spoken word projects.
  • Littoral Transmissions with Laura Sampson & Sam Enthoven: BLADDERWRACK

    14 February 2022  9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Four performers dial in to a shared virtual space from 4 remote locations. At this digital confluence where rivers become ocean, amidst the shimmering wave patterns and roiling tidal rhythms, stories, myths and legends can be discerned in myriad forms, drifting up from the sea floor, skimming the water's surface, mingling with the sea spray, caught in the cross-currents, or washed up on the shoreline. BLADDERWRACK is an experiment in asynchronous live collaborative sound-making via online platforms featuring improvised storytelling and the unearthly song of the theremin weaving through free floating layers of digital and analogue playback. Littoral Transmissions (Adam Kinsey & Stephan Barrett) is the radio project of Stephan Barrett and Adam Kinsey which broadcasts regularly on Resonance Extra and Threads Radio. Live work has included performances at Fort Process 2018, A.P.T Gallery, New River Studios and DIY Space for London. Their album 'Smoles' recorded with the James Worse Public Address Method is available on International Ephemera. Storyteller Laura Sampson and sound artist Sam Enthoven are currently exploring the places where sound and story meet.
  • Shorts 35

    14 February 2022  10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    1. Blair E Smith - momma, mama (8 :45)
    2. Pauline Achart - ETCETC. (1:25)
    3. Tiziano Milani - Shelter for soul (13:18)
    4. Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 1: Effluently Chickentown (3:20)
    5. Radio Limbo - In the Beginning (14:24)
    6. Vincent Eoppolo - The Metamorphosis (5:04)
    7. Chin Ting Chan - Stutter (6:03)
    8. Yati Durant -  Quiet Cities 7: Edinburgh Leith/Water of Leith 4pm 07.05.2020 (4:18)

    1. Blair E Smith - momma, mama

    A short sound-based work by artist, dj, lovenloops, playing with sampling, looping and beatmaking using personal vinyl records from their deceased mother’s collection, drum loops and a vinyl record of poet June Jordan reading her poem, Getting Down to Get Over (dedicated to my mother) in Things That I Do In the Dark & Other Poems.

    Blair (also known as lovenloops) loves to rigorously play and make Black girl sounds, spaces, lands, planets, and galaxies with Black girls and those who love them. Her artist-scholar-curator-teacher  dreams and praxis emerge where Black girlhood as a creative and relation building life force with Black girls/women and alternative modes of cultural work and production meet. Blair is an Assistant Professor of Art Education and Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her current dreams are obsessed with Black girlhood celebration as always, already taking many shapes; Black feminist poetics, sound (listening) and sensorial art + design with Black girls locally and worldwide.

    2.  Pauline Achart  - ETCETC.

    He talks, I steal. I cut, I glue, and it's always real.

    Pauline Achart was born in 1984. After that, she lived a little, thought a little, played music, made choices, changed her mind, wrote, loved a lot, learnt a lot. Now, she walks her microphones from obsession to obsession. The sound is the support that suits her the most, as it discloses the secrecy behind the audible, and she likes that.

    She created the TympanCul-Cul aural project, an experimental space for a peculiar, political and poetical pornography. She learnt her craft little by little, and also creates other aural documentary and creative objects of many formats.
    3. Tiziano Milani - Shelter for soul

    The piece is built on the continuous transformation of sound masses (acoustic, field recording, electronic, pulse noise) that evolve and stratify over time to create timbral variations in space. The space is conceived as a fluid architecture that strongly conditions the feeling of existing, of being in a space, not intended as a set of objects measurable in length but understood as forces and moments measured as times. I consider space as an entity that changes and moves around the listener and after having transported us to an other dimension than the usual one, leads us back to our world.

    Tiziano Milani, acoustic architect, is an italian based experimental artist who mixers together sound art, ambience & drone textures, impro, electro acoustics, and slight noise tendencies into long shifting, dreamy and varied long form sound paintings what he calls acoustic architecture. Over the years I have attended courses and seminars about electronic music, electro- acustic and visual arts at Conservatorio G. Verdi di Milano, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia di Roma, Conservatorio di Musica “Arrigo Boito” di Parma, Universitàdeglistudi di Siena “Dip. Di scienze della comunicazione “, Università di Roma La Sapienza, Facoltà di Ingegneria Dipartimento INFOCOM, IX. 

    4 Johnny Dixon - Remixed Poetry 1: Kin-Evi-Kin-Dently-Kin-Chick-Kin-Ken-Kin-Town

    5. Radio Limbo – In The Beginning

    Radio Limbo is an engaging world of recycled radio, signature sound design and lo-fi musical illustrations. This collection of Radio Limbo's cut 'n' paste sketches, improvisations and radiophonic sound art, are highlights from their monthly show on Noods Radio, Bristol. 
    From Bible stories cut with commercials, surreal monologues, or limbological horoscopes, to number-station style jingles, cloud spotting, and the Short Wave Ghost Ensemble. Radio Limbo observes many corners of radio with a beady eye, and re-imagines them with a stylised mark of it's own.

    Produced by Pete Hazell & Sean Lee. Vincent Eoppolo - The Metamorphosis 
    The Metamorphosis is an hommage to Kafka’s masterpiece

     Vincent Eoppolo (Ioppolo) Wilmington, Delaware USA  Eoppolo’s work is a synthesis of various sound art traditions such as musique concrete, acousmatic music, electro-acoustic music and radio art.  Eoppolo’s compositions have been presented at the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, the Ensemble Mise_en Open Studio Festival in Brooklyn, UtopieSonore in Nantes, France and De Natura Sonorum in Rome, Italy. Many of his works have been featured on new music radio programs in France, Italy, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and the USA.    Eoppolo studied composition and theory at the Delaware School of Music.

    7 Chin Ting Chan – Stutter (for fixed media)

    Stutter is an electroacoustic soundscape that consists primarily of sounds of metals interacting, stretching, and colliding. The sounds are mainly processed with Rossum Electro-Music’s Assimil8or module. The music explores the rich timbre and personalities these sounds have to offer.

    Hong Kong-American composer Chin Ting Chan has been a fellow and guest composer at festivals such as IRCAM's ManiFeste, the ISCM World Music Days Festival, and UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers. He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble intercontemporain, Ensemble Metamorphosis, Ensemble Signal, eighth blackbird, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Hypercube, and Mivos Quartet, with performances in more than twenty countries.

    8. Yati Durant  - Quiet Cities 7: Edinburgh Leith/Water of Leith 4pm 07.05.2020 

    Quiet Cities are live improvised sound art visualised field recordings from Edinburgh Leith/Water of Leith, UK at 4pm on May 5th 2020. The field recordings have been electronically altered slightly and each of them are different.

    “I walked around during a lockdown afternoon in May 2020 with my stereo field microphone. The city sounded strange to me…so quiet and subdued. These are free improvisations on the impressions I had at the time…”

    Yati Durant is a US born composer of concert and film music, lecturer, trumpeter and conductor living in Edinburgh, UK. He has studied with Krzysztof Meyer and Hans Ulrich Humpert at the Hochschule fürMusik Köln, as well as with George Crumb, Philip Lasser, NarcisBonet, Lee Konitz and conducting with Jonathan Brett. He is a multi-instrumentalist and active performer and producer of jazz and improvisatory music, contemporary acoustic and electronic music and music for film and media.  He holds a Meisterklasse Konzertexam from the Hochschule für Musik Köln. His compositions and film scores have received many prizes from International festivals, and he has received commissions and premieres from many well-known artists and ensembles from around the world.  His TV and Film credits include work for WDR, ARD, HBO, MTV, Disney and many others. He is a visiting Professor of Film Music Conducting at the Rovigo Conservatory of Music “Francesco Venezze” and teacher in film music for Thinkspace UK.He is the former Programme Director of MSc Composition for Screen at the University of Edinburgh (2010 – 2019) and General Director of the International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE) since 2019.
  • Tony Morris - Ep1: Ilaria Boffa

    14 February 2022  11:00 pm - 15 February 2022  12:00 am

    Local legend Tony Morris presents a programme about sonopoet Ilaria Boffa.
15 February 2022